Posted: 2012.03.22 in Sim Adventuring
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So yeah! Finally set out to adventure last night went to Ven Continent last night and Visited the

… Hope i got that right… Anyways visited an old friend from my days in the forests Kat or kittie as she is now called it seems 😀 Well I said i would set out to capture her hrm well didn’t work out that way though perhaps it was a good scouting trip 😉 you know get a feel for the area on how i can strike when the iron is hot! Or whatever the analogy is :p

Was funny she im’d me later and said that after my visit I would post them here, though i mentioned Kat in an earlier post before i even went. Though i decided i will feature them here and now!

Tol Acharn camp

Well its a nice small camp i dont know how many are active in the tribe though that bridge there is a nice kill zone… If i were defending i would shoot the bridge as they run across its narrow you will score alot of direct and splash.. After they cross it opens into what looks like a wide area pretty flat so not too much cover for your feet… But the walls are really short you could almost jump up to the wall so height advantage is minimal for them :p

One gate to breach to get into camp and looks as if they had another gate to an underground area… But i didnt dare venture too close.. Niccole likes her neck free and clothing on her body… Sim is pretty nice though and i would say the camp itself is good too.. Gives defenders a small advantage but hey since when inhistory even in the real world would a camp not have some form of defense or advantage?! Especially when you got outlaws coming with 100 billion allies friends and what not :/ Not sure who normally raids them guessing mostly tribes but perhaps the occasional smaller outlaw groups too :p

I liked it it was a good panther camp! And yes i will try to get a pet kitte erm capture Kat one day muahahah :p

Coming up a good roleplay :p


  1. Kittie says:

    aawww! We made your blog!! -bounces happily capping my hands together- Thank you for the nice review also! We tried to make a camp that looked as natural as possible while still giveing us alil advantage. Camp will be a week old this like firday so we are still mucking here and there. We are small -counts on my fingers- 5 active and a couple parttimers, plus a few friends that might be in camp now and then. We haven’t had any real raids on camp as of yet, mostly other bands of panthers when we do. We don’t raid that much anyway and tend to lean more toward RP…

    Hey.. I told you Kittie’s are not for captureing! =’o’=

    – goes back too my ball of yarn –

    • niccoles says:

      Yeah i liked it and yea it is nice and natural not too loud like a lot of panther camps lol…
      and captured kitties are fun you will be tied up errr only captured for a short bit :p

  2. Mahsati says:

    Hey now, leave my Kittie alone! *smiles*

    Thanks for the review, we do try to make it a nice camp, realistic as can be managed. Like Kittie said, we don’t do a lot of raiding or play the usual cap/release game. We try to focus around roleplay where possible. Always nice to have visitors, the less arrows the better. *grins*

  3. Mahsati says:

    I agree with you though, it’s Gor not a spa/resort. It’s meant to be dangerous and scary. If not, we would all be in a PG sim playing Monopoly. *smiles*

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