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Posted: 2012.03.17 in Sim Adventuring
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OK Im still new at editing videos etc.. But it was fun… Though next time i think i wont crank up SL settings to max for the videos.. It makes the video abit more choppy.. But still Ultra spec shadows water refections everything.. Not to bad :D.. Alot better to view in full HD too :p

First sim i went though was Lake Ias.. That was my sim i lived on for ages… Home of the DiJan and Luna Jerag Panthers… Sadly i personally think Luna Camp has WAY too many textures but thats another story.. Either way.. enjoy

Next is a walk though of Kalana Woods… The sim connecting to Lake Ias… Sim isnt bad.. Its a lot better before.. Its home of the Kalana Woods Outlaws (KWO) Their camp is a fishbowl though 😦 But over all the sim isnt too bad aesthetically….
Here is the video.. Got Sound in this one Yay!
Enjoy :p

  1. Kittie says:

    Hey Niccole!!
    Love your Blog… The Vid of Lake brings back alot of memories…’Get Them asses to them hills!’ -laughs- that still makes me laugh,when i think back…;p Anyway…Look forward too reading more!

    Kittie =’o’=

    • niccoles says:

      Hey Kittie :=) Hehehe yeah Bac ;p always funny and good old memories Too bad the camp changed from when it was first built but still was always a good place:p… Reminds me i think i need to cap you soon hahahaha 😀

  2. Kittie says:

    eeeekkkk I told you Kittie’s are not got captureing! -quickly changes our new camp to a huge fish bowl with 1000 kool doors- Nah nah can’t find me…;p Oh I still have pics of the Tarn II camp somewhere.. Oh my gods was I such a clueless n00b back then..! -laughs- Wait I still am clueless….;p


    • niccoles says:

      Ohhh do share those with me! 😀 i would love to see them hahaha and i think youll need more than 1000 kool doors lol :p and if your still clueless then you’ll realize that the 1000 doors wont protect you :p

  3. Kittie says:

    o.O -laughs- yeah i’d prolly stand on the rong side hehe . Soon as I get on I will rumage through my inven and see if I can find them in all the clutter…

    -bounceing after a ball of Yarn-

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