Long fight

Posted: 2012.08.04 in GM - Gorean Meter, Gor Combat, Randoms

So ya Im back with my old group… We will see for how long… I do miss being an outlaw and i will be again one day i dont see why not.. And to my friends in the outlaw world i will come to your aid still even if i have to dress in cover.. Your my friends and i cherish that… Unless you fight where i live then i will stay out most likely or do what i can to get you free :p

Anyways lets see it would been thursday night there was a raid… We had a captive and the rescue party came… Abit early actually think the raid never ended… But its not a reason for me to cry foul yes its not kosher but hey i think everyone was bored… Anyways Was a good fight.. Lasted a whole 2 hours… Fought Against AndrewRice and another guy i never heard of before perhaps an alt idk name was Thakkrad Ashland… Both are very good fighters… Think it was close to 1:1 maybe we had 1 or 2 more.. But we did well holding off two good fighters and another decent fighter.. We lost but it was really fun… It was a pretty clean fight too… I know that fighting direct only all the time hurts your splash as on flat ground even i missed some hits on Thakkrad  that i should of gotten.. We would of won.. Not by any means knocking on Thakkard he is a very good fighter used the ground abit better… But also i was gone from fighting for a month either way he is good i wouldnt mind sparring him for practice… But after two hours i was exhausted though i couldnt sleep i had alot of energy haha…

I have updated my avatar too i will get some pictures on tomorrow! might do another video as well:D

Now for a rant on gor… This is partly why i left for a month but i also did some stupid things i wish i could reverse but cant but anyways… Its the cry of cheating… This came up in Cheaters of gor Chat… its a group public chat not a private IM plus this is a website off sl so ill post this:

[13:56:45] Granny (miaparis1): [13:52:49] GM 4.2: Nephtis Resident hit you with Primus Kaos Scimitar 2.9 (35%) (sm) (35%) – strike type: pickaxe
[13:52:50] GM 4.2: Nephtis Resident hit you with Primus Kaos Scimitar 2.9 (35%) (sm) (35%) – strike type: pickaxe
[13:52:50] GM 4.2: Nephtis Resident hit you with Primus Kaos Scimitar 2.9 (35%) (sm) (35%) – strike type: pickaxe
[13:52:51] GM 4.2: Nephtis Resident hit you with Primus Kaos Scimitar 2.9 (35%) (sm) (35%) – strike type: pickaxe
[13:52:51] GM 4.2: Nephtis Resident hit you with Primus Kaos Scimitar 2.9 (35%) (sm) (35%) – strike type: pickaxe
[13:52:52] GM 4.2: Nephtis Resident hit you with Primus Kaos Scimitar 2.9 (35%) (sm) (35%) – strike type: pickaxe
[13:52:52] GM 4.2: Nephtis Resident Has Captured MiaParis1 Resident!
[13:56:54] Granny (miaparis1): double welding?
[13:56:57] Granny (miaparis1): LOL
[13:57:06] Lightning McQueen (daniel8391.silvercloud): no
[13:57:08] Niccole Inglewood: how?
[13:57:12] Lightning McQueen (daniel8391.silvercloud): lol
[13:57:31] BradAtWar Guardian: that seems right… hows that duel wielding?
[13:57:49] Niccole Inglewood: seems sl needs to include .10ths of seconds for goreans now
[13:57:55] Granny (miaparis1): two hits on same second in every second
[13:57:59] BradAtWar Guardian: lol
[13:58:03] Niccole Inglewood: easy todo
[13:58:08] Alex Morgan (kayladark): The delay is 0.55 isn’t it?
[13:58:13] Granny (miaparis1): in every second does two hits at same time
[13:58:21] Lightning McQueen (daniel8391.silvercloud): you can
[13:58:24] Lightning McQueen (daniel8391.silvercloud): it’s possible
[13:58:24] BradAtWar Guardian: ya so your able to make 2 hits within a second
[13:58:44] Granny (miaparis1): humm
[13:59:00] Niccole Inglewood: yeah but watch 13:52:50:05, 13:52:50:55, 13:52:51:10, 13:52:51:60
[13:59:14] Niccole Inglewood: .55 apart
[13:59:24] Niccole Inglewood: 4 hits in 2 seconds 100% legal
[13:59:35] Granny (miaparis1): yeah i see
[14:00:14] Niccole Inglewood: 13:52:52:15, 13:52:52:65
[14:00:30] Niccole Inglewood: so its possible
[14:00:44] Granny (miaparis1): okies
[14:00:54] Granny (miaparis1): Thank you so much for all your attencion

