Back Again!

Posted: 2012.05.14 in Roleplay
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Ok, So yes i have been away for awhile been busy and doing other things…. Anyways, Seems the thought is that there are too many fails so lets look at the better side and some good roleplay….

So Niccole decides that to find roleplay maybe have to venture out of her norm again and go back to some more rp first sims.. Better known as BTB. In doing so i went north far north into Torvaldsland to a sim with a group called Heirolfr Landfall. This is a northern BTB village almost as northern as you can get…

So i walk in and stroll up to a woman already on sim. She obviously didnt live here. None the less then a man strolled up as well And started RPing us. Well I will include the text its actually quite suspenseful!

For those that do not know… Northern village in Torvaldsland, un-escorted women can be captured and stripped and collared. So Niccole was being very brave venturing here. But hey if there is no danger there is no adventure right?

Well, this man obviously had it out for the woman too seems they have met before.. But Niccole being a bad ass woman and mean she tried to entice the man to take the girl as well.. didnt work out that way 😦 almost got Niccole in trouble too! Least she is witty…

Actually this RP turned into a longer one where after I was able to escape i went to make a trade… I did this under the guise of having a reason to return to the village and rp a trade… Soo this will be a multiple rp… Question is… Will Niccole make the trade or will she be captured??? Stay tuned and find out….

Alas… here is the rp from today.. Very good i must say its long but worth the read for a good roleplay


