Or how ever it goes 😀 Blogging takes a ton of work to find material but finally did another Video, found a better way to record higher quality, now if i can only figure out how to keep the quality and make the file size smaller… 1GB for 25 minutes seems too large still but think i can figure it out eventually 😀



Recording Videos

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So i leave a question how to improve quality yet not hurt my performance? do i need to increase recording FPS or another setting in my video recorder im recording at 30 fps there other settings  or maybe my encoder to HD to compress the filesize so if someone knows please IM me in SL Niccole Inglewood ❤

Another Vid! getting a hang of making videos I Love my new pc I can record and not lag… Now i just need to work on quality and ensure i dont lag will play around see what happens ^^ Fell again at the end my stupid melee wouldnt draw 😦 oh wells



❤ Niccole


Well I promised a video so this will be a short post, this was kinda fun so i might add more soon! Esp learning how to record better and make better uploads. Anyways this was a rescue done by DiJan Pirates and Allies. We lost so not as epic as win but i pretty much fought 12 alone.. Fight lasted almost 30 minutes! PS better to watch in 1080 HD 😀

Im still here, just trying to find good role players to rp with. Seems to be lacking as of late.. Though I have had a couple good rp’s 1 that wish not tobe uploaded :(.. Other i didnt save!

Also learning more about my new pc i made hehe think imma start doing some more recordings and such hmmm could be interesting!! I may have a good rp lined up too so we will see 😀


Speaking of updates since one ClaudiaSombra  AKA well you know im not outing peeps… copied my old look… Sighs… I changed my appearance cause i couldnt be too assed with bitching plus i needed a good look so enjoy!!!

P.S. I love my new Arch Linux machine runs SL great and everything! Glad to be rid of the Windows hell hole machine!


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Me Being Goofy

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Soo was bored last night but for a good reason trying to keep safe so I can have fun with my new Mate. Anyhoo Here is me being goofy in a sim i found one those photobooths at!


Well as promised the story continues from last.. It taken me a bit to post this alot has happened recently. Nothing bad dont worry all good real good im sure!

Anyways heres the roleplay Enjoy!