Well As you can see… The complaining was about a sword hit had 3 seconds where it was twice in one second… its possible….
remember melee sword is .55 hits/second so you think ok .55 2 hits is greater than 1 second.. But SL doesnt show .10ths of a second so here is a table ill use 00 hour 00 minute to start but ill add 10ths of a second starting with :00 seconds and .05 ths of a second and .10ths of a second you goto 100 NOT 60


AS you can see you can have 4 repeats in 4 seconds so this is POSSIBLE quit thinking its a cheat NOW for bow

same setup as sword

Bow is harder as you can see but its possible to get 2 hits in 1 second you wont get many in a row but youll get a couple in a fight
I would say if you got exactly 1 second apart and 2 hits in each second for 3 seconds then maybe something is fishy… OH and dont forget LAG!!!! sometimes lag can poop out two arrows quick especially in bigger raids it happens alot… LETS stop the cheating blaming there 95% the time a reasonable explaination… YES there some that weapons cheat.. And for a good fighter like me people that are un-educated might call me a cheat because i dont miss much shots.. I am blessed with a super low ping of usually 20-30ping and good fps… If it wasnt for that i wouldnt be average at best… plus i been fighting in sl for 5 years you do get better over time…. So If you one that do read it try to spread the word to get people to stop calling cheat on weapons… 90% the time there is some good explaintion for anomolies… but yes there are a select few that try to cheat that would be the 10% its probably 5% I been in a lot of outlaw groups in the past year… Fought several good fighters… I would say none the groups i been in including skerry cheat.. Ok they might do dumb things here and there and i have too reset meters or tp out i admit i have before im not perfect im human… but nothing weapons related.. Most try to keep a clean image and i been repremanded for doing something stupid its embarrasing part why i took a long break get away.. Because when people start calling cheat or crying foul to a rule even if its minute and wouldnt change the outcome it can effect peoples morale and cause them to do stupid things from time to time like i did 😦

Anyways Enough for now.. Till i get some more stuffs till next time!!!


  1. Erin says:

    so, just a question. If you’re good enough to never get capped, why do you still get capped, and part B) if you want to get capped then why bother with practicing or fighting…

    • To be honest… I don’t practice much nor really fight much anymore i could probably not fight for 6 months come back and be almost as good as i am today… Though maybe i shouldn’t bother maybe you tell me.. Should i stay and fight orrrrr accept who i am and be sub :3

      • Erin says:

        as long as you’ve been here, that’s not likely to change, i guess (being the sub) but it still isn’t my business to tell you. Whatever you get the most entertainment from… I suppose would be the correct answer.

      • well i dont know the correct answer im quite lost lol wish someone would tell me

  2. Erin says:

    strangely, when i first came into sl gor, i was like a 9 of 10 on the subbiemeter. The longer i’m here, though, the more “vanilla” i become. I was gonna say I didn’t know why… But i think it’s because of how i felt playing the opposite role after capping people. (and how it made me feel about them) It was kind of eye opening for me.

    • sooo your switch? think most are switch with a slight submissive side you gotta be unless your BTB… Even think i think most tend tobe middle the road there are acceptations though… Or you gunna pull something and surprise me lol

  3. Erin says:

    D8 Eeeek! Takebacks!! I call takebacks!! /me runs away, shrieking

  4. well hidden says:

    ummm. Village of Gimli. Or treve. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I live in treve. 😀

  5. Erin says:

    if she hadn’t told me in im’s that “your life is worthless”, “you should log off and self delete” and “you’re the worst liar and cheater in gor, and your presence here alone will destroy this sim” i might be able to convince myself that was a possibility, even though she called the the C word last time she was here. but i can’t.

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