[10:26:57] GM 4.2: Region synchronized
[10:26:57] GM 4.2: Note: This region has weaker females option enabled.
[10:26:57] GM 4.2: Note: This region has stronger melee weapons.
[10:29:55] Gabija (skwrks.allen): Tal lady
[10:30:24] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) turns and looks at the redhed that approached as i give a smile “tal” she says looking at her
[10:31:10] Gabija (skwrks.allen): smiling to the woman “Do you live here?”
[10:31:47] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) shakes my head, “no do you?” she asks looknig at her with soft eyes and a pleasing smile giving a stretch after along trip
[10:32:42] Meriasek: Tal, ladies.
[10:32:43] Gabija (skwrks.allen): glances a wary eye to the approching man “no I do not, I was looking for anyone that does” “Tal sir”
[10:33:08] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) grins hearing her, “why do you seek the village here?” she asks then turns to the other “tal sir”
[10:33:31] Meriasek: Nice place” he said without much conviction, smiling at the red haied lady as she gave him a look
[10:34:45] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I am sort of homeless as of recently and have been traveling” stepping back as the man steps closer
[10:35:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs hearing the man, “you must not be from here either” he says then look at her “ohhh not a wise thing to say, lady” he says with a grin
[10:35:58] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): she* bleh my keyboard sucks today))
[10:36:32] Gabija (skwrks.allen): shrugs “I find most people are pathetic liars so I dont stoop to their level
[10:36:58] Meriasek frowned, and stepped closer, cocking his head to hear the lady better “No, Meriasek.. lady, trader in beats of all kinds, ” he looked around, his face not exactly brimming over with deligfht at the poor looking buildings
[10:37:47] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks back at her as she respodns “true but this is torvaldsland” she says then look at the other noticing his expressions before saying “whats wrong sir your eyes are in a bit of shock it appears?”
[10:37:48] Meriasek: ^beasts (keyboard ailments are contagious))
[10:37:48] Gabija (skwrks.allen): steps back again as the man crowds her, almost touching
[10:39:52] Meriasek moved as if to follow the lady again, shook his head and smiled “we will be in the long hall together if we keep danbcing like this” he looked at the other lady and shrugged “if there is coin here, then nothing is wrong, or goods to trade, I am here to find out if trade is likely to be ….” he paused “mutually beneficial” he added, finally
[10:40:51] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) grins seeing the movments as she thinks to herself that he might be interested in the woman as a bond-maid and laughs then continues “well my eyes are satisfied at the lovely surroundings indeed” she says stretching some but frowns seeing not many villagers around
[10:41:58] Gabija (skwrks.allen): finally standing her ground and glaring “I think it is a bit of a humble village but they tend to go take what they want when the need arises”
[10:42:23] Meriasek: /’me shivered a little, “have they all died of cold here? And you lady, are you of this place?” he addressed the non-dancing lady
[10:43:15] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs hearing her then grins looking at her hoping perhaps i would witnesss them taking her as they desired then spies another come out the longhall as i say “hmmm there is another yander so they must not all be dead.. and no its not cold its just about right!” she chuckles
[10:43:46] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I just looked around and a couple are asleep in the longhall and others? shrugging
[10:44:07] Meriasek: could do with a bond to wrm me up” for some unaccountable reason looking again at the lady with red hair, but making no further comment
[10:45:31] Gabija (skwrks.allen): ignoring his crude glances “they might sell you one”
[10:46:31] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) grins looking over at his words then noticing him look at gabby as i laugh then look back at him with a grin “think that would be a good pick too” he grins some how catching on to what he is thinking
[10:47:57] Meriasek: they might” he nodded, as if considering “though they can be obtained for free, as often as not, can they not?” he winked at the lady with brown hair, as if some proivate conversation was going on, then back at the othger lady” so you came here on your little,ownsome, did you?” he smiled in a friendly way at her, adding “that was brave”
[10:49:00] Gabija (skwrks.allen): giving the woman a glare also and a frown for good measure “I think in the long run it could be a serious mistake, if not quickly”
