Niccole Strips a panther!

Posted: 2012.03.23 in Roleplay
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Ok so i said i had a good roleplay to share… I commented out the names i know its not posting on SL so there is no legality and it all happend IC but then again its roleplay the names on the side dont exist… Anyways it was really an orgasmic roleplay and NO i didnt have one you twisted minded peoples… What i mean is. it was a really good roleplay that your mind and roleplay experience really enjoys.. Anyways i hope you enjoy i thought it was decent

[18:45:23] Niccole Inglewood: tal panther
[18:46:07] Sa Nalahe L saw someone cross the bridge, thought of catching her on the other side, but then she was behind her “tal, outlaw … what brings you to these lands? Surely you are not picking flowers”
[18:46:08] Sa Nalahe S: greetings Less
[18:46:12] Sa Nalahe S: woman
[18:46:15] Sa Nalahe L: tal Shani
[18:46:22] Sa Nalahe S: everything alright?
[18:46:31] Sa Nalahe S: I went to check on that zamira woods
[18:46:50] Sa Nalahe S: I think if you get lost there, bye bye
[18:46:53] Sa Nalahe L: I think so … this one is in our valley, so ..
[18:47:05] Sa Nalahe L: Zemira? did you see anything?
[18:47:08] Sa Nalahe S: that fort, not any sane of mind would attack it
[18:47:16] Niccole Inglewood laughs hearing her, “well no need to fear me im just out exploring to some extent and no i really not in the mood for flowers though saw the body painted woman a la you and got curious, how did you get the stuffs to paint yourself and did you do it yourself?” she asks in a long winded answer
[18:47:46] Sa Nalahe S: no, I did not see anything, just an unnatackable fort
[18:48:35] Sa Nalahe L frowns “oh, do I notice an interest to have your body painted, Lady? I am sure we can take care of that .. it is hard to paint yourself. Others do that for me, while I lay still and enjoy it. I am sure you would enjoy it too”
[18:49:16] Sa Nalahe S: so, you got any news of your pet Less?
[18:49:46] Sa Nalahe L: she is in that fort … but attacking such a place with just 2 is a bit … suicidal
[18:50:01] Sa Nalahe S: that fort is suicidal even if we were 20

Not sure who shani is she was weird anyways:

[18:50:15] Niccole Inglewood blinks and looks around then back at less, “well erm well yes i think it would be fun but unlike you im not used to being…. without as much clothing?” she says then responds, “you must not mind being naked and trusting others to paint you!”
[18:52:31] Sa Nalahe L pulls up her shoulders while she glances at Shani “oh, aye, I do not mind … you have to bear the occasional pinch and tickle … ” she reaches for you, touching the sleeve of your robes “but those robes are much too warm? How do you keep fresh smelling in there? I am sure you will be more comfortable without those clothes. And after a bit, you will get used to being naked”
[18:53:41] Sa Nalahe S: yes, Less is right, woman… summer is at the door… those clothes will keep you melting in a civilized zone, and will get tangled in bushes and branches in the woods.. you see where I am going?
[18:53:44] Sa Nalahe S grins
[18:54:09] Sa Nalahe S: when was the last time you ran barefeet on the grass, lady?
[18:54:17] Sa Nalahe S: just asking
[18:54:26] Sa Nalahe S winks
[18:54:35] Niccole Inglewood laughs, “well.. im sure your lovers get jealous when another woman gets their hands on your skin then again maybe you just like all *she giggles then continues* “ohhh right well this fabric is quite breathable plus keeps the men from wanting to collar me yadda yadda” *as she looks to the other* well i try not to run though many bushes besides they would scar up your legs quick too!”
[18:55:48] Sa Nalahe S: so, you suffer while avoiding collar… we in the woods run and enjoy while doing the same… and all the comfort of civilization can’t compare to that… been there, done that
[18:56:46] Niccole Inglewood: ohhh but huntress… im not in normal civilization.. i am an outlaw just like you i dont care for the caste laws of the large cities i like my freedoms
[18:57:05] Sa Nalahe S: but you still melt during the summer
[18:57:28] Sa Nalahe S: and you still probably have arrest warrants
[18:57:36] Sa Nalahe L points down at her boots “that is why we wear boots … ” she takes the fabric between her index and thumb “it is elastic, but still … men never come here … and as for jealousy. We share all in the tribe, food, clothes, furs and pleasures … ” she lets go of the sleeve and looks at your face again “you seem tanned in the face; I am sure your skin will get a nice tan within a few days if you run naked … do you want to try it?”
[18:58:41] Niccole Inglewood: er well when it getss hot i have summer clothing.. just like when it freezes you wear winter furs so your heat dont freeze *she laughs* then looks at less *hmmm welll i would but i love where i live i dont wish tobe a panther at this point” she smiles “but really thank you for that offer!”
[19:00:45] Sa Nalahe L smirks “who said anything about being a panther girl? maybe you could just be a … a guest let’s say, aye, a guest in our camp … a naked guest … and when your skin has tanned, we will paint you all over … maybe decorate you a bit more, then we give your robes back and you go home … that sounds appealing doesn’t it?”

