I was wrong….

Posted: 2012.02.09 in Gor Combat, The OMG's

Ok so i was wrong about ghosts camp being retarded… Just rescued at VNO and i heard from my friend that their camp is “open” no gates… So you would Think.. “woot maybe a good fort”… WRONG.. This place is as open as a virgins heat i mean its a fishbowl to start… And when you run in yes there is no gate but a GOD DAMNED DOOR? OK so we picked the door and you come into a room and think good cover think ill be ok.. NOT.. Its a somewhat small room with 2 more doors one leading into a tunnel another into an open area both 2 minute timers… Go to pick them they start opening the doors and  closeing trying to get you to come out and before you know it 4 or 5 jumped down from behind from the fishbowl ledge and come in and attack you from behind

These Pictures Do NOT do any justice by any means

area to enter below fishbow

Inside the area

  1. dawn11raven says:

    it is now nearly 2 and a half years since this post was made. since that time, members of the valkyrie elite panthers (the fighters of the valkyrie torva panthers) have infiltrated and joined ghosts (most on alts) to raid and keep in tune with their skills. and during that time, the ghosts have changed; they’ve become a much better, fairer group with good people. ghost stronghold is now truly open. they don’t fight behind locked doors and gates or use a fishbowl. it’s open. (some camps can be forgiven for having locking gates and doors as they are not as big or fight oriented as the ghosts or other raid groups). in defense of the stronghold, ghosts use the art of war tactics, cunning, strategy, flanking, wolf pack techniques, ambush, working together as a team. we valkyrie like to think we had a good influence… but whatever the reasons, the ghosts of today are not the same as they were 2 years ago. i hope they remain the great group they’ve become… time will tell…

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