[17:48:03]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): shouts: Here is a love tap from you Mistress, Niccole
[17:48:52]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)draws her little blade and swings it about with a grin
[17:49:01]  GM 4.43~ Niccole Inglewood Has Captured Lissa Windstorm! ~
[[17:50:24]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): takes ayanas bow and tosses it into the water watching it float down stream as i grin
[17:51:07]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): then grabs the machette as i toss it in as well taking the belt that holds it on as well off too loooking at it she tosses it into the water ridding the evidence
[17:51:35]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): take three binding fiber as i pull her arms behind her back crossing them then wraps a binding fiber around a few times tying off with capture knot securely on her wrists
[17:52:02]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): then takes the next as i loop around her upper arms next pullnig them together tighter behind her back tying off with capture knot
[17:53:20]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): take third looping around ayanas knees for a slow hobble then bends down and lightly taps her face to awaken her she would secure a makeshift leash and hoist her to her ankles as i grins saying “well the plot thickens i suppose my mistress” she winks knowing that would throw her off guard hearing me say that but the woman did hold an intrest with me none the less
[17:55:11]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)squeaks looking over at her ” Sneaky little brat…. ” she offered staring at her, just greatful she wasn’t gonna get dragged anywhere ” Seems that it does…..I should have planned that one out a little better. Maybe next time ” blinking slightly at be called Mistress it left her suddenly blank for something to say
[17:56:56]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)looks to her and says “well we need to ummm chat” she grins as i wrap my hand around the leash and begin t give her a tug walking along “youll have to excuse me though i really dont have as nice as a hut as you do but im sure we can make do” she grins
[17:58:46]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)gulps as she is tugged along thinking this should be interesting ” Well mine wasn’t really a hut more like a cave but you know, its silly to go through all this trouble… ” grumbles thinking she really did need to make better plans next time ” A chat? Will it be fun? ”
[18:00:22]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)turns and winks as i look her from head to toe for a moment as i respond “well yes i mean so much occured we need to discuss how to um… make things even” she says as i think for a moment where to best go for more quietness
[18:01:59]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)giggles at the wink, she couldn’t help it, Niccole was cute and it always caught her off guard when she did that ” Well yea a lot did occur, you had worn my collar, called me Mistress was so wonderful….huh? wait make it even? ” she ask, her eyes getting a bit big at the statement
[18:05:54]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)nods as i pull her along though camp bit of a scenic route but gets to a larger cave none the less “i dont have anything like what you hand in my own little nook of camp so this will do yes” she says asi pull Ayana and spin her around pushing her into the pole. She would then work her arms binding them to the pole matiicusouly ensuring she couldnt over power as i finally get her against the pole i loosen and free the rest of the ropes asi look to her and grin saying “payback will be fun” she grins
[18:10:51]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)squeaks staring down at Niccole as she was easily left hanging form the pole, Ayana was small, light which was good or her arms were gonna cry out for the girl to lose some weight ” You know i was just being errr playful! ” she groans, wiggling about the difference though she knew was that Ayana was glana, unopened and Niccole was soon going to discover this, her eyes began to get bigger as they watched and wondered what it was that Niccole had in mind not very sure of the things that woman was capable of doing ” What…sort of payback? ”
[18:12:57]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)walks up to her as i respond hearing her question “best ask what you need to ask for as soon you wont be allowed to ask questions.. mine” she grins a toothy grin as i pull a small dagger grabbing the furs at her waist and start to cut them free and off. She would then move to the top next doing the same to where they came off as well as i put the dagger away looking to her “you collared me think you would get away with it?” she grins licking her lips slightly
[18:16:53]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)groans softly watching helplessly as he rtop and skirt were removed leaving her body pretty well exposed to Niccole and even shivers all the way to the tips of her feet ” Well the thought crossed my mind yes but well you know ” blinks slightly in thought wiggling a bit more she was not used to be so exposed like this and it was leaving her with a bit of a goofy look on her face staring down at Niccole ” Well i mean what do you have in mind? ”
[18:18:04]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)gasps hearing the horn and grumbles as i look at her naked breasts and heat as i says “damn well ummm hang tight” she grins as i would kiss to her belly then head off seeing what the issue was
[18:42:10]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)had been all but sway from side to side and bouncing against the rope hoping they would break or give way but she was starting to realize she just didn’t weigh enough to come close to managing that so with a sigh she stopped and waited finally hearing Niccole return to the cave and looks over at her ” These be some really strong ropes ya know ” she offers pouting nervously, this was the first time that she felt something more might happen, Ayana unopened and she was not entirely sure what Niccole would do when she discovered that so it made her all the more nervous ” So ummm gonna be nice right? ”
