Picture Coming and Crazy Rescue attempts

Posted: 2012.02.10 in Gor Combat

First to start off with yes i think i definitely need a picture update from the default wordpress so indeed it will come… I’m thinking something on the lighter side small portrait of me with some funky letters etc… Should look good well see how it turns out when i get can to an image editing program later

Ok so last night we raided the keyboard smahing vikings… Incidently my soon tobe kajira came up with a new name for them as well.. Call them the Hairball vikings cause it sounds like your coughing up a hairball trying to pronounce their name…

So we rescued and well typical with more and more groups it seems we used a flaw in their design to their advantage and of COURSE they bitched whined and moaned… I looked at it again later on and i will say its their stinking fault…

Well the raid wasnt called invalid or anything we took captives awaiting the usual mass rescue

Near rescue time another captive came back ((how shocking)) her excuse for leaving was she had an SL job to go to i figured that was the new terminology for wanting to get out of a capture these days…So the rescue comes both parties come to help usual zerg 28 vs 10 bleh its not quite 3:1 our rules are 3:1 so whatever yeah… My lovely partner in my IMs said we were going tobe stomped from them i so wanted to say “Oh ye have little faith my dear” So they come we defend we stomp them. Now our camp is pretty good not retarded like 98% rest of gor.. NO gates OMG.. Well we have some doors to get into tunnels.. Though i HATE doors… when people come 3:1 or 4:1 or whatever especially when you have 1-5,6,maybe 7 people online it does help… WHY the FUCK would you raid 12 vs 4… Thats like we suck donkey balls and need everyone to take so few… But that is for another day another topic

Well after the raid there was some minor issues one about bindings They rpd and clicked bind but dumbassly clicked bind wrists only so what would you do stand there and probably get chopped down because your feet are unbound… Or run off like a bad ass like you know they would if it was reversed!?

Me well i would probably do something different but i wont give away my secrets 😉


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