Flagging – Does it really bring a raid?

Posted: 2012.03.16 in Roleplay, The OMG's
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Okies so I woke up this morning, and why does that bring back the sopranos theme song O0 woke up without a gun or something.. Anyways logging in arrived at my perch in camp and saw a flag. It just brought a big LOL to my day. I mean when you go flag someone do you really think it will bring you a raid? Do you think someone will just see the flag and be like motherfucker gotta go beat the shit out the idoits that flagged us? think NOT!

Delka Outlaws Flagging - Gor

LOL really 2 Flags?

OK lets be frank… Flagging in SL gor is like some moron calling your phone and leaving a message on your answering machine… It doesn’t do shit! I will attest that ive flagged places yet NOOO bloody raid came from it. I bet most would agree they go out and flag and flag and flag but not too much comes from it.. This is because people dont see it as anything but littering and then toss out the trash.. Also, people flag when the sim is empty where is the guts in doing that? If your going to flag, at least flag when people are on sim that can fight back and them in IC mode AFK does not count…Also, whatever happend to fires and burning villages down etc? You can rezz fires that are simple touch die and have 0 lag effect on the sim.. Or hell since we are in GE 2012 and goreans had paints and die go around and graffatii shit.. WE are bloody outlaws not some snooty high class villagers… Something like this i could see done perhaps in an empty camp as it takes a bit more time than flagging

So summary if you want to bring a raid.. DONT flag.. and if you do flag.. DO IT WITH SOMEONE IN THE VILLAGE/CAMP! NOT when the sim is empty and you know you wont be shot :p

Later i will update my progress on the GCM RLV.. I know your thinking RLV noooo dont worry its not mandatory 😉


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