[18:45:52]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)returns as i catch my breath for a moment my eyes gaze back upon her again in awe of her beauty of her naked body she would take a hand and place it to a side seeing her sway not sure why as she was kinda clueless at times as she says “awwe well wont be painful that is for sure” she grins as she continues on untying her boots pulling them off one by one as well getting her now naked as i take a step back and whisper “definitely a lovely body you have i will enjoy this” she grins as i walk over to the side to gather a few metal things and return
[18:50:20]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)squeaks a little watching you unsure of what strength you actually hold within you blushing furiously from her own nakedness ” Well no pain is good, im never one that enjoys pain ” she whispers eyeing the girl that entered but not speaking to her, her attention was for now stuck on Niccole and even more so the metal items that you drag from a corner ” What are those?!?! ” she asked with wide eyes, her soft blue hues following your ever movement now nervous and maybe just a tad scared but she did her best not to show it
[18:58:50]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)was sort of staring at Niccole at this point trying to retain some of her composure ” Well i can almost understand that but well ” grumbles slightly, she knew this day would have eventually come along just not the when or how groaning slightly as she felt cuffs locked upon her wrist and ankles narrowing her eyes a bit down at Niccole ” I didn’t cuff you! ” she shouted nibbling on her lower lip, wiggling some not used to the extra weight on her legs and wrist and not so sure she was fond of them, although they were at least kinda cute looking cuffs ” Wha…what is your idea here?!?! Meany head ” she mumbled, biting back a laugh
[19:02:05]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)grins as i whisper to Ayana as i says “no but you where thinking about it dont deny” she says as she was adminate about well one uppping ayana from when she had me for some revenge but didnt think about the fact of what might happen when and if the tables turn again on niccole as i then take the collar opening it up and walks around and slips it around her neck closing it with a well known audiable click as i finally return back and admire what i have done
[19:06:54]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)squeaks a little at the whisper she was finally realizing that there was so much more to Niccole than meets the eye ” Well probably but i didnt do it! ” she groans softly, already planning her revenge on Niccole but she would have to plan better for this and be sure to put herself at an advantage in the future ” I underestimated you ” she whispers wiggling about as the collar is slipped around her neck but, instead of screaming, she purred softly staring at you as the weight of it settled around her neck ” Yes somehow i will return this favor but harder ”
[19:08:58]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)hears her as it drives me more as i walk up and whisper as i place my hand on her left thigh as i slowly start to draw a N with my finger tip as i look up and says “maybe put an N for Niccole here” she says looking up hearing you talk about revenge driving her more as i bite my lip as my hand glides from the in to her inner thighs to her heat as i whisper “what you think mine?” she asks seeing if she felt any excitement or wetness from the collar cuffs and situation she was in
[19:13:16]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)lets her eyes focus on yours, just barely losing your as you move closer feeling the soft whisper breath close to her body ” You wouldn’t…..would you? ” she asked trying not to cry out, her body and her mind were enjoying the feel of the collar and cuffs more than she cared to admit and despite being virgin she could feel a bit of moistness between her thighs and she cringed at the thought as things she didn’t fully understand raced through her mind ” That would hurt! Wouldn’t it, but wait, that would mean ” blinks as her mind raced and her body reacted to even just the thought of it, the outlining of the letter on her thigh forced another purr from her lips
[19:16:35]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)reached her heat with my finger as i nod looking up “yes it would mean that” she says as i press along her lips softly rubbing gently as i look up to her watching her as i whisper “seem nervious whats wrong?” she asks as the tip of my finger penetrates in slightly my head would reach up and lick to her nipples as well teasing them before standing back down watching you squirm and try to respond
[19:20:40]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)finally a moan escaped her lips pushing out like a warm wave of sunlight watching you, studying you, she forced herself to bite back the next moan and squirmed there on the pole swaying some trying to fight it, or fight something she was confused ” I…..I have never been touched…like this before ” she moans in a very soft voice letting another moan escape her lips startled at just how good that felt, her eyes pleading for more, but her voice firm in not responding attempting to hold onto some of her composure
[19:22:42]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)would grin as i pushed my finger in bit more and more seeing if you would stop me or seeing if i felt anything hearing you asi pondered the thought for a moment as i make a slight in and out motion with my finger tip barely entered to tear anything but seeing if you react in any fashion as i then would blow slightly with a soft breath to her heat looking up seeing if any response before i ask any more further questions
