Dangerous n Fun Roleplay

Posted: 2012.10.05 in Roleplay
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So a new tribe has emerged so i decided to pay them a little visit.. Panthers/talunas are territorial obviously so caution is a must.. But hey.. You HAVE to tease them getting them to want more! *GRINS*
Enjoy the RP and Read
♥ Niccole

[16:55:18] Second Life: Teleport completed from Lake Ias (17,27,25)
[17:03:27] Pixy (pixysticks) spotted somebody off in the distance running around and squinted her eyes trying to make out who it was. “tal,” she yelled, raising an eyebrow. “Playing hide and seek?” she asked, giggling a bit as the stranger kept hiding behind rolling hills.
[17:04:45] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) peeks around the hill again looking towards the camp as she barely make out a figure.. Hearing the female voice she ducks back behind the hill then cups her hands and makes some form of weird cooing sound seeing if it would toss the woman off guard
[17:06:47] Pixy (pixysticks) laughed softly, wondering if she was imagining things when she heard an animal cooing in the distance. being a hermit had such kinds of drawbacks. she shook her head and smacked her forehead, though cautiously kept an eye out.
[17:08:55] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) tires to figure out how to get closer unaware if she was spotted as she inches up the hill and too the side hoping the folige would cloak her view. Though she was quite clumbsy and make the branches of the trees in the woods move as she moved about as she ducks down into cover again hopefully
[17:11:20] Pixy (pixysticks) heard the rustling of the branches, louder then the wind could possibly make causing her to abruptly look in the direction it emerged from. she thought it had to be an animal of considerable size to make such a loud ruckus in the forest. always being hungry she decided to go inspect since wildlife was abundant in her jungles.
[17:13:21] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) hears something in the distance figuring her cover is blow she would call out in a soft voice “mmmm tal” says in a hopeful peaceful term but never knows in foreign ground. Then seeing one approach she would slowly rise from her cowered position figuring if she needed to fight or run shed have a better chance
[17:14:24] Pixy (pixysticks) peeked around looking. “Hmm,” catching the fabric of the woman bright blouse with the corner of her eye she appeared startled at first. “I knew I saw somebody,” she said aloud. Slowly keeping her hands at the ready in case the person turned out to be violent. “Scouting hmmm?” She asked, her tone somewhat friendly though suspicious.
[17:15:54] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) drops her jaw hearing her as she figured what Niccole was doing. Though she would retort back with “ohhh ney I was just looking in the lakes for Onyx Crystals” she says partly true but scouting was true as well as she slowly vacates the brush to be more visible
[17:19:34] Pixy (pixysticks) snickered a little bit, snorting rather unlady like. “I see. I’m not sure you’d find any around these parts.” She wriggled her nose wondering what to do with her. “Well, typically I’m not too friendly to intruders,” she said casually. “So I suppose if you just give me all your stuff you can leave peacefully. Call it a robbery if you will,” she said, openly admiring the clothing. “It’s hard to get that type of fabric out here in the middle of nowhere.”
[17:21:59] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) hears her as she shakes her head abit replying back “i like my stuff and besides what if a sleen or larl jumps out I need it to protect myself” she stammers out then hears the quirp about clothing as she continues with “and No I won’t give you my clothing I need it!” she says with a huff as she shuffles back slightly
[17:24:44] Pixy (pixysticks) laughed softly again, “Well then, I suppose you can’t leave peacefully,” she smirked. She couldn’t risk letting the woman go if she were a scout having found her sanctuary she could bring others back. “Well. Once I’m done taking your stuff I guess you can be my permanent guest here. I certainly do need a kajira, the nights are lonely and I tire of feeding myself.” By the time she’d finished speaking her hand was wrapped about her bow, ready to sling it free.
[17:27:18] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) narrows her eyes slightly seeing her hand movement slowly creep around to her back possible near her ranged weapon as she quickly says “Wait wait now we can talk about this no need to speak of perminate” she says as she holds her hands outward palms out showing her hands are empty then continues .”Now what guarantees I have I make it out if I give my belongings on my back?”
[17:32:10] Pixy (pixysticks) shrugged. “It’s a harsh world, I don’t see how it’s my problem.” She laughed, she could be rather ruthless sometimes. “The choices I suppose is taking your stuff and collaring you, or just taking your stuff.” She nibbled on her lower lip worrying a little bit, hoping she seemed intimidating enough to bully the other woman around. “There are risks from leaving the safety of your home,” she said, suddenly realizing she herself had left her own walls.
[17:37:40] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks again bit coldly towards the woman. Even though Niccole was small framed she always had a lot of fight in her. Hearing her she would give a bit of a chuckle “Well are risks indeed though even though this seems tobe a bit more of your lands your not in the safety of your walls” she grins licking her lips slightly before continuing as she glances downard “how bout I let you have this skirt” she says thinking thankfully she hand pants underneath to keep her warm then continues “and perhaps my spear too perhaps useful to you” she says as she wasn’t really good with spear. “Then I will be on my way and we both get what we want… tonight at least” she says thinking she would love to come back for her but gives a coy smile in the meantime