Not really appealing to me i hate being naked… though I’m quiet naive and to trusting but thats my character

[19:01:39] Sa Nalahe S: Lady, we can take you in and not tell anybody we took you in… I don’t mean capture you, since I sense Less is not in the mood to get another slave or prisoner, but we will tell all who ask that we took you, and you just stay here, and have an excuse as you were overpowered by the wild girls, and you give it a try for a few days, and see if you like it, wind to your skin, grass to your feet… you can even wear a mask to not let your people know you were not forced to stay… just an idea… I don’t know even if Less will shoot that idea down, I am just speaking my mind
[19:02:50] Niccole Inglewood blinks hearing her as she shakes her head saying, “no! i dont want tobe naked i mean your not even naked i prefer to keep some clothing on even!” she says bit nerviously as she then shouts, “look a big kurii” points behind hoping you turn and look as she slightly shuffles backwards out of any type of reaching and grabbing distance
[19:03:33] Sa Nalahe S looks confused around: where?
[19:04:07] Niccole Inglewood: me sees the confused look as she backs up abit more some nice breathing room from the mostly naked women but remains calm not to spook them too much more
[19:04:28] Sa Nalahe S looks around
[19:04:34] Sa Nalahe L got fooled even though she had not seen a kur here in a very long time … by the time she turns back, you are at a larger distance “oh, the lady is being funny? well, let’s make a deal … you get to keep one item of clothing … but we pick it” she lets her hand slide to her side, then to her back, where her bow is hanging

Good RP they followed the trick guess they didnt have to most probably wouldnt.. dno

[19:04:38] Sa Nalahe S: lady, come with us, you will be safe from that kuri
[19:05:13] Sa Nalahe S senses Less being more tense now, so I prepare my bow as well
[19:05:59] Sa Nalahe S: yes lady, the trick is to change the clothes so all parts of the body get equally tanned
[19:06:13] Niccole Inglewood: hmmm welll maybe i can visit for a short bit.. but i will keep my weapons i mean i fear my safety and neck as im sure you do the same.. lets be honest you are a huntress and do this as second nature.. tricking un-expected men and women and collar them into slavery!” she exclaims looking quickly between the two
[19:07:18] Sa Nalahe L shakes her head “noooo! we won’t trick you into slavery … let’s make a deal, you get to keep your knives, but you leave your bow and your clothes at the gate”
[19:07:21] Sa Nalahe S: right now, though, lady, we could just simply overpower you… after all, you can’t run with that big skirt, not as easily as us, and you don’t know your way around, and we are 2 and you are one
[19:07:55] Sa Nalahe S: we will protect you once you are inside our camp
[19:08:27] Sa Nalahe S: and, we will place you on protective spots in case that kuri you spotted shows up
[19:08:37] Niccole Inglewood laughs and looks at the other “well i might be one but you dont know what kind of one i am i could be a decent aim!” she quips back “how about i keep my bow and you can take my daggers” she smiles
[19:09:45] Sa Nalahe L hesitates, looks at Shani “but you go completely naked …just your bow you keep”
[19:10:41] Niccole Inglewood bites her lip slightly as i look between the two as i respond, “how about…. i go completely naked but i keep my bow and scimitar like thing on my back!”