[10:50:36] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) eyes look between the two as i look to the red-head almost un-dressing her with my eyes picturing her naked and tossed into the bond-maid circle as i look back and laugh glad its not me. As she pats her thigh ensuring her dagger is there incase she needs it then gives a respond “well she said she was homeless and travelling” she grins hearing her retort
[10:54:07] Gabija (skwrks.allen): glances at the man in front of the longhall she had met the other night “I seriouly doubt any Northern man cares much for a stranger to come take any free women off their land”
[10:55:01] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs then lokos at the woman “but this is the far north any one not of the village is free game” she grins
[10:55:59] Gabija (skwrks.allen): you must be volunteering yourself then Lady
[10:57:01] Meriasek smiled “in any case I am staying here for a while, so if I do happen to find a bond… somewhere here…” he looked around before his eyes rested on the red haired lady again “,…… I would not be takeing her off anywhere else, not for a long time”
[10:58:16] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) gasps hearing her then glares back at her “i am not!” she says getting abit furious but least glad she tried to toss me under the bus. After all i did it to her then turns hearing the man and laughs “well i hear red-heads make wounderful creatures” she grins giving him a wink and wanders backwards and tries to position myself behind the woman
[11:01:04] Gabija (skwrks.allen): smirks as the women loses her bluster “I do have a friend that lives here, perhaps when he awakens he can help you find a bond, perhaps a mousey brown headed one that no one els would cvet” smiling over her shoulder
[11:01:51] Meriasek was clearly having trouble keeping a straight face as these two ladies manoevered. He spoke again: “I expect you two ladies can educate me on Northern customs, I am here to trade, but I do always like to learn the local ways, and practice them” he appeared to be trying to remember something “now, taking a slave… I mean a bond ……… I think you make out a circle… like so… first, do you not?” he drew his boot around in the wet turf, in the approximation of a circle, then looked at the two of them inquiringly.
[11:04:02] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) watches him draw a circle with his boot as she steps back and over a bit thinking about pushing gabby into it as she responds “well uhh right something like that as she gives him a wide smiles then eyes lock back on Gabby “i am ugly you are alot prettier than i!” she exclaims
[11:04:37] Gabija (skwrks.allen): watchs him trace out a circle around himself “I have some expirence in the north but I am not sure if the circle works as well for thralls” arching an eyebrow at the lady
[11:07:07] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs hearing her then gives her a grin back “dont think it matters either way” she laughs abit then looks at him knowing neither of us would enter freely
[11:07:24] Gabija (skwrks.allen): As they say, beauty is only skin deep and I have an ugly disposition. I am sure with those looks you learned to be very sweet to get by
[11:08:46] Meriasek was about to speak, but decided to wait a while, and hear these two claw at each other verbally, though the comment about thralls would not be allowed to pass by.
[11:10:24] Gabija (skwrks.allen): looks to the sky as overcast as it is “I is getting late so I should return to the dock and let you two get aquainted”
[11:10:32] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) raises my eye hearing her as i take a step foward almost to give a lunge to push her but remains just out of armslength
[11:11:23] Meriasek nodded “no lady, no returning to any docks” he stood in her path. “about this thrall you mentioned….. a thrall, eh? To say you are homeless and travelling alone, lady, you are a brave woman “ he chuckled. In fact, if I that’s the long hall over there, I will pay for a drink to recognise your braveness…… you can even fetch it for me”. He looked back at the red haired lady “would that be alright, lady? I don’t want to have anyone thinking I am treating you like a bond yourself, but a free woman can always serve a few drinks, if need be, where I come from”
[11:11:27] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) hears her, “nono i dont think you should leave just yet its qetting quite interesting” she says to the woman looking at her then back to the man, “what do you think sir she should stay yes?”
[11:13:50] Meriasek just nodded as they spoke together