[19:27:27]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)widens her eyes trying to wiggle backwards from your finger even attempting to wrap her legs backwards around the pole but fails, but she didn’t even know why she was fighting it, the feeling was so wonderful feeling the pressure within her heat and squeaks fighting back all emotions as best she could still yet another moan escapes her lips from the warm breath, it was maddening ” Oh gosh!! ” she shouted finally subsiding her struggles not wanting the pleasure she was feeling to end but also wondering what it all would mean
[19:29:10]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)finally whispers “are you a ummm virgin?” she asks as she pushes her finger bit futher in knowing she felt abit tighter than most feeling for her hymen if she was still intact or not as i look up feeling bit of pressure looking up with a wide grin as she says “ohh my” is all she says before adding “i could… own this as well” she grins knowing once taken can never be given again
[19:32:57]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)nods her head to your question not wiggling anymore just hanging there staring at you, feeling the pressure grow a little within her heat and with a nibble on her lower lip she squeaks ” But…but ” she mutters, unable to even form a simple sentence, she would finally just shake her head from side to side, she had really underestimated Niccole and it was her own fault….but, she had to admit she was liking Niccole and she was cute to boot ” Own it? ” she asked, slightly confused by the statement as it just kind of seeped into her brain finally
[19:35:32]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)looks up and says “yes if i take your viriginity its mine as you can only lose it once” she grins as she contemplates taking it but knows if i do and caught by her i would be in for a real treat of revenge not sure if she could estimate what ayana could do for revenge as she thinks for a moment as she truely enjoyed what happend even if she didnt admit it the other night she decides to continue as she pushed her finger inward till she felt a tear taking it as she whispers “now i own it at you” she says as she held her fingers deep inside her heat as she could push
[19:42:03]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)squeals at her words ” But…like this? ” she asked her eyes bright and wide wiggling from side to side now but she could not break away from that finger and now only could guess at the things she would do in revenge to this woman but she knew that once she had Niccole again, the woman would never leave suddenly widening her eyes with a scream, tears streamed down her face she had not at all expect that and her eyes welled up glancing down at you with a whimper ” I will never forget this! ” she screamed at her that died off, soft moans slipping past her lips now as the pain subsided and turned into something more
[19:44:58]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)smiles slightly as i hold my hand inside wiggling abit before i slowly start a motion of in and out knowing her body never felt as such being a virgin she would take it slow not sure if thepleasure would over come her before she could finish what she started. She would reach up with my other hand and and start to torment your breasts as i look up and whisper “mine” again as my hand speeds up abit but nothing fast or hard by any means
[19:49:01]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)tenses up some her body rocking with sensations that she was more than enjoying, her head moving forwar, her soft lips parting in a moan that seemed to begin at the tips of her toes and gain strength before slipping out of her mouth, the torment on her breast, the finger in her heat, her body starting to perspire furiously with each passing moment trying desperately not to respond even as she felt something coming, something powerful something….wonderful and started to rock her hips against your finger ” I had….no…idea this…felt so…good ” she moaned the words coming out sporadically the breath caught in her throat
[19:51:43]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)slows down and grins as i hear her and says “excellent” as she keeps her hand going at a bit of a slow pace my eyes on her adrmiring her body head to toe was turning her on she wanted to feel her between my own thighs again but was determinted to get my revenge first as i kept my movements slow feeling for any type of tensing that might indicate she was getting closer to the edge as she didnt want her to go over yet.. After a bit she would step back and grin as she says “think you know what you need to say if you want the wonderful feeling to continue” she grins as i take my fingers pressing them to my lips to enjoy
[19:57:45]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)moaned softly feeling the movements slow but she could feel her body sitting on the very edge of something and her eyes were nearly bulging out for the need to let it go, she could tell the feeling would be so wonderful and now slowly it dawned on her, what she had been doing to Niccole was this and she slowly began to understand the torment that it caused and whispers ” This…is so much worse…than any…physcial torture ” she manages between gasping breaths her body tensing up, the muscles tightening her body rocking the need to slip over screaming at every nerve, but the words that Niccole seeked came so much easier for her than they did Niccole ” Please Mistress!!! ” she shouts at her, watching stunned as you lick your fingers ” Please! ”
[20:01:19]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)blinks hearing her not expecting that fast but she was young virgin knowing would be more tormenting as i grin none the less butknows will be worse revenge as i says “yes cum for me then mine your orgasm is your acceptance” she grins as i press my finger into her and move bit quicker and faster wanting to get her over the edge and cum for me
