First Raid! Random rants

Posted: 2012.03.21 in Gor Combat, Roleplay, Sim Adventuring
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Well, Our new group encounted its first rescue attempt last night.. And i must say we fared well… Though i will admit it was pretty late in the evening so numbers were closer to even. The battle raged on for a good 30 minutes or a tad more before the outcome was decided…  I still am not comfortable in our fort so many prims in a close area at times you run and bam hit a prim that stops you mid track and you get hit or back up and splash from the arrow hitting behind you. Well i will chalk that up to being a brand new camp and first raid there! There really isnt much more to dive into on the raid other than even though were were slightly less we had better fighters.. Also learned in the end that Middy attacked them from behind >.> which is why it turned to 1:1 in the end.. Im guessing one of them dumbly ran over there and shot at them otherwise no real reason they would of attacked anyways 1-0 in our new home Yay!


Now for rants….. Is it just me or has gor gotten waaaaaaaaay to soft… Now alot of the raids are just to get rescue attempts in return. perhaps some small storylines here and there but its mostly i think to get the opposing team to come and rescue their people… And ive heard people say that they para role play or rp for hours then on the flip side they say they do it to get rescues… Sounds like an Oxymoron…

Also Gor was not a nice place it was truly a cruel world. Gor in SL seems so soft i mean its almost like torture is non existent. Things of cruel nature rarely come to surface. Maybe its just the groups i play with the most then again i rarely hear of cruel attempts especially in the outlaw world where they are outlaws because they don’t live by the caste codes of the city than in it self would to me say that honor and integrity are out the window we are bloody Outlaws we need to start acting like them! Time to-be cruel people raided your camp lets not give them tea and biscuits they need to-be punished for their crimes!!!


Well to wrap up.. After having a group meeting the night before and getting our first rescue attempt last night.. hopefully tonite i can roam again! We will see my luck ill head out and a raid will come >.>

Till later


P.S. I still need to hunt kittie >:)


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