[11:13:56] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I have no ida where anything is in their kitchen, nor if they would like strangers helping themselves
[11:14:27] Meriasek: “Well, lets find out”. He reached out, and took hold of the red haired lady’s arm “Steady lady – you almost stepped into the circle then, that would never do” despite his words, his grabbing her seemed to have moved her perilously close to its edge.
[11:14:50] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) chuckles “they dont mind one bit just along as the mead flows they could care less” she says nodding “lets go in the longhall and have a drink yes” then steps back seeing the movement close to the circle
[11:16:44] Gabija (skwrks.allen): looks down to the hand grasping her arm biting her lip to hide a snarl and taking one foot to kick some dirt on the circle opening it to a”c” “unhand me sir” struggling to be civil
[11:17:20] Meriasek placed his lips close to the red haired lady’s ear “just one little push, lady, is all it would take. Are you quite sure its not what you want?” he breathed gently in her ear, and winked at the other lady and with his boot, made the circle whole again
[11:18:57] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) groans abit watching as i almost shout to do it but looks on a bit before backing off incase i become a target then says “she would make a great bond indeed!” to ensure he keeps his focus on her as i take another step back
[11:20:03] Gabija (skwrks.allen): “I am quite sure that I dont” scuffing it again and nodding to the woman hopping and dancing around “I am sure what YOU want is a little bundle of energy that would not wear down in your fur”
[11:22:22] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks to meriasek and says “think she wants it she is enticing you” she says then looks yander “well maybe i wait in the tavern for you to bring in your new slave” hinting it to be Gabby
[11:23:05] Meriasek: You want to get me that drink instead, don’t you” he grinned, still not releasing her, in fact pushing her so she stood at the edge of the circle, like she was at the edge of a precipice
[11:26:29] Gabija (skwrks.allen): teeters off balance on one foot “I will get you your drink if you wish and if you do not shove me any further it will not be poisoned”
[11:27:06] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs “she has fire ilike that… lets get a drink shall we” she grins still wondering if hell push regardless
[11:28:47] Meriasek pulled her back from the brink “there, I saved you… now run along and her me that drink… harta! ” he let go of her and his hand twitched, as if he was thinking of giving her rear a helping hyand, but stayed his hand at the last minute. “I expect the mead is the drink to have here?” he asked the other lady
[11:30:36] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) nods hearing him and responds “yes the drink is mead indeed” watching her run off as i back up slightly the other way to keep clear from both and to stop her incase she run the other direction
[11:31:54] Gabija (skwrks.allen): shakes out her arm readjusting her clothing “yes they drink mead up here> I find it too sweet and too weak but it is the drink of the north”
[11:32:38] Gabija (skwrks.allen): turns and stomps off to the longhall
[11:33:07] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs “she just dont know what good mead is” then watches her head off
[11:33:45] Meriasek: so, lets follow the… bon… lady, shall we?
[11:34:44] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs “sounds good”
[11:35:03] Longhall opened by Niccole Inglewood
[11:35:59] Gabija (skwrks.allen): picks up a horn from the rack and steps over to the stack of kegs labeled mead and opens the tap on the one in use, filling it and reurning to the main hall
[11:36:13] Meriasek: now where did that girl go, I am thirsty
[11:36:23] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): in the kicthen i think
[11:36:33] Longhall opened by Candela Cristole
[11:36:33] Longhall opened by Candela Cristole
[11:35:19] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) followed. The Free were standing and no sight of the slave. Looked around, and back to them….”Tal Free”…greeted…”can I help you?”
[11:35:58] Gabija (skwrks.allen): walks back to the man handing him the horn full of mead “your drink as agreed sir”
[11:36:26] Meriasek: Thank you bon…. what did you say your name was, Bonnie I think?”
[11:36:28] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) says”i still think you should of pushed her into the circle” she says turning seeing the women eyes her up and down as i respond with a sense of humor “tal cutie i men lady” she says seeing the fine look of her skin
[11:38:05] Gabija (skwrks.allen): growls lowly “Close, it was Gabby”