Yeah Yeah crazy to say that but well i know i can beat them two vs one still armed but its so fun to tease

[19:10:54] Sa Nalahe S: lady, it is for your own safety to come with us… but as well about our own safety to not let you with a weapon that a decent aim as yours can make us, well, new slaves for the men of your own bunch of bandits… been there done that as well… the panthers are the best ones to take
[19:11:38] Sa Nalahe S: can, that does not mean it will… you probably will fall before you know it
[19:11:40] Niccole Inglewood looks towards Shani, “dear huntress if i wanted to take you.. do you think i would of by now if i truely wanted a naked slut tonight warming my furs?” she asks

No i really didnt want her the other might of been fun to keep haha

[19:12:23] Sa Nalahe S: maybe you would need us for profit, to sell to some slaves that does not care much if you are a bandit
[19:12:36] Sa Nalahe L tilts her head “the scimitar the bow, but only 3 arrows in your quiver, the rest stays with your clothes at the gate” She glances at Shani, then back at Niic
[19:14:03] Niccole Inglewood sighs looking at Less as she gives a counter offer then responds, “how about you two leave all but three arrows at the gate as well… then should one get in a tussle they only have 3 shots!”
[19:14:40] Sa Nalahe S: and how to keep the kuri away with just 3 arrows?
[19:14:54] Sa Nalahe S: we are talking maximum available protection
[19:15:06] Sa Nalahe S: we protect the camp, from the kuri, from the invaders
[19:15:13] Sa Nalahe S: and you don’t pose a risk as well
[19:15:22] Sa Nalahe S: for your own protection, you see
[19:15:24] Sa Nalahe L laughs “lady, we shall not disarm in our own camp .. it the sluts of Sa Ki Fori or Pa Ri Tor come to visit us, the three arrows will not suffice. It takes more arrow to pierce the fat of those wenches”
[19:15:47] Sa Nalahe S: haha, yes, the fat…
[19:16:14] Niccole Inglewood: hmmmm well i feel quite verenable in camp naked with only 3 arrows you could turn on me and well 3 arrows wont do much if you get distance
[19:17:00] Sa Nalahe L: you have your scimitar and the camp is small, the bow is not much use in there
[19:18:47] Niccole Inglewood: hmmmm well why do have this feeling its a trap *she frowns* i just know i will get jumped
[19:19:13] Sa Nalahe S: so, you risk it with the kuri you spotted yourself?
[19:19:31] Niccole Inglewood: uhhh right it was a lie to get some distance between you two huntresses
[19:19:52] Sa Nalahe S: see, we are all thinking how to be good to you, and you lie to us
[19:20:01] Sa Nalahe L giggles “oh you might get jumped .. but maybe not to be bound and collared” She takes a few steps closer again, almost within reach
[19:20:03] Sa Nalahe S shakes my head: tsk tsk tsk
[19:20:43] Sa Nalahe S prepares my bow just in case, now with an arrow in, and keeps an eye on the lady and Less now that she approaches the lady

bleh really a bow?

[19:21:21] Niccole Inglewood eyes widen seeing less scoot closer as she eyes her naked body licking her lips slightly then responds with, “well wait a minute im the one that is out numbered here so i made a small fib but more or less for my safety besides what kur in their right mind would attack 3 at once?”
[19:22:06] Sa Nalahe S: a hungry kur?
[19:22:11] Sa Nalahe L growls “a hungry one … we are not match for those beasts”
[19:22:47] Sa Nalahe S: even a hungry male could beat us… they are packed with muscles and use heavier arrows…
[19:22:57] Sa Nalahe S: human male, to be precise
[19:23:01] Niccole Inglewood: well maybe we as in the two of you but we as in all 3 can do quite well against 1 kurii no dobut! *she says quickly as she whipes a bead of sweat from her brow*
[19:24:12] Sa Nalahe L takes a step closer again, and her right hand reaches for the scarf around your neck “maybe we should begin with the undressing, no?”
[19:24:27] Sa Nalahe S: good idea
[19:25:34] Niccole Inglewood feels her scarf come off as she tries to grab it as it slips though her fingers as she responds, “hey thats mine! it took me ages to get something that looked decent enough for me!” she stammers “i mean it has to look good to hide my ugly body undereath all this clothing tis truely why i wear it all im hidious naked!”
[19:25:40] Random Outlaw I: is there a trade dock please
[19:26:16] Sa Nalahe S: or marvelously naked, yes
[19:26:18] Random Outlaw I: Do you have a trade dock please
[19:26:31] Sa Nalahe S: who or what do you seek to trade, lady?
[19:26:51] Random Outlaw I: I am looking for my brother he came here hours ago and never returned
[19:27:02] Sa Nalahe S: who is your brother?
[19:27:08] Random Outlaw I: i have salt, bandages and paga
[19:27:13] Random Outlaw I: Polder
[19:27:17] Random Outlaw I: is his name
[19:27:22] Sa Nalahe L holds the scarf, and looks at the woman “she waves the scarf to her right “there is a trade post over there … ” her attention is distracted from Niic for a moment “your brother … what does he look like?”

