GCM Gorean Combat Meter RLV

Posted: 2012.03.19 in GCM - Gorean Combat Meter, Uncategorized
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Well, Quick update on this.. the GCM RLV should be complete and hopefully released soon.. For those that have an interest in it… I wont state which meter i like better, but just glad to provide some code  and i would to any meter or team looking for code assistance.. I believe in open source coding etc etc

Anyways to the nit and gritty.. the meter works similar to the GM meter.. that it has its own meter… However Mani has givin a few bits of code to make it go a bit further to enhance.. still within the realms of minimal rlv…. Definitely cant spy chat or do any that stuff you need a relay for.. Actually if you wanted to chat spy you dont even need RLV normal lsl scripts can chat spy….

Also she made a voluntary mode added in so you can turn on RLV if you wish to experience it without the sim actually being set to rlv… Note though others can use Mini maps so you will be at a disadvantage on that aspect.. but either way will increase the realism of not having a mini map to guide you etc…

Its pretty cool that i helped with some the code to get it into the meter!

Anyways im off for now.. later i hope to travel about alittle bit :p



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