Quiet but quick update!

Posted: 2012.04.10 in GCM - Gorean Combat Meter, Gor Combat, Randoms, Roleplay, The OMG's
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OK its been really quiet but i have been busy and alot of changes happened in gor and as i said i would do something big for my next milestone, however with the recent changes i will do something for the one after… But for now simple tits for tats… Anyways first off.. Sad to say… Insane outlaws closed… Dan did a good job leading things but its really hard to start a new group and bring in traffic when you got 1 gazillion groups out there already and RP already stretched thin… So well it split and as of now i am a lone outlaw roaming the woods to steal  whatever i can get my fingers on be it people or goods :p I am looking at a few places to join but none the less we will see how it goes.. On the bright side as much mockery as me and others have given ghosts… i will say i found a couple decent roleplayers in the mix and figured they worth RPing….

In other news an old long time friend came back and im quite happy to see leading into my first fail in awhile… Some friends asked me to help so i did like a good friend.. Had to raid tainted outlaws… Their sim is silly by the way one huge ass fishbowl… Anyways most the panthers i raided with chickend out cause they didnt want to lose and all sailed so was just me and 2 others… tainted thought they could rush and me and my friend owned them like 13 vs 3… But of course in loosing tainted fasion they bitched and cried and called cheats when they lost… I swear i just want to bitch-slap the people that cry i mean seriously if you DONT Fking run or run in long straight lines anyone can good fighter can walk over you!

After some failed attempts too at RP i hope to get a good RP again partly why it failed was mis-communication and as well as part of our group falling though the cracks…

Anyways more to come and FYI the GCM ((Gorean Combat Meter)) finally released the RLV 😀 Not that i support the meter or endorse it i prefer the GM hands down.. but its nice knowing i contributed scripting code

More to come i have some targets i want to GET!



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