How To Improve your Gorean Role-play

Posted: 2012.03.28 in Roleplay
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Ok, So i was thinking about it and I think problem with most of the younger players today is that they truly don’t grasp the concept of Role-playing…  Have you ever with your partner Acted out a scene in the bed-room? OK Stop being a perv Niccole Damnit!

But seriously role-playing is the act of getting into a role in your mind.. to feel your role your character as you try to portray. We will use Niccole for example and a two situations i previously encountered… And I really hope kayla doesnt bark at me lol.

So here are the situations and how one can become immersed in the role they play. Niccole sits in the tavern as a fellow mate comes in and Niccole is trying to get her captive to serve As she was collared etc you know try to get her in the role of being a slave i mean come on this is gor! Now alittle background first on Niccole. As bad ass as she can be she still tries to play the slightly niave woman that is really too trusting at times and it does reflect some on her rl life as she, in rl, can be trusting and the sorts.. So this is how i try to play when im not being a bad ass superbow!

Back to the story line so Niccoles comm-rad comes in and RP is going good she RP’s getting me more drinks etc. STOP Here is were the paths divide… Some will rp drinking and NEVER GET DRUNK.. Others will RP drinking and getting drunk or tipsy etc.. Who the fuck never gets drunk when they drink.. ALOT?!? especially a woman.. I mean in my younger age when i went to the club i drank and yes being a small framed girl i could hold my own for a bit then after a few drinks niccole starts feeling the alcohol… Good role-players should RP getting drunk get yourself into the scene if you go to a pub and drink 10 drinks you get drunk or you able to run around like nothing ever happened? OK i know some guys and girls that can really chug it back 10 drinks might not be enough but everyone has a limit TRUST ME…

Continuing on without my ramblings so Niccole does the good rp deed and RPs getting tipsy and drunk and her friend leaves so shes alone in the tavern with her captive… Being a smart captive she tries to get Niccole to pull her along as she does as Niccole pulls her over to the other side the tavern.. Here is where the Captive/slave RP’s over-powering Niccole and tying her up and Gagging her… STOP AGAIN.. WHAT?!? A lot of the pew pewers and not so hot role-players would god mod and fight back maybe draw their weapons and attack with the meter so they dont lose or get bound or the captive can get away… Niccole trying to show she decent at RP well being drunk etc after several drinks lets the captive use this to get her freedom… End of that story Captive got Niccole and got free…

The point Im getting at is I have no clue how well the younger players are being taught the value of good role-play.. How to become the role they play.. If you go to a tavern and get drunk your not going to fight back if much at all even if you can a drunk fighter 7/10 times wont beat someone that isnt drunk maybe 8-9/10… Think a lot of people would god-mod so they would win the fight keep the captive  or down them with their metered combat and take them to sail them…

Sadly later in the day it happened again Niccole was tricked and over powered by her other captive 😐 Guess i need to make Niccole less naive lol

Well for the older more skilled Rp’ers i hope you try to teach the younger ones how to properly RP and how to accept losing in rp combat from time to time and not hurry to draw their weapon and fight metered to win.  I hope im wrong on this i hope more actually RP correctly. If not i start the campaign to get SL Gor back to becoming the person they are RPing and NOT act superhuman! Become the role close your eyes and visualize what would happen if this was actually real life… Cant dodge a bullet in RL least 99% of us cannot…

Please share with the young RP’ers in second life to improve their role play if they are lacking!

  1. Mahsati says:

    Kudos! Well put words there!

    • Erin says:

      which is one reason my character doesn’t drink or smoke kanda. Half or better of caps it seems have GPS tracking implants. So they get insta rescued with no IC.
      don’t really Need to drink to have caps escape.

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