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I know its been a few days ive been bad!.. To start this off we shall do alittle RP etiquette… Why oh why do people address themselves in third person in RP talk if you havent even been properly introduced… And Yes i shall give you an example!

[2012/04/20 18:58:34] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): tal naked girl
[2012/04/20 18:58:41] Beamer (patforfun): Tal
[2012/04/20 18:58:42] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): lose some clothing or something
[2012/04/20 18:58:58] Beamer (patforfun): This is whar Beamer always wears
[2012/04/20 18:59:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): whos beamer

OK… So this is what Beamer always wears? Im sorry but this doesnt sound very good in RP… Are you trying to tell me your a slave or maybe really immature?
I dont know who beamer is to begin with i never met her hince my response of “whos Beamer” Anyways below is the rest of the RP

[2012/04/20 18:59:25] Beamer (patforfun): I am Beamer, huntress of Forest Moon
[2012/04/20 18:59:37] Beamer (patforfun): Who are you?
[2012/04/20 19:00:21] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): i am Niccole im sure i am well known….
[2012/04/20 19:00:25] Second Life: ムlika ﮎmilodoл (alika.xaris) is offline.
[2012/04/20 19:00:34] Beamer (patforfun): Well met, Nicole
[2012/04/20 19:00:39] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): likewise
[2012/04/20 19:00:51] Second Life: ムlika ﮎmilodoл (alika.xaris) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:00:51] Beamer (patforfun): Welcome to our land.
[2012/04/20 19:00:54] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): isnt it dangerous to run around completely naked?
[2012/04/20 19:01:00] Beamer (patforfun): May I help you?
[2012/04/20 19:01:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): scouting i mean wandering
[2012/04/20 19:01:11] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is offline.
[2012/04/20 19:01:25] Beamer (patforfun): Why would it be dangerous?
[2012/04/20 19:01:40] Second Life: 丂αмαηтнα イнσяηє entered the region.
[2012/04/20 19:01:42] Second Life: 丂αмαηтнα イнσяηє (lilmarshmello23) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:01:47] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): well for one… youll get collared alot faster.. and two.. everyone sees your ummmm stuffs
[2012/04/20 19:01:49] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:01:54] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is offline.
[2012/04/20 19:02:06] Beamer (patforfun): I no get collared
[2012/04/20 19:02:25] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:02:32] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): why not if i was a slaver youd be on your way to the city by now for being completely naked
[2012/04/20 19:02:47] Beamer (patforfun): Many have tried.
[2012/04/20 19:03:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): ahh well.. ill let you be on your way then
[2012/04/20 19:03:25] Beamer (patforfun): Safe paths

Here is a picture of the panther i crossed paths.. firstly why is she completely naked? panthers would never run around naked… And yes i covered up the adult bits i dont know what wordpress’s rules are on that :p

Beamer - Forest Moon Panther

Beamer - Forest Moon Panther

OK to some RP etiquette.. Role-playing is like writing a book… When you roleplay out you must visualize a book without pictures which alot of books are… So… do that.. Visualize yourself writing a book without pictures only words and your rp will flow… Obviously when you write about your character DONT use your name in third person..  to properly re-write what Beamer said i would write.. This is what I always wear…  referring to beamer could be some random slut i dont even know about….  Its ok todo third person if your describing yourself but NOT when talking in a talking context!


OK Enough ranting Now on to some fun stuff

So I am with skerry now.. And seems we get alot of action from ghosts… Sadly.. A group i despise publicly… I dont like doing fails such as Hemloc’s blog But prefer to show the good things… As many fails as i have seen in ghosts i will say what i saw over the past weekend just redicilous… So my Friend Alissa had joined them… and Gorfail posted on this too so if you read on that you know.. Anyways… She backstabbed ghosts because she is closer to einar than Ghosts… But why oh why do people have to go completely OOC on something like this done in IC.. a Raid.. Yes it sucks but grow some balls or tits and RP it out it could turn into some good RP vs going berserk and rage quitting…

I shall wrap this up for now until i get some more juicy news or fails in people trying to Role-play… Till then Keep having fun!



What a weekend… Other than RL storms that got WAY to close its been a pretty quiet weekend…

Tornado Damage

Thankfully NO fatalities  being a large city though damage was significant… This was nothing though compared to the storm back in April 26 1991 almost 21 year anniversary of the large F5 that struck

April 26,1991

Ton of vidoes of it on the web too..

Anyways Back to Gor.. New News… I joined Bandid Hith in Skerry of Einar… I have had a love hate relationship with them but i have a lot of friends that live there soo for now i shall see how it works out…  Here is a short video on Einar… I know i SUCK at editing sound etc but whatever … View it in Full HD will be best quality… And yes again i suck at adding in music/sound.. but more practice the better!