[11:38:16] Longhall opened by Webnix Aeon
[11:38:22] Longhall opened by Vargeisa Resident
[11:38:54] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) was not up as to understand her humour. It had been an awful day, one to forget. So she didn’t smile to Niccole…”I be Cyra, the Mistress of this Hall”…says and looks over, to the couple over the tables….”I am glad you found a way to use of our hospitality Sir”…ignores the fact they didn’t introduce themselves, nor asked for it, no gave the chance of be offered a drink
[11:39:07] Vargeisa: *heads to the kitchen to remove her kirtle*
[11:39:15] Longhall opened by Vargeisa Resident
[11:39:35] Longhall opened by Vargeisa Resident
[11:39:35] Longhall opened by Vargeisa Resident
[11:39:39] Meriasek sniffed the mead then held it out to the female serving him “you taste it first, girl… I mean, Gabby. Just in case I have offended you in some strange way” he looked roundm,, vaguely noting a lady had appeared and was making comments in a slightly frosty tone
[11:40:04] Vargeisa: “Tal Mistresses “she says rushing past
[11:40:54] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) notices another enter a male as i point to the red-head saying “she said she is homeless” she laughs trying to push her under the bus again then move out of the way for Cyra as i respond “sorry i tend to take up the way at times” then moves to the corner
[11:41:17] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon) walks in to the hall hearing voices upon entering he pounds on his chest and shouts “Hail Hall and your glorious flowing liquid spiced gold! Tal Free”
[11:42:28] Meriasek smiled in the direction of the frosty voice “Tal lady, Meriasek is my name, travelled a long way to discuss trade with the fine people of this place. ” he stopped hearing a man “Tal sir, ” was all he nsaid as he checked his manner
[11:43:14] Çÿrã (candela.cristole): Tal Web”…greets him, smiling as a man comes to the Hall….”as for my knowledge, you are also homeless, or lets say you don’t belong to these lands”. Of course she had noticed the man was bluntly ignoring her…”but we welcome any visitor, and don’t think that theu using of our Hall and supplies when no offered to, is to steal”…cnted her head at Meriasek…”oh…sure you will want to trade for mead then.”
[11:44:33] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks to Cyra as i raise my eye getting abit nervious hearing her then respond “uhhh right that well but the red one is much to pretty much more than i think she would look alot better here than me right i should find my way to the boat i suppose” she says giving her a smile
[11:44:45] Meriasek: ((sorry folks I am going to have to fall asleep in a minute)))
[11:44:54] Gabija (skwrks.allen): thank you lady, I was given no choice but to serve him. I am without a home at the moment but Steele here has offered me protection the other night
[11:45:51] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) shakes her head “you were giving a choice you decided to talk to the longhall and fetch mead where you could of perhaps ran to the boat” she laughed noticnig the other one about to pass out at the table “wow strong mead tonight”
[11:46:06] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): talk=walk*))
[11:46:37] Meriasek shrugged “you offered to serve me, lady” and then looked at Lady Frost “I always pay for what I use, lady” for some reason looking again at the red haired lady as he uttered those last words
[11:46:37] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) arched a brow also. To both of them. To th redhaired…..”what do you mean? we , FW, serve men if not bonds around. So the choice was still yours”…to Niccole….”aye? why would you run to the boat? you guilty of something worth of punishment Lady?”
[11:47:46] Meriasek finished off the mead, the warmth seemed to be getting to him, and he closed his eyes
[11:48:15] Vargeisa: ” My Jarl..I shall run and fetch mead for you” she takes his horn form the tether on his belt and heads to the kitchen…rather confused by what is going on in the hall
[11:48:16] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs “No but as you stated im not from here, which is true, though is nice seeing a bit of relaxing to visitors most women visiting our village un-escorted never leave again” she laughs softly
[11:49:34] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) chuckled…”does it mean you came unescorted Lady?”…glanced Meriasek…”so I take that one not your guard”…her smile was wide now, when aimed to Web….”see Web…a lonely Lady wandering by our lands…what do you think we should do?”
[11:50:08] Meriasek: I’ll pay for the mead in the morning” he mumbled “I have a bond I can sell if I need some coin” he seemed to be getting a little confused as he nodded off
