Where is the realism?

Posted: 2012.03.26 in GCM - Gorean Combat Meter, GM - Gorean Meter, Gor Combat, Roleplay
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One has to be truly bored when they question realism… Perhaps its me being an old gorean.. Or maybe its that the new players of today just think this is a new x-box game where you get the see peoples naked bits then run around a shoot more people! Maybe im just losing interest in SL?

Ok, probably not the last that would be absurd! Anyways, not to wander too far from the topic where does realism lie in SL Gor.. With the design of the viewer you have Mini-map that shows the location of all players.. You can disable alphas and run around without worries… Now there are a few options that can improve this like the GM RLV meter or GCM RLV which isnt out yet.. And there is a realism hud also in SL.. But this will only enhance your realism not for everyone else… they are all still by choice not forced….With that, if you wear those products by choice you are automatically at a dis-advantage… You dont have mini map and forced daylight settings… The ones that always fight will have a huge advantage now.. Add that with Team-speak and Ventrillo you are just a sitting duck now… Thank fully there are ways to force RLV but 95% the sims wont or will risk traffic.. Plus the thought that “RLV” means someone can do bad to you…

RLV probably will never take a strong footing in SL gor with 95% the pew pewers… But let me clear some air about RLV.. RLV is actually short for Restrained Love Viewer.. Life is banned by SL this is a viewer function that responds to a list of simple commands sent to it.. all the commands are sent via an Owner statement llOwnerSay…

Now.. what this means is ANY object that is NOT attached to your avatar AND NOT owned by YOU… Cannot nor will ever be able to communicate with your viewer UNLESS… You wear a relay… Without this relay any trap or other object will never control your viewer… If your so concerned about this then fear not as unless you actually get a relay then no worries to you and you will know when you get a relay cause you physically have to buy one they are free but still you have to click and buy….

Some collars such as Open Collar have a built in relay.. You can Disable them.. AND you can remove them all together.. You dont even need to get OpenCollar there are other on the market Open collar IMO is too scripted for Gorean Roleplay…

Ok my rant is over for today i feel better already 😀 But i think people need to spread the word to try to get a bit of realism back into SL gor.. I know this is just a game yes it is you can push the off button at any moment.. But its also a roleplay game and we try to put ourselves into the character.. wouldnt it be nice  to be alittle bit more realistic in fighting? I would love no mini maps Alphas on Day and Night forced


Done with Ranting for now…

Till next time


  1. Mahsati says:

    This reminds me of an incident that took place a very long time ago. I was still relatively new to the panther world, maybe been in about 2 or 3 months at this time. I was running and escaping an attack, got to a river that crossed the sim, and used to river to roleplay my escape by swimming down it to the sim edge where some canoes were tied up. I rp’d taking one and tp’d out.
    Within moments I get an IM asking where my rp sail emote was so I copy/pasted the escape. Mind you, I had no idea this wasn’t particularly legal to do. In my mind, it made sense and didn’t know any different. The person began to tell me of my mistake, that indeed that was not allowed and I had to come back or face the penalties. Now, this made me honestly confused so I began a discussion with this person, and a friend of mine.
    If there is the means to escape, why can’t i use them? Why must I only use the designated areas? I truly wanted to know because no one told me of this. I received several reasons why, not many of which truly made sense to me then, but upon asking tribe members, elders, and friends, this was pretty much how things were done so I went with it but seemed just not very realistic. I think that was much first roleplay incident oh how realism in Gor gets subverted often. Sometimes for logistical reasons because it is an online world and some concessions must be made. Those I can and do understand. Some, to this day, I find ridiculous.
    Like having to shout grapples and lock pickings. Hey, I’m trying to be sneaky over here so let me shout out what I’m doing. Yes, yes I know there are a couple reasons why it’s done but even the best of roleplayers, when the shout is heard, will have a reaction. Maybe not run over there but their mind will register it and be ready.
    But I think the most amusing instance I had with realism was close to two years ago, somewhere around then. I got into a discussion with this guy. He was trying to tell me that it would be impossible and very unrealistic for me to drag a male and he would not rp it out. I tried to talk to him rationally but, well, you know how men get when they lose. Anyways, I could see I was going to get no where with him so I left him, but not before I gave him a nugget to chew on.
    I told him the next time he wishes to think on how things could and couldn’t happen, keep in mind the following. It takes you 1-4 seconds to go from sim to sim, regardless of the distance in world. Try walking it next time and see how much you like that. You can run like the wind and never get tired, and fire a bazillion arrows amazingly never running out or arm falling off from exhaustion. But those few examples are alright for you but when I try to drag you 200 yards to camp, that is suddenly not possible? I love your selective principles. Good day. Then I just left him there tied up and before I could get 10 meters away he tp’d out, no where near untied or physically near a dock. Ah well, such is life. It gave me a kick to shut him up like that. 🙂


  2. Erin says:

    it’s safe if you have ic and 5 top 50 bows always available for rescues and an impenetrable prison fortress for your “camp”. For everyone else, realism just means getting walked on and abused IC and OOC.

    • Why i like open camps minimal doors. If your going to be able to shoot someone in the back then you shouldn’t be allowed to see them from under a cave 150 meters away but we don’t have that option currently unless GM forces everyone to use RLV to remove mini maps

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