Beyond what people think.. There are some really good people that live and play here and very strong roleplayers !

I also have a small cabin in lakes i will use it as a small get-a-way for when needed or have a captive i need to seclude as nobody would associate me there 😀

Speaking of which that will bring me to my rant about IC information… I always wonder how one leaves IC information i know there are those boards but how often are they used? My guess is less than not though i encountered in my group recently, a ghost came and took 3 captive and well left no IC.. Shockingly enough nobody rescued until we got IC which was good to see that it still happens… But what is good IC .. Can an offline IM in RP be good enough as IC? Here is my take on it…. If someone leaves a message on a noteboard or RPs it even to an IM or offline it is good long as the time stamps are legit… Anything can be modded even the time on one those Roleplay message boards.. Anything can be faked though i hope it never does truely happen… But i always try to leave IC where i go incase the worse! What do you do for IC or does your group even worry about it? My guess is 1/2 groups do 1/2 groups dont care they want the rp/pewpew… But i hope its not the latter… id prefer if groups played more realistically!


I know this is short but wanted to make a quick update… and my keyboard is going out so i need to get one tomrrow….

Till then..

Niccole 🙂

OK its been really quiet but i have been busy and alot of changes happened in gor and as i said i would do something big for my next milestone, however with the recent changes i will do something for the one after… But for now simple tits for tats… Anyways first off.. Sad to say… Insane outlaws closed… Dan did a good job leading things but its really hard to start a new group and bring in traffic when you got 1 gazillion groups out there already and RP already stretched thin… So well it split and as of now i am a lone outlaw roaming the woods to steal  whatever i can get my fingers on be it people or goods :p I am looking at a few places to join but none the less we will see how it goes.. On the bright side as much mockery as me and others have given ghosts… i will say i found a couple decent roleplayers in the mix and figured they worth RPing….

In other news an old long time friend came back and im quite happy to see leading into my first fail in awhile… Some friends asked me to help so i did like a good friend.. Had to raid tainted outlaws… Their sim is silly by the way one huge ass fishbowl… Anyways most the panthers i raided with chickend out cause they didnt want to lose and all sailed so was just me and 2 others… tainted thought they could rush and me and my friend owned them like 13 vs 3… But of course in loosing tainted fasion they bitched and cried and called cheats when they lost… I swear i just want to bitch-slap the people that cry i mean seriously if you DONT Fking run or run in long straight lines anyone can good fighter can walk over you!

After some failed attempts too at RP i hope to get a good RP again partly why it failed was mis-communication and as well as part of our group falling though the cracks…

Anyways more to come and FYI the GCM ((Gorean Combat Meter)) finally released the RLV 😀 Not that i support the meter or endorse it i prefer the GM hands down.. but its nice knowing i contributed scripting code

More to come i have some targets i want to GET!


Well let me start off with… WTF looked at serch term results and there is a term for… Drinks by Niccole? LOL

Well so Niccole has gotten tobe quite the adventuresome person lately but leads her to many troubles at is seems… But this brings me to a question again on roleplay… So we all roleplay and emote… How do thoughts go into your roleplay let me give an example… /me looks at the woman and smiles before saying “Tal” versus /me looks at the woman that ive come to capture looking around seeing nobody in sight i grin knowing i could quickly kidnap her before making a response of “tal”

I wonder how most people would react to that depending on who they are and where they live i… i dont know i would say maybe 1/3rd might react normally 1/3 might run for the hills by making some excuse that they need to suddenly go and other 1/3rd will draw their weapons thinking shoot this fker before they take my ass… Im really mixed on who falls where and why… Someplaces i go it goes one way.. Others it goes a completely different directions…

Well its been quite quiet in our neck of the woods i cannot complain gives me time to think and perhaps do other things… I did capture a slave that i have chased for ages but i highly doubt she will stay around… I think for my next Milestone i will give a video of another sim! that was exciting last time.. Oh and yes niccole made a boo boo and slipped so to speak and got captured *growls* well she will get out eventually she is very cunning.

Ok so why not tell what happend… So this person has really insulted my intelligence so Niccole thought to go get this girl and show her whos bosss.. Sadly the back up to assist niccole is thin at the moment so she has todo it single handedly well it backfired and niccole got captured though was really close… However, I think in the long run this plan will work better because i can use it to maybe subdue the person of interest and turn the tables so to speak… Sadly i had this happen to me twice not sure how that happend but i know i can with this person and in the end i will get a wonderful girl tobe mine! *niccole laughs evilly*

Welll i started this post then got too much into my captured seems some weirdness in that camp and well i got traded to another place… god damnit and old friends tooo well we will see how this goes… i shall end this for now and YAY one more post before my next milestone

Niccole Out!