Good move.. ability to roleplay more than the person in front of you like in reality!

[19:27:35] Sa Nalahe S tries to answer short without loosing sight of the woman that Less was trying to get the scarf off
[19:27:47] Random Outlaw I: where please
[19:28:06] Random Outlaw I: where is over there
[19:28:37] Sa Nalahe L pulls up her shoulders “lady, most men do not run around shouting their name. Maybe I saw him, maybe not. Describe him to me”
[19:28:53] Random Outlaw I: he usually wears green or brown
[19:28:58] Random Outlaw I: long sandy hair
[19:29:06] Niccole Inglewood sees less attention distracted as she reaches out quickly and pulls her scar away and backs up quickly again and then slips it around her neck again as she responds, “well an eye for an eye i say” she laughs as she rubs it abit, “not as comforable but will do!”

Hell yeah Niccole strikes back!

[19:29:10] Random Outlaw I: he told me he was heading here
[19:30:17] Sa Nalahe S: what were you going to give to get him free, again, lady?
[19:30:41] Sa Nalahe L growls feelin her scarf slip away from her … Less looks angered at Niic, holds out her tiny scarf “ok, we trade, give me back mine!”
[19:30:50] Random Outlaw I: i have gold from the north , I have salt which is hard to get
[19:31:03] Random Outlaw I: I have black wine beans expensive
[19:31:09] Sa Nalahe S: gold, I take that gold
[19:31:15] Sa Nalahe S: do you have it with you?
[19:31:32] Random Outlaw I: smirks not saying do you know where he is
[19:31:54] Random Outlaw I: i can get it
[19:31:55] Niccole Inglewood eyes widen seeing her breast exposed to me as the sight alone excites her feeling her own nipples push out slightly against her dress as she blushes hoping less didnt notice that as she responds, “alright on 3 ready?” she asks as she pulls the scar she stole off holding it in her hand
[19:32:01] Sa Nalahe S: we will release him once I have the gold in my hand
[19:32:26] Random Outlaw I: can you be trusted
[19:32:31] Random Outlaw I: and how much gold
[19:32:31] Sa Nalahe S forgets about Less and Nicc in the meantime as I am trying to deceive the lady off her gold

Not too bad herself having losing focused on the trader… most would turn and attack or something

[19:32:44] Sa Nalahe S: what do you say, I can be trusted… I want 3 gold coins, no less
[19:32:57] Random Outlaw I: I want to see him
[19:33:07] Random Outlaw I: he was coming here and never returned
[19:33:39] Sa Nalahe S: he is somewhere you can’t find him if I don’t lead you to him, so, unless I have the gold, I won’t even give away his location
[19:33:41] Random Outlaw I: lady I am a trader
[19:33:49] Sa Nalahe L noticed something in Niic’s expression but she couldn’t really place it … Less slowly holds up Niics’ scarf and starts to count “one … two …” and then she snatches for her own scarf while she pulls the other one back “hold on!”
[19:34:10] Random Outlaw I: I trade all the time
[19:34:33] Random Outlaw I: I watch the eyes and the demeaner of those Itrade and something is a bit fishy
[19:35:15] Niccole Inglewood hears her count one.. two then feels the tug as the scar for less comes out of her hands as she feels the tug being within arms length she reaches over and grabs her bottems and pulls down as hard as she can not really caring about her scarf hoping to pull it away from less

Lol Score! her pants were at her ankles and top was off standing naked!!!