[20:31:16]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)blinks at you she had not expected this and despite the pure pleasure she was getting from it a tear streaks down her cheek and she trys desperately not to give into her need for release but the constant assualt on her body, she was unable to withhold it any longer, her hips began to move with you fingers a sudden surge of shivers rocked up and down her spine, the muscles tightening and she squealed out in an ever strong moan, the hair on the back of her neck standing on end as she tipped over into bliss, her wide bright blue eyes staring down at you before she finally went limp on the pole panting and whimpering softly nearly unable to move ” Oh wow ” she managed between gasping breaths
[20:34:41]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)grins as i look up to her after her release looking at her dangle on the pole as i says “now then kneel before me” she says as i reach up cutting her loose but helps her least to her feet then backs away as i step back eying her closely admiring the wet driippping mess dripping from her heat as i grin “and thank me correctly too” she grins
[20:38:42]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)drops to the ground, grateful for the help and stumbles forward with a groan, she was a mess, and her legs even felt like Jello, she tried desperately to stay standing on her feet but her legs just wouldn’t keep her up but in a stunned and slightly weak voice ” Thank you Mistress ” she mumbles finally falling to her knees with a sigh there was just no strength in them, even her gaze looked between her thighs understanding for the first time ” If i manage to ever leave…..i will get you back somehow ” she groaned closing her eyes attempting to catch her breath
[20:41:28]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)grins looking down as i whisper “spread your legs wider mine show that glazed pussy that belongs to me now” she grins as i tap my foot thinking she was so yummy i could keep her for ever but knew would probably be difficult either way
[20:43:51]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)groans softly feeling her legs tapped and knew getting away would be tough but she would find a way somehow, finally letting her legs spread open wider moaning slightly as her sensitive heat was brushed with the cool cave air ” You ” she started, then stopped only offering a whimper
[20:47:41]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)raises my eye hearing her say you as i look down and tap my foot saying “want to go to the branding iron now mine?” she says as she wished for obiedence from her new girl for however short peroid she would be able to hold on to her as she takes a leash and clips it onto the collar
[20:50:45]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)stares at Niccoles feet trying to get some of her strength back and looks up with narrowed eyes ” You would do that to me?! ” growls softly under her breath biting on her lower lip ” You would only bring about more when i get you back in my collar! ” she shouts, realizing harsh words right now were foolish, so nibbling on her bottom lip she stops herself before she really got in trouble
[20:52:46]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)grumbles as she doesnt call me mistress again as i says “you always call me mistress” she grows as i give a tug on the leash pulling her along hastely forgetting to lock the cuffs and what not as i lead her out to another area “no respect you get the brand yes!”
[20:53:47]  Trident Tribal Spear Rack [Obsidian,Rearming]: shouts:  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям has taken weapons from the rack, and is now armed.
[20:53:49]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)draws her little blade and swings it about with a grin
[20:53:56]  GM 4.43~ Lissa Windstorm Has Captured Niccole Inglewood! ~
[20:54:28]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)grins reaching for and takes Niccoles bow as well and looks around quickly reaching up and unclipping the leash with a groan
[20:55:06]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): Well that was unexpected
[20:55:20]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)smirks reaching for some rope from Niccole she uses it to bind her wrist in capture knots
[20:55:32]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)the next rope goes around Niccoles ankles using good capture knots as well
[20:55:49]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)the last rope she loops around her chest for a leash and then looks for a way out
[20:57:20]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)drags Niccole over to the gate and runs her fingers along the womans body in search for a set of keys, grinning as she finds them
[21:08:16]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)grumbles thinking she should really learn this land better at some point ” Well that was kind of hard ya think ” she offers pouting ” Noisy birds ”
[21:11:16]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)laughs hearing her as i tap my foot for a moment “thanks again aria” she says as i look to ayana and says “now that will definitely get you the brand now” she glares to her giving a yank on the ropes
[21:12:22]  Aria (Arilana Resident): “ouch… ” she hisses and smirks.. “brand for disturbing vulos.. ” she bursts in giggle “I am sure she will hate those birds from this point”
[21:12:48]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)grumbles staring at Niccole for a moment or two ” Well you didn’t think i would not try did ya? ” she asked eyes going wide ” A brand?? Nuuuu bad bad bad! ”
[21:14:43]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): feels around for the key she took from me taking it back
[21:14:47]  Tunnel Door: YOUR KEY WAS STOLEN. You will get a new key once ALL stealers left the sim.
[ ▪lissa windstorm]
[21:14:49]  Tunnel Door: ((Niccole Inglewood is asking the steal confirmation to Lissa Windstorm…))
[21:14:53]  Tunnel Door: shouts: ((OOC: ⚔ Niccole Inglewood stole the doors key from Lissa Windstorm))
[21:16:57]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)frowns for a moment as they walk back into the tunnels she had just escaped from ” This be a dangerous place to get stuck in ” she grumbled looking back over her shoulder
