Niccole Goes BTB… WTF

Posted: 2012.05.02 in Randoms, Roleplay
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So… I went to sparring sim and some wild n crazy guy came up and started messing with me…. The bastard… I told him it wasn’t wise to fight against me. Well he said he would challenge me to a fight. It was semi late Friday night and i was bored as hell so why not… I knew i would kick his ass in a bow fight.. I mean there are maybe 1-3 better than me with a bow… So i thought id be nice and do best of 5 for bow best of 5 for melee…

As the fights go.. I won the 5 bows with ease it wasn’t much a challenge even with me being bored and not caring how my aim was. He was decent probably could hold his own against normal bows. Anyways melee, well that is a different story 😦 So we went even tie-breaker turned out tobe melee so i lost and this is how niccole ended up!

Niccole as Pani collar Girl

Niccole after fight as a Pani Collar Girl

So yeah this is how i ended up. The deal was one night only so not a huge loss to me plus RP… This guys role was the pani people.. And sim was very BTB… So i got there looked around looked like i had landed in china or japan was quite wild none the less but a fun experience…

Sim itself didnt have many people on it so i dont know if it was highly populated during the day or normal hours. I did meet a nice slave girl quite friendly and very funny least made the RP a little better…

Well to sum it up in the end… BTB RP sucks… I found it to be quite boring i mean perhaps it was just the night perhaps there were a lot of things that aligned to make it so but i honestly didnt enjoy it one bit… No offense to the BTB crowd but there was a lot of Idle time and felt like i had to watch my toes to ensure i didnt cross any lines…

In the end after some RP called it a night went to sleep woke up the next day back in Skerry!  Home sweet home!!!!

Niccole is very niave though she learned that next time she will only challenge in bows! fuck melee :p

Till next time!

Niccole Out!

PS Ive found blogging at times can be a challenge… i started this in early February though i must say its been fun… This is gor though my eyes though if someone wants to see Niccole adventure something let her know she shall and post her adventures!

IM me in world @ Niccole Inglewood or email

  1. Kittie says:

    aawww Are you not just the cutest lil slave girl!! hhmmm A cute name for you would be Muffins, I think…;p Just teaseing..I totally couldn’t see you in a BTB sim for any lenght of time, you love your bow too much…hehe I have wandered into a few BTB sims when i am out wandering, they are usually fairly dead. I also tend to wander early in the morning (EST) so thats prolly a huge factor also.Playing a slave or BTB, that too me is for those that love the roll. Like you I don’t think I could really enjoy it, maybe for a day or 2 just for new experience. Haveing been in GE all my Gor life I’d get in all kinds of trouble in BTB..teehee

    Yes, post your adventures!! Please, give us something eles to read other than Gor Failures!!


  2. Kittie says:

    Kittie? Whos that? -shrugs- Well I dont know her but if I see this person I will hold on to her for you..teeehee -looks up Kittie and gets 1000+ hits- ermmm Might take a while! Never heard of that group either, are they new…;p

    -sticks out tongue and darts off giggleing-

    Tol Acharn Scout,

  3. Erin says:

    melee… Filing that awayyyy…. Big red papercliiiiip. K, done

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