[19:35:30] Random Outlaw I: We can trade and you get gold or I return and get him another way
[19:36:17] Sa Nalahe S: lady, you don’t need to see your brother seems.. you cannot find where we keep him hidden… you may go on your way and pray your brother ends up in slavery and not food for mambas or kuri
[19:36:29] Sa Nalahe S: the path to return back where you came from, you know it
[19:36:33] Sa Nalahe S: get a move
[19:36:39] Sa Nalahe S: or give me the gold, easy
[19:36:47] Random Outlaw I: so no gold smirks then we will get him back another way I go now
[19:37:02] Sa Nalahe S shrugs
[19:37:03] Sa Nalahe L experienced but a brief triumph, holding both scarfs, when she feels her skirt pulled down, dropping to her boots “you wench” she hisses. She immediately bends down to grab her skirt and pull it up again
[19:37:04] Sa Nalahe S: well, I tried
[19:37:29] Sa Nalahe S returns my attention to the lady and Less messing around
[19:38:32] Niccole Inglewood sees her attempt to pull up her skirt again as she places her foot out hoping to keep the skirt on the ground as she says, “ah ah ah the scarf first panther?” she grins as she looks up and down on the naked panthers body as a quiet moan slips her lips excited from the sight
[19:39:02] Sa Nalahe S notices the moan and smiles
[19:39:12] Sa Nalahe S: woman, we will not tell anybody that you came with us willingly
[19:39:19] Sa Nalahe S: we will tell everybody we took you by force
[19:39:29] Sa Nalahe S: come with us now, don’t test that we can take you by force or not
[19:39:31] Sa Nalahe S winks
[19:39:47] Sa Nalahe S: and Less, I can smell her from here, she will make you feel really good
[19:41:07] Sa Nalahe L growls when the foot holds her skirt down, yet she notices the moan too, and lets go of her skirt, raising … she tosses both scarfs at Shani and reaches for Niic’s top, unbuttoning it “your turn to get naked … ” her eyes are focused on Nic’s breasts, and she notices little bulges in the fabric “you can already remove your skirt meanwhile, lady”

This is why i wear bras more clothign to remove! still glad the other didnt fight odd she didnt lol

[19:41:38] Sa Nalahe S catches the scarf with my bow
[19:41:49] Sa Nalahe S puts the scarf around my waist
[19:43:43] Niccole Inglewood feels her top become unbuttoned and falls off her shoulders thankfully she had a bra on underneath as her eyes widen hearing less then looks back and forth between the two and says, “i will not” as she gives less a hopeful push hoping she stumbles back enough so she can snatch her bottems
[19:46:06] Sa Nalahe L had expected some kind of reaction, she had prepared herself for a slap or a push, but nevertheless she almost tumbles over, a quick reach of her hand, grabbing what she can to stay on her feet, it is a strap of the bra …As she regains her balance, she yanks it, hoping to break it, while her other hand already reaches for the belt of your skirt
[19:49:03] Niccole Inglewood seees a stumble as she uses her foot to attempt to drag the bottems over to leave you naked and pull back and away as she feels her bra being pulled then snaps off as she frowns abit but the stumble enough to only get her top as the grabs on her belt wasnt good enough
[19:51:12] Sa Nalahe L watches her skirt slide away from under her foot, her hand missing the belt “oh, you wench! Now your skirt is mine!” In a distraction she reaches for your naked breasts, to give them both a pinch, then immediately they shoot down, yanking on your skirt to hopefully pull it fown from your hips
[19:54:10] Niccole Inglewood feels her pinch my nipples as i make a yelp then feel my skirt coming down from the belt least glad she got my skirt as i had leggings undernead as she knows what she did to less as she bends down to pull her skirt upward hoping to bring it back up and sorta kicks her skirt off behind her abit so she cannot regrab it
[19:55:13] Sa Nalahe S: Lady, really, for your own safety… come to the camp now… you know where it is going, and it is not safe here, wild beasts, or wild males might come by…
[19:55:43] Sa Nalahe S: there is no changing what Less has in mind now… same goal, different ways to get there
[19:55:48] Sa Nalahe S: come with us, the easiest way
[19:56:49] Sa Nalahe S: Storm!!
[19:57:01] Sa Nalahe S: and, let me tell you congratulations first
[19:57:09] Sa Nalahe S hugs Storm tightly
[19:57:10] Sa Nalahe L did not make an attempt to grab the skirt, yet her disappointment was clear when she saw the leggings “by the Priest Kings, you were more layers than free woman of Tor”. She places her hands on Niicole’s hips and tries to hold her in place “Shani is right … we both are naked … let’s get inside, we will be safer” She looks up when Shani shouts
[19:57:14] Sa Nalahe S: rumours travel fast
[19:57:24] ZWO S: smiles “aye”
[19:57:32] Zia (zia.sorbet) is offline.
[19:57:32] Sa Nalahe L: Less does not recognise Storm
[19:57:44] ZWO S: grins
[19:58:06] ZWO S whispers: “cuz it wasn’t me yelling at shooting at you”
[19:58:07] Sa Nalahe S: so, you stop being a panther, and I become one… the world has it’s equibriums
[19:58:13] Sa Nalahe S grins
[19:58:34] Sa Nalahe S: what brings you here Storm?
[19:58:59] ZWO S: “well…..”
[19:59:07] Sa Nalahe S: by the way, I do hope you get all happy in all your lives in your new relationship
[19:59:46] ZWO S: blinks a bunch at you “what does that mean?”
[19:59:49] ZWO S: tal nicc