[11:50:25] Çÿrã (candela.cristole): ((hb Meriasek))
[11:50:34] Gabija (skwrks.allen): looks to her “As I said Steele has offered me prtection”
[11:51:06] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon) he grins at the idea of a woman coming with out escorted
[11:51:21] Meriasek opened an eye as the conversation went back to the red hauired lady “there ‘s a nice circle outside” he said drowzily, but then seemed to fall completely asleep
[11:51:25] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) shrugs….”I heard you Lady. And no meaning harm. Just stating there is no shame at women serving men”..said to Gabby
[11:51:56] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): ahhh well that clears that up though why she almost walked into the circle… that man at the table stopped her i think *she grins then looks to gabby and sticks out my tounge*
[11:52:53] Longhall opened by FireFly Doobie [Clicked: will stay opened till you leave range or click me]
[11:53:16] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I never said it was, I said forced as he drew a circle and had me teetering over it with the option of that or getting him a drink. That is not any way to ask”
[11:53:26] Vargeisa: she rushes back and drops to her knees before her Jar’ “Your meade my Jarl…I hope it warms you as pleasantly as your little varg does” she beams up at him, then frowns at the thought of last week’s visitor without an escort…
[11:53:49] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon) points to the niccole “who is your escort woman? ”
[11:53:58] FireFly Doobie tugs the cart into the hall sees some free “tal Cyra” she says to the Hall Mistress “tal Web”
[11:54:00] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) looked at Web…”the redhaired Lady knows a villager The other one is here, unescorted…what do you think of each of them Web?”…then smiled to Gabby….”welcome to Heriolf Lady. ”
[11:54:01] Gabija (skwrks.allen): now that lady there is here unescorted and does not know anyone here either
[11:54:20] Vargeisa: “Tal Mistress the baker” she says from her kneeling position on the floor at her Jarls boots to the Free woman who enters the hall
[11:54:28] Gabija (skwrks.allen): thank you lady” smiling to Cyra
[11:54:29] FireFly Doobie sees a woman with firey red hair “tal lady”
[11:55:00] Gabija (skwrks.allen): grins seeing her old friend appear
[11:55:08] Gabija (skwrks.allen): Tal lady
[11:55:23] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon) takes the mead from his bond and looks to the woman he spoke to earlyer and nods to Cyra”
[11:55:27] FireFly Doobie tugs on the cart little by little towards the kitchen
[11:55:30] Meriasek starts to snore and takes no further part in proceedings
[11:55:56] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): well i need to continue my path oh right i have some verr rugs hoping i could trade for some spices perhaps
[11:56:08] FireFly Doobie sees more free “tal lady”
[11:56:48] Gabija (skwrks.allen): perhaps befor she leaves this lady could trade he clothes for some steel
[11:56:48] FireFly Doobie: we got plenty of verr rugs up here where you from lady?
[11:57:03] FireFly Doobie: you got some black wine beans?
[11:57:05] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) chuckles….”why the rush Lady?”..said to Niccole…”we so should respect your village customs…and no let any unescorted woman leave….what do you think Web?”
[11:57:23] FireFly Doobie chuckles
[11:57:30] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon) notices the woman does not answer him “well since you came to our lands with out an escort. I belive the Jarl will know just want to do with you”
[11:57:46] FireFly Doobie: well I got fresh bread and pies here and sticky buns
[11:58:08] FireFly Doobie looks at the red head “Gabby!!” hehe
[11:58:26] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) sighs hearing her, “well i can get some i do some business in thentis on occasion they have some good black wine beads how much would you like i could use some spices for my village near Einar
[11:58:39] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) talks to Varg now….”lass….if your Jarl allows it, please help the baker with her goods and serve her and the redhaired one”
[11:58:54] FireFly Doobie: i didn’t recognize you not that there are many firey haired women out there but somehow you look different, maybe it be the dress
[11:59:04] Gabija (skwrks.allen): grin at Firefly biting her tongue to not say something about bragging of sticky buns
[11:59:20] FireFly Doobie: ah yess the dress, of course!!” she thinks she be covered from neck to toe and chuckles
[12:00:00] Gabija (skwrks.allen): perhaps the dress, I had to leave home quickly and my warerobe was all purple