[17:42:42] Pixy (pixysticks) flashed a nervous glance at Niccole’s first words. The tension seeming to ease when she said she’d give her the skirt, and she smiled brightly and dry washed her hands thinking of the different things she could use it for. Lazily dreaming of the texture of the fabric, maybe make soft pillows out of it, her day dreaming coming to a sudden halt as she remembered she still had to get it first. Her sparkling orbs glittered over to the spear and she appraised it for a moment knowing it would come in use later she nodded again, mustering up the tuff love voice again, “I suppose I could compromise with that,” her hand slowly falling back to her side again unthreateningly.
[17:47:49] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) thinks back for a moment wondering if her compromise was worth it. On one hand would be a good excuse to return to capture the huntress. On the other the skirt was rather old and thrown together would give her an excuse to get rid of it. She would smile then respond “Well lets just call it a draw” she says “Im out of my lands your out of your camp safety im sure you don’t risk a fight” she smiles then continues as she slowly reaches around pulling the spear off then slams it itno the ground so it sticks out upright and says “i will least give you my spear I was never good with it and we call it even” she says and backs a few steps away from it
[17:52:09] Pixy (pixysticks) cautiously stepped forward, surprisingly quiet for the vegetation around her and hefted the spear from the ground. She took another few steps back then and pointed one of the tip at the ground next to where the spear had been driven and said, “The skirt,” the item she was mainly interested in. Then she slung it across her shoulder, wedging it with her pickaxe. It was extremely uncomfortable and she would have to find a place for it in camp soon since it was cumbersome to carry it all.
[17:55:40] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) narrows her eyes slightly as she hears the woman thinking it wasn’t a bright idea to offer it now but she attempts to remain defiant and tries to change away from the skirt “well that is a good spear im sure you can hunt well with it for furrs” she says then continues on with “Speaking of furrs I saw some larls and bosks nearby you should practice your spearing on them perhaps get enough food and furrs for several articles of clothing”
[17:59:15] Pixy (pixysticks) snickered. “That wasn’t our agreement. I was going to take it all, then I compromised. Don’t expect me to compromise a second time.” She was tried of sleeping with a head on her rock, and said “There’s enough tattered pieces to sew a pillow casing. It’s easy to skin an animal but not so easy to use that as the casing for a pillow…” she trailed off snapping her mouth shut realizing she was saying her thoughts out loud again. Frustrated she tried to seem tuff again and took a threatening step towards her.
[18:02:12] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) tries to steal the upperhand as she was cunning like that and gives a nod towards Niccoles Right towards the camp and says “Your outside of your walls perhaps im being nice in letting you compromise” she says as she tries to remain defiant even with the womans step towards her.
[18:08:22] Pixy (pixysticks) muttered. The skirt wasn’t worth risking her life for, as much as she wanted it. She had the higher ground and new the lands much better then Niccole did, but she picked and chose her fights carefully and now wasn’t one of those times. Had she snuck up on Niccole rather then Niccole startling her then she probably would have attacked. “Then next time I see you sneaking around my jungles you’d best be ready to lose it. There’s no onyx crystals here now you know.”
[18:08:45] Pixy (pixysticks): Next time I’ll take it all.
[18:15:38] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) grins slightly thinking she was least a wise one. Even though Niccole was an excellent fighter she preferred not to she could take advantage of any situation and knows higher ground not always the best in some senerios. She would give the lady a slight nod as she responds “Thank you for the warning” she grins. “By the way the Name is Niccole… Niccole Inglewood” she grins slightly then spies something that sparkled on the ground she would purposely turn and bend down letting the woman catch a glimpse of her rear end helped by the fact her pants sagged down alittle to tease her moreso to pick up the small rock. She would then rise and look back to her and give a smile “well suppose I should continue on my paths then” she says with a grin
[18:20:11] Pixy (pixysticks) watched her bend, betraying her lonesomeness as her curves looked deliciously delightful. “Pixy,” she said, fretting a little bit that she was letting Niccole just walk out, especially after displaying her rock picking ability. “Safe paths Niccole,” she thought Niccole was a pretty name, though already started to think of what she would call her if she returned and ended up in a collar.
[18:22:25] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) figured it was time to move fast and out knowing she more than risked herself being forever lost here in captivity especially if the woman was smart and kept her shackled she would have no escape again hearing her name she would give a smile and a nod and responds “be well Pixy” then with haste runs back to the docks to where her boat was tied to
[18:23:44] Pixy (pixysticks) nodded, “And you. Unless we meet again,” she said, now rather interested in her for more reasons then just the skirt.
[18:24:53] Nιccσℓє Dυrєи-ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): pays a few coins and sails to home with haste in lakes ias
[18:24:57] Second Life: Teleport completed from Watercliff (15,192,22)


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