[21:19:21]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)thinks for a moment as i look at you then says “yes well didnt expect you to done what you did either” she glares as i rech and pull the sword away as well and pull youn along
[21:22:56]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)glares back offering a lopsided grin ” Well im a Huntress, i saw a chance and took it, granted i hadn’t expect it to fail but i don’t know these lands very well so i was in trouble to begin with ” she offered with a sigh as she is dragged along
[21:24:35]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)spins and looks to her as i says “you have one chance to call me mistress again or im branding you girl” she hisses as i didnt like being attacked but wanted to give her a chance to redeem herself once again
[21:28:28]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)gulps and looks at the branding block then back again groaning softly ” Please forgive me Mistress ” she whispers hoping that was what she was looking for even offering a slight whimper as the branding iron was not something she wanted to feel on her body
[21:29:45]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)nos “very well” she says “are you going to behave or do i need to keep you tied up mine?” she glares to her as i pull her along with me least she complied she wasnt ready to brand her yet unless she disobeyed again
[21:31:22]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)nods her head she would obey it would be easier than getting branded ” Yes Mistress ” she whispers looking grateful for moving away from the branding iron, she was still going to make an escape attempt but this time would have to try and be more subtle about it
[21:33:23]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)would says “good” as she pulled her weapons off set them to the side then her clothing next as i look to her “well we need to least clean that juice off of you i want you to keep clean when im not with you” she says as she would take her dagger freeing her then walks into the room and would climb into the tub hoping she kept up as once she was in the water she would hate to get out till she was clean herself
[21:34:36]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)smirks and runs over to the weapon rack grabbing for another one, she was finding this a tad bit to easy today
[21:34:53]  GM 4.43~ Lissa Windstorm Has Captured Niccole Inglewood! ~
[21:35:17]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)sighs trying again she grabs rope and binds Niccoles wrist in firm capture knots
[21:35:39]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)the next rope she loops around her ankles using some good strong capture knots
[21:36:26]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)the last rope goes around the womans chest for a leash that she ties off with a gorean knot, this time stronger
[21:36:53]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)grumbling she would run her fingers over the womans body carefuly searching for the key and finds it taking it back
[21:39:51]  GM 4.43~ Niccole Inglewood has recovered! ~
[21:40:16]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)sighs setting the weapons aside and looks and Niccole and grumbles ” There is no way im getting out of here ” she mutters and slowly climbs into the tub
[21:40:23]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)puts all her weapons away, offers a wink, a wave and departs
[21:42:00]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)reaches into the tub and yanks Niccole out firmly placing the machette under the womans throat ” Now hold still i would hate to cut you ” she mutters reaching for her wrist and binding them firmly with a good slave knot
[21:43:34]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)smiles “good girl” she says as i watch her climb into the tub taking the sponage reaching out then feels the blade and sighs as i felt the sudden wrap o fthe binds around my wrsits knowing showuting in the cave would be useless as i look and says “well think they will see you pulling me and not be curious how will you get around that” she says “and weapons in your hands theyre all up top”
[21:44:11]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)grumbles “and me without clothing!” she grumbles
[21:44:51]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)smirks biting her bottom lip and grins ” Will keep the blade under your throat and we walk out the secret way, when we exit you will shout a warning to your sisters to stay back and tell them why, because if they shoot me i could end up hurting you badly, and that….would just be bad ”
[21:45:43]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)grumbles “and the lack of clothing on me?” she asks
[21:46:05]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): That you were taking a bath, besides makes it easier when i get you home. ” grins brightly
[21:47:24]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)laughs “i doubt my sisters would believe that” as i look to the ground feeling the blade tight to my thoat knowing a shout wouldnt do me much good in the deep caves “least let me get dressed” shes says
[21:48:30]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)shakes her head no ” No we leave now, and when we exit under the water fall you will shout the warning as we head to the docks, and you better do just that mine ” she nods lots ” Now comes its time to go ”
[21:50:11]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)grumbles tossing her some silks that were nearby ” There you can wear those now its time we go before someone comes to check on you ”
[21:50:47]  Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)sighs and gets up but disregards what she says and grabs her clothing putting them on as i know my death would be worse as i take a small fur and toss it to her”least cover that blade up they might see it as well im sure theyre lurkgin all over the place tonight crazy sisters
[21:54:31]  Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm)looks around feeling safe sort of and wraps Niccoles wrist in that cute slave knot for a double time and pulls her into the canoe she had arrived in, setting off for safer waters