[12:00:00] FireFly Doobie: thank you!” she says respectfully to the Hall Mistress
[12:00:31] FireFly Doobie laughs “well you seem to have more dressing than i am used to seeing on ya
[12:00:53] FireFly Doobie: i mean like your neckline got quite high hehe
[12:01:06] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) nods to Fire…”now I think I shall watch Web dealing with the….Lady”…points to Niccole…”excuse me while I offer her hospitality”
[12:01:06] FireFly Doobie: next thing i know you’ll be wearing a veil hehe
[12:01:16] FireFly Doobie loves teasing her old friend as she chuckles
[12:01:28] FireFly Doobie nods to the hall mistress
[12:02:05] FireFly Doobie: you know i love teasing you cause of your firey red hair haha
[12:02:08] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks at the one requiring the beans then gives her a smile “well i will tell you what… i will fetch some black wine beans from thentis and perhaps we can make an accord” then looks to the other “no need to deal with me im sure thentis can use these rugs i brought for some wine beans in return i can get some needed spices for my village”
[12:02:11] FireFly Doobie: how you been, Gabby?
[12:02:17] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I have been wearing a veil recently in the south and thanks to my ex FC I find it better to wear a bit higher neckline
[12:02:33] FireFly Doobie: ah
[12:02:40] FireFly Doobie: i just like to tease ya hehe
[12:02:56] FireFly Doobie: oh ? you had an FC? why ex
[12:03:24] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) shaked her head….”I so doubt you able to get any blackwine beans Lady. And I’d not like you risking your life at Thentis, when you could be here, safe and well cared of. And we are not wealthy, no need of blackwine. Mead is enough for us Torvies”
[12:03:51] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon): I grow tired of this none sense. you woman, in the cornor “points to niccole with his hand on his axe he steps forward “you come here unescorted and yoiur mouth will not stop.I will see to it that you kneel before the Jarl. with a collar on your neck .
[12:05:22] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks to Cyra, “but i done business before with them and the other *nods towards firefly* said she wanted some beans” then she lets a sigh out “fine i will go…” she says after seeing the hand movements
[12:06:02] FireFly Doobie: you did business with me before? when was that lady?
[12:06:48] deliabeauty trembles in fear as the Jarl appears with two very large swords crossed over his back
[12:06:54] FireFly Doobie: oh well yeah but i thought you might have had some. I thought ye be from the south and happened to have some with ya
[12:07:00] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I used to supply old Ivars with beans and can arrange for some to be delivered here
[12:07:50] FireFly Doobie: we got more verr fur than Odin and Thor” looks up hoping Odin don’t strike her for that
[12:08:20] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I used to trade for salt, very treasured in the south
[12:08:37] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon): I feel like having some fun. I will let you run. if you make it to the docks and sail away before I capture you then you will be free to go. so. woman best you run. Now” he stands next to the woman and waits for her make the next move
[12:09:36] FireFly Doobie eyes widen at Web’s words to the woman but gets excited to see what will transpire and doesn’t budge from the spot now
[12:09:55] Gabija (skwrks.allen): tie her in a hobble first
[12:10:42] Gabija (skwrks.allen): I should like to see if she can run her feet as fast as her mouth
[12:11:29] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) grumbles thinking this was a bad idea and perhaps tell my brother then turns and look to firefly “i come from Skerry’s Einar so quite north” then looks back and nods “be well Sir, be well free i will return with the black wine” then move quickly to the door and towards the docks
[12:11:36] Çÿrã (candela.cristole) let Web to deal with Niccole and turned to the women….”I didn’t hear your name Lady”…said to Gabby, and then smiled softly…”I’m sure you lost your hair ties anywhere”…looks at her pouch….”please, let me lean you some string leather so you can braid or tie it up. I am sorry to say no women with loose hair is allowed at the Hall…nor at the village”
[12:11:59] Longhall opened by Niccole Inglewood
[12:12:00] ЩЭβИłҲ Æøñiאָ (webnix.aeon) pulls out his bow and unfolds it ready for battle!
[12:13:17] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): take me home pleasse captian no wait thentis for beans” pays a few coin before departing to thentis grumbling now at this point

