New Combat Meter? Thoughts

Posted: 2012.03.14 in GCM - Gorean Combat Meter, GM - Gorean Meter
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So yeah been awhile.. But latest news is a new combat meter taking place in Secondlife Gor… Now currently the champion meter is the Gorean Meter.. And it is a pretty good meter still… Just some rough spots… Honestly i dont care what meter prevails just as long as it is fair and its legit and built the right way.

The new meter that is trying to take over is called Gorean Combat Meter or GCM… Off the bat it is pretty similar to GM that the specs etc are similar so weapons switching or some noob that forgets to change their meter going from one sim to the next doesnt give any advantage or put you at any dis-advantage… so Bonus points there… And since GM open sourced for the channel so weapons can work… It isnt hard to code the new meter so you dont have to worry about new weapons or weapons that arent compatable… So again bonus points there…

All in all its pretty much a similar meter.. Except a different creator and perhaps some other minor beneficial features…

In the long run i want a good meter.. As a scripter i will help either team ensure they have a quality meter that is fair to all players… I am 100% for open source and open scripting… I will donate any of my personal scripts or ideas to either team For the GCM team i came up with a foolproof way of ending speed enhancers.. and can be geard todo other things šŸ˜€ GM team is obviously welcome to my ideas too

More to come for the meter later though its in early stages.. And i will update the latest meetings i will attend for both meters




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