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Posted: 2012.03.24 in Gor Combat, The OMG's
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Quiet day(s) lol.. Well we did have ghost raid ugh… This is one group i absolutely hate other than skerry… both groups bitch more than a female dog and cheat just as bad… And yes i included a snapshot… NOW i dont mean cheating by hacked meters or hacked bows there are other forms of cheat than that.. Take a look at this dude.. FYI If you look closely and i highlighted it.. you can see the blackend text for the actual real GM meter.. This isnt a lag where the meter shows green but they got bubbled.. AND its NOT a double meter.. If you wear 2 meters they BOTH go down the same wearing 2 meters DOESNT give you any advantage you will be bubbled just as fast.. The arrow sends a message that both meters listen too and give the appropriate damage one meter wont filter out another… Kayla shot him and there was no moaning sound you could hear the hit sound but no meter sound

Ghost Fail

Ghost Fail with a hover text fake meter

OK Lets break this down… with viewers today you can actually hot bind a key to attach inventory to an avatar.. look at this picture as you can see he has a hover text object floating around that looks like a normal gorean meter.. wear that dont wear normal meter volia can run around at a distance getting good cheap shots on someone quickly attach a real meter 1/2 way thought the fight or if you know its going south… NOW I AM NOT CLAIMING HE DID THAT.. But put candy in front of a child and see if they eat it and leave it alone most likely you wont have any candy left that you left out…

Anyways we won the Raid hooray!

I want to make another video and will soon i had fun making the last one… If there is someplace you want video’d let me know :p

Another rant i have… earlier we also raided a place called bitterblue… Now sadly we went near the sim ratio which i think was 3:1 it was like 4 vs 12 or something i could of swore overkill… Sadly… we almost lost how fucked up is that!” Well that will be on my agenda as one sim to show as a fail and to describe it you enter alright… run up pew pew etc enter into a fishbowl bleh i ever say how MUCH i hate those… least no gate yet yay then run up a slope which is steep enough to slow you down! Finally on another plain which is virtually a fishbowl to some extent they can hit you from the sides and front really no cover 😦 Now i would be fine with a fishbowl if they DIDNT HAVE GATES! or provide a little cover for gates at least come on.. YES a fort should have some advantage i mean its a fort but places that give 0 cover yeah alright i will give that its realistic but until we all go to limited ammo and 0 splash fuck realism and making impossible forts!!!!

OK i got that out of me 😀 and one last thing YAY for my milestone in posts :p

Till Next time


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