This is where it gets juicy hehehe

[20:00:12] Niccole Inglewood tries to throw less off balance as she uses her hand and quickly tries to press it up between her thighs trying to see if she can place it against her sex hoping it would trick her enough so she could grab her skirt and dash off as she ingores the newcomer behind her focused on trying to get the upperhand on less then hearing her voice she reconizes it as she responds, “Tal storm” but continues to focus on task at hand getting the upperhand
[20:00:16] Sa Nalahe S: aren’t you freshly companioned mated or whatever you want to call it?
[20:00:31] ZWO S: laffs “always”
[20:00:58] ZWO S: “she’s not too keen on our di’jan deal”
[20:01:22] Sa Nalahe S: what di jan deal?
[20:01:37] Sa Nalahe S: I know only the basic rumours, that what the sailors told me
[20:01:39] ZWO S: sighs “how many deals we got?”
[20:01:45] ZWO S: laffs
[20:01:50] ZWO S: mhm
[20:02:20] ZWO S whispers: “was thinking you might wanna help your hefty friend over there”
[20:03:02] Sa Nalahe S: uh? tell me exactly Storm… my friend is Less there, the one with body paint
[20:03:07] Sa Nalahe S: Less, this is Storm
[20:03:17] ZWO S: waves
[20:03:33] Sa Nalahe S: and, the one with body paint is well used to struggling like that, she is in no danger, no worries