Arrival Thentis:

[12:16:15] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter) whispers: nods looking through the gate at the girl,
[12:16:21] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter): Tal” *he greets
[12:16:56] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) peers though the gate holding him her had, “tal free” as she pulls off her back some verr furs as she says”i was hoping to aquire some black beans in trade for these lovely verr furrs!”
[12:17:40] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter): nods, “Of course. What is your name and Home Stone Lady?
[12:18:19] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): I am Niccole i hai from Skerry’s Einar.. A small fishing village to the northwest *she nods after a really long tiring trip*
[12:18:27] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): hai=hail*))
[12:18:52] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter): nods, “Welcome to Thentis Lady. Please come in.”
[12:19:54] Cross (cross101.avro): ;Looks down the hill watching the woman that claims to be of Skerry of Eniar cocking my head to the side I look her up and down as I tuck my thumb into my belt . Taking a deep long drink of the blackwine
[12:20:01] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) heads in with the rolls of verr furs in hand and smiles before responding “quite generous… i heard the black wine beans are the best here figured perhaps you could use some good verr furrs” she says with a smile
[12:20:43] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter): looks up the hill to the group gathered, “Lady Kay! Come to the gate please!”
[12:20:49] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter) shouts: looks up the hill to the group gathered, “Lady Kay! Come to the gate please!”
[12:21:42] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter): Tal lady Kay.
[12:22:14] Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter): This wel endowed qoman wishes totrade furs for some black wine.” *looking at her ample cleavage as he speaks
[12:22:25] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks at the one that came down from the crowd as i give her a nod and friendly smile as i respond “Tal, Lady” not wanting to use her name since not fomramlly introduced
[12:23:06] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) nods to Oz… and then looks to the woman… as she raises a brow.. “Tal Lady?”she asked.. she moved a it closer to her… “Do you reliaze that you seem to have forgotten a top to cover your cleavage lady?”
[12:23:14] ProphetX: **Nods lightly** As have I. She will be no trouble. Or. She may be more trouble than she is worth **He spoke of course of the slave he’d killed last night**
[12:25:05] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): Ahhh yes i travelled from Einar’s skerry i have brought some good Verr’s furrs from the village and perhaps hope i could aquire some strong black wine beans i heard so much about from here” she says giving a nod looking down almost blusing “sorry my scar must of fell off” she says quickly raeching into her back getting a spare she broght along for the sevearl days trip and slips it around her neck covering her more
[12:26:50] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) looks behind her, and taps her fingers on her hip as she watches and looks over the woman, she nods lightly… “Quickly, Lady this way.. before the men see you .. come to my office”
[12:31:17] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) stretches for a moment then sits down taknig a seat as she places the verr fur rugs onto the table infront of her that she brought from her village
[12:34:37] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) takes a seat in her chair, and leans back a moment as she looks over the verr furs…. “They look in good quality… how long have you had them?”
[12:36:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks back at her and gives her a smile “not too long pretty fresh… well not that the winter months is over finally and warmed up a bit the verr in stock we could take the furr to make the rugs so definitely alot better than what you might come across in the fall time” she nods
[12:37:51] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) drums her fingers on the chair arm a moment… and then gives a nod… “Good good, I prefer fresh harvested furs. How many are you selling?”
[12:38:07] Marcus Galbreus left the region.
[12:41:46] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) nods “well i just have this bundle here bundle ussually consists of a dozen… I have heard stories of how famous the black wine beans are here and being from the north not sure how the value will translate” she says pausing for a moment then gives a smile “well Im a humble trader so whatever this might value im guessing wont be much but enough for some of the prized beans from here”
[12:46:48] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid): “Lady how much black wine are you wishing Lady?Or shall you be caring? The trip down the mountian is not a easy trek.. unless you can catch a wagon going down.. then perhaps we can work something out…”
[12:50:29] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) nods looking at her, “yes the climb up was enough though us northern woman have to put in our share of work for the lands” she responds “well i will trade whatever you feel a nice couple of jar’s of beans is worth if i dont have enough then one jar hopefully”
[12:52:36] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) eyes the lady a moment, and then leans forth on the desk as she straightens her scrolls looking over them. “How much do you have on you Lady?”she said. She was in a mood today…
[12:54:30] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) laughs “well just what is here and the clothing on my back today” sighs “well wow good to know that the beans are quite prized how much can this roll get me?” she asks knowing she brough mroe but one roll was enough for her as it was
[12:56:35] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) nods her head to the Lady a moment. “I see Lady.Well for a dozen verr fur rugs I can give you a bag of beans. “she said lightly. Stretching a bit as she gave her a smile.
[12:58:25] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) smiles widely hearing her almost jumping out of my seat and then responds “splendid” she says least hopeful a bad wont be as dreadful as the roll itself
[13:02:35] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) stands up and makes her way over to her crates, and takes a bag and starts to shovel the contents into the bag.
[13:04:42] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) eyes wander the room a moment then watches her head over and fill the bag as i give a soft smile leaving the roll upon her desk
[13:06:27] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) turns to the woman, and ties off the bag, handing it to her then… “There you go Lady.”
[13:08:07] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) stands and smiles as i respond “thank you this will be splendid” she says giving a smile
[13:08:45] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) inclines her head… “Give me a moment and I will get you a bill of sale
[13:09:31] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) nods “right of course sounds good” she says holding the bag inhand looking at the pictures on the wall always enjoyed good art
[13:14:41] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) finishes up the scroll and then hands it over to the lady.
[13:15:10] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) reaches out and takes the scroll and gives her nod and smile “wonderful” she says
[13:15:59] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid): “Come Lady… I will show you out Lady.”
[13:16:05] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) smiles “thank you
[13:17:59] Kiana (lydiapierce) nods, “Tal sir, pleased to meet you”
[13:18:16] John (johndoe.huldschinsky): Tal Free
[13:18:23] Quilla Bashly: Do you want a tour, Andrew?
[13:18:29] Quilla Bashly smiles
[13:18:33] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) scurries though the gate turns and nods “thank you again lady… be well… be well free”
[13:18:49] Kay Mills (kaylin.pixelmaid) moves towards the gate and nods to those around.. and then to the Lady… “Thank you for your business, your furs will com into good use.”
[13:19:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) smiles and heads off to the hills to leave
[13:21:17] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) runs though the hills and vallys until ifind a place to sail
[13:22:07] Second Life: Teleport completed from Precious Gem (246,17,23)

  1. Kittie says:

    Wow I loved it, well done Niccole! Well done to the others in the RP as well! You almost got yourself a collar not once but twice! -giggles- But thats part of what makes the traveling RP so much fun! You push the limits of what the laws/customs allow and see whats happens!! hehe Great fun!! Poor Gabby, she is prolly still cussing your name under her breath…;p


  2. Kittie says:

    I love how they Rped it all and didn’t just whip out the weapons and start smacking..OMG I hate when ppl do that..I mean really if the person is there roleplaying keep those meter weapons sheathed and RP along..I’m not saying you don’t react properly but too just smack someone down is stupid..Anyhoots! I am looking forward too part 2 and I think I will do some wandering this weekend..I been lazy the last couple…


    • Hahaha yeah that is why you dont go to GE sims they will actually roleplay you first and not just shoot you up… well unless your obviously dressed as a panther then might not last so long until shot!

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