Posted: 2012.03.30 in Uncategorized

Yes those words ring true.. THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!!

Sadly its been a quiet few days in gor but i have a small rant… I need to get some new storys i hate ranting… Anyways

So panther sluts attacked us last night yes sluts they panthers! lol *hides from kitty and
Mahsati* anyways They raided and we live next door to skerry and normally nobody would join in the fight but last night one did.. Technically they could they were within 96meters and truthfully had some legitimate reason to come aid.. But still was this a wise thing todo she wasnt really attacked?

I will always go back and forth on this one thing whatever it happens suck it up panthers.. on the other… if i was in another sim and that happend by someone that didnt live there sadly i cannot say that i wouldn’t bitch and moan that someone else that wasnt attacked wasnt apart the group would come in and start fighting!

So what would you do.. you obviously came to our sim and presumed you read the rules and the rule is clearly there only way one can join a fight is if they are within 96meters and can hear the fighting otherwise they cannot join in.. Its plain as day but i think it might scare groups from coming to fight in fear that some random skerry will run in and ruin their well planned raid because SL has space limitations to deal with two camps would NOT be that close in reality but in SL shit happens!

Anyways done for now.. Will write more later.. Hopefully this weekend will bring some good juicy stuffs 😀

Till Next post… Niccole

  1. Mahsati says:

    *throws a stale muffin at Niccole’s hiding spot* Hey you were a panther too ya know. *sticks her tongue out*

  2. Kittie says:

    I am not a slut!! I am not the one coddleing up too the boys Miss Femlaw… -sticks tongue out just like Mahsati does- hehe Ok your scolding is done…;p
    In reguards too your post… hhmmm Well I have alwas been big on no alliances and all that, includeing not helping others. Now if said femlaw was at your camp than when the Panthers attacked then they have nothing too bitch about.If she wasn’t she should have stayed out of it and minded her own business..Its things like this that breed alliances because those panther will prolly run around for the next 2 months screaming how the groups on Primus sims all help each other..Maybe not but you know how things like that can and will happen, regardless of how true it is or not..Even though the rules allow it, if it were my group I’d have let them go cause of the outside help and told Miss Skerry femlaw too mind her own business next time.
    One night when we lived in Mystic, Tri moon raided us… Now it was a long fight but about half way through , Sati a panther from Ven and on our doors (She is a friend..;p), came into camp and started helping us.. I shot her down and told her not too assist us because we don’t allow outside assistance..I think i shot at the Sa Dina’s once also when they were trying to help…;p I’ma bish like that teehee…

    Ok with all that said, do the Panthers have reason to bitch about being capped? No not really, it sucks but in the end it was still a legal cap and they should sit back and enjoy the Rp…

    Mews while batting my ball of Yarn

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