Just another Day in the neighborhood

Posted: 2012.04.01 in Randoms

Well let me start off with… WTF looked at serch term results and there is a term for… Drinks by Niccole? LOL

Well so Niccole has gotten tobe quite the adventuresome person lately but leads her to many troubles at is seems… But this brings me to a question again on roleplay… So we all roleplay and emote… How do thoughts go into your roleplay let me give an example… /me looks at the woman and smiles before saying “Tal” versus /me looks at the woman that ive come to capture looking around seeing nobody in sight i grin knowing i could quickly kidnap her before making a response of “tal”

I wonder how most people would react to that depending on who they are and where they live i… i dont know i would say maybe 1/3rd might react normally 1/3 might run for the hills by making some excuse that they need to suddenly go and other 1/3rd will draw their weapons thinking shoot this fker before they take my ass… Im really mixed on who falls where and why… Someplaces i go it goes one way.. Others it goes a completely different directions…

Well its been quite quiet in our neck of the woods i cannot complain gives me time to think and perhaps do other things… I did capture a slave that i have chased for ages but i highly doubt she will stay around… I think for my next Milestone i will give a video of another sim! that was exciting last time.. Oh and yes niccole made a boo boo and slipped so to speak and got captured *growls* well she will get out eventually she is very cunning.

Ok so why not tell what happend… So this person has really insulted my intelligence so Niccole thought to go get this girl and show her whos bosss.. Sadly the back up to assist niccole is thin at the moment so she has todo it single handedly well it backfired and niccole got captured though was really close… However, I think in the long run this plan will work better because i can use it to maybe subdue the person of interest and turn the tables so to speak… Sadly i had this happen to me twice not sure how that happend but i know i can with this person and in the end i will get a wonderful girl tobe mine! *niccole laughs evilly*

Welll i started this post then got too much into my captured seems some weirdness in that camp and well i got traded to another place… god damnit and old friends tooo well we will see how this goes… i shall end this for now and YAY one more post before my next milestone

Niccole Out!


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