LOL and she still hasnt attacked

[20:03:42] ZWO S: nicc nevers says anything to me so no worries
[20:03:54] Sa Nalahe S: you know the lady?
[20:04:00] ZWO S: yes
[20:04:10] Sa Nalahe L had her hands on your hips, it kept her balance, but the hand up her thighs was unexpected, Less was looking Storm for a moment, She gasps and suddenly moans loudly when she feels your hand press against her moist folds. Immediately, she turns her attention back to you, and attempts to slip her hands behind your back, to stop you from getting away, while she presses her thighs together. With a clearly worked up voice, she hisses “Well met, Storm … I am a bit busy with a guest”
[20:04:53] ZWO S: “yeah yeah i see no huts”
[20:05:35] Sa Nalahe S: so, Storm, how do you feel in your new life?
[20:06:14] ZWO S: “am quite happy. how are you liking panther life?”
[20:06:15] Sa Nalahe S: you live in Zamira woods, right? or that’s what I heard in gossips
[20:06:21] Sa Nalahe S: I am, yes indeed
[20:06:29] ZWO S: aye, I do
[20:06:56] Niccole Inglewood grins seeing that she had turned her attention away as her hand makes contact as the shock was what she expected but didnt expect her to wrap her hand around my back ruining my chance to pull out and away stealing her clothing as she then curls her fingers as she feels her thighs pressing together hoping her fingers push inside her moist lips with ease enough to stun her again to rrelease her hand so i can escape
[20:07:14] Sa Nalahe S: there is someone I would like for you to sell me, or, for you to come and offer a price for us to come and take her away from you before you risk breaking all vases and plates and stuff like that
[20:07:18] Sa Nalahe S: but in no hurry
[20:07:24] Sa Nalahe S: I might come visit sometime
[20:08:03] Sa Nalahe S: impressive fort you got there by the way
[20:08:28] ZWO S: well, my love, i don’t find her friendly. she will be suffering the bottoms of her feet the next time i see her.
[20:08:52] Sa Nalahe S scratches my head
[20:08:53] ZWO S: ahhh is not mine but belongs to the Mistresses of my sister.
[20:09:03] Sa Nalahe S: uh?
[20:09:12] ZWO S: hmmmm?
[20:09:15] Sa Nalahe S: what are you talking about Storm?
[20:09:49] Sa Nalahe S: what I meant was that one of the camp sluts here, one worthless, so no high price to pay for her, is probably at your fort
[20:10:01] Sa Nalahe L pressed her thighs firmly together, but she cannnot prevent two fingers to probe up, entering her. Less screams out, archs her back, one hand slips up to your neck. She feels a wild pleasure grow as the fingers move deeper, and briefly she loosens her grip, quickly recovering, hoping it was quick enough so you don’t slip from between her arms
[20:10:36] ZWO S: there is a girl there we have capped. she is quite unfriendly” glances over at Less and nods “says she belongs to her”
[20:11:01] Sa Nalahe S: so, you indeed came to pay us to get that slut back
[20:11:04] Sa Nalahe S grins
[20:11:06] Sa Nalahe S: how much?
[20:11:14] ZWO S: smiles “the price is really quite low. I believe she said Cali?”
[20:11:43] ZWO S: smiles “i assume that is the reason for the visits”
[20:11:46] Sa Nalahe L was now distracted, her grip really loosening, and she wasn’t even aware she was grinding herself onto the probing fingers “Cali?” she says “are you talking about Cali?”
[20:12:02] ZWO S: mmm we are
[20:12:27] ZWO S: looks to Shani “again the price very low, indeed”
[20:13:30] ZWO S: grins “interested?”
[20:13:33] Sa Nalahe S: so, call it one copper tarsk that you pay me, and I will come collect the slut, alright?
[20:13:44] Sa Nalahe S giggles
[20:13:54] ZWO S: laffs and laffs
[20:14:32] ZWO S: whispers to Shani “maybe we should let her have her orgasm and then talk about it”
[20:14:37] Niccole Inglewood feels that she was grinding against my fingers as the grip loosened enough she quickly back out and away as she sees that she was distracted by the other conversation as she bends down grabbing her skirt and less’s skirt then starts to head off getting some distance between them quicklike but ensures that she doesnt turn her back just yet as she grins licking her fingers
[20:15:17] ZWO S: yet stopped
[20:15:38] Sa Nalahe S nods: yes, indeed one should have a clear mind before attempting negotiations of any sort…
[20:15:55] Sa Nalahe S turns to look a little more to the show between Less and Nicc
[20:15:56] Sa Nalahe L cries out her disappointment when the fingers slip from her wet vagina “hey!” she screams as Niic runs away with both skirts. Less grabs her bow and chases her “drop it right now or I will shoot you!”
[20:16:03] Sa Nalahe L reaches behind her back, taking her primitive bow, an arrow in her other hand already, and pulls the string
[20:16:55] ZWO S: “oh my hope there is no blood aaan cumshead”
[20:17:02] Niccole Inglewood sticks out her tounge as she runs off hoping she was joking not really wanting to fight her as she gets more distance grinning at the naked panther thinking i definitely want to return when i wasnt as exhausted
[20:18:33] Sa Nalahe L sees Niic run away, feeling a similar disappointment that she did not continue “I will find you! and my skirt! and you will suffer!” she screams, too exhausted to chase her all the way to the docks
[20:19:50] Niccole Inglewood grins as she makes it away safely dashing off into the distance but keeps the map to here in hand so she can return one day again as she gets barely out of distance she shouts back ,”be well storm” until her voice fades in the distance to the quiteness of the forests again
[20:20:02] Sim Access Control v3.00: Hello Niccole Inglewood, welcome at Ven Badlands. You are wearing 28 scripts, using 1.0 MB of memory. I remember you this sim allows max 140 script, and max 5.0 MB of script memory.
[20:20:57] Niccole Inglewood: me pays a few coins and sets sail for primus weapons sim with haste
[20:21:04] Second Life: Teleport completed from Ven Badlands (21,251,21)

HAHA stole her clothing and all 😛
Hope you enjoyed

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