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Posted: 2012.04.15 in Gor Combat, Randoms, Sim Adventuring
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What a weekend… Other than RL storms that got WAY to close its been a pretty quiet weekend…

Tornado Damage

Thankfully NO fatalities  being a large city though damage was significant… This was nothing though compared to the storm back in April 26 1991 almost 21 year anniversary of the large F5 that struck

April 26,1991

Ton of vidoes of it on the web too..

Anyways Back to Gor.. New News… I joined Bandid Hith in Skerry of Einar… I have had a love hate relationship with them but i have a lot of friends that live there soo for now i shall see how it works out…  Here is a short video on Einar… I know i SUCK at editing sound etc but whatever … View it in Full HD will be best quality… And yes again i suck at adding in music/sound.. but more practice the better!

Beyond what people think.. There are some really good people that live and play here and very strong roleplayers !

I also have a small cabin in lakes i will use it as a small get-a-way for when needed or have a captive i need to seclude as nobody would associate me there 😀

Speaking of which that will bring me to my rant about IC information… I always wonder how one leaves IC information i know there are those boards but how often are they used? My guess is less than not though i encountered in my group recently, a ghost came and took 3 captive and well left no IC.. Shockingly enough nobody rescued until we got IC which was good to see that it still happens… But what is good IC .. Can an offline IM in RP be good enough as IC? Here is my take on it…. If someone leaves a message on a noteboard or RPs it even to an IM or offline it is good long as the time stamps are legit… Anything can be modded even the time on one those Roleplay message boards.. Anything can be faked though i hope it never does truely happen… But i always try to leave IC where i go incase the worse! What do you do for IC or does your group even worry about it? My guess is 1/2 groups do 1/2 groups dont care they want the rp/pewpew… But i hope its not the latter… id prefer if groups played more realistically!


I know this is short but wanted to make a quick update… and my keyboard is going out so i need to get one tomrrow….

Till then..

Niccole 🙂

  1. Kittie says:

    I think ppl that sneak into our camp when no one is home use our message board more than we do…lol We hardly ever use it for IC as too wear we are going…I know I never do, it wouldn’t do any good anyway,not like we can rescue anyone..teehe Good IC? hhmmm Something realstic and beliveable would mostl like be fine…I mean everyone now days used that silly rule for ppl who log on in the middle of a battle .. “this is their they just woke up blah blah” So if everyone in a group is by the rules sleeping in their house then one of them can say : ‘I heard a battle and peeked out my window and saw so and so takeing what their face…hhmm if thats the case couldn’t a raiding group claim to have taken everyone in a group? Since everyone is sleepig in their huts? … Anyway..What we do is, if no one actually saw it happen we do know it happed…Thats how it should be… IM’s group messages should always be OOC and never used as IC…Messageboards are ok for IC if the raiding group can re move the message.


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