GCM Meter Update

Posted: 2012.03.15 in GCM - Gorean Combat Meter, Gor Combat
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So yeah, Last night was the meeting on the new GCM combat meter.. There are some interesting ideas being tossed around including some realism features… Now this isnt RLV features this is more realism like bit more… permanent damage etc maybe run get tired stuff like that… I think personally as long as its a sim setting not a mandatory feature for everyone it will be ok… GM really did a poor job at its stamina you can barely run 1/2 sim and your already tired :/

Speaking of features i am working on RLV with Mani again will be a region optional setting nothing mandatory. She has some good ideas and will add what i hope will be an RLV voluntary mode where you can run it even if sim doesnt have it active…

Im looking forward to the GM meeting which i hope will be in a few days time… See what that team is coming up with… I really dont care what meter prevails but want to see one that is solid and keeps up to date.. Hopefully some good competition will help GM evolve abit better


Upcoming I think i will add videos of things and sims etc when im bored should be fun 😛




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