Payback (can suck)

Posted: 2013.03.22 in Roleplay
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So yeah, Long ago I captured a woman named Stephanie… She proclaimed she as a perfumer, one that makes perfumes… Anyways For her freedom I told her to get me a scent in return I let her free when I captured her when I was in Skerry… Anyways Her new group raided my camp failed for me and I was taken and payback for it SUCKED!

[18:26:08]  Stephanie Honi pulls Niccole onto the ship to set sail home ward, watching the land disapear on the boat she lossens the binds to the womans feet so she can walk but not run nor kick
[18:28:21]  Second Life: Teleport completed from
[18:28:41]  (GM)Bindings: Stephanie Honi loosens Niccole Inglewood’s feet allowing them to walk.
[18:29:32]  Stephanie Honi smiles as she sees her home, the boat docking against the side, stephanie pulling her capptive as they arrive at their destination
[18:30:50]  Stephanie Honi notices this huge stick like axe, but the woman had somehow made it sharp on either end, finding the latch that held it there stephanie released it and tossed it into the water looking back to her captive she studied her face carefully, “I never foreget a face, do remind me your name.”
[18:31:16]  Niccole Inglewood looks around the area before letting out a bit of a huff “hmmm this dont look like my home why am i here?” as she look to stephanie remembering her from awhile back
[18:32:13]  Niccole Inglewood looks closer and respons “well i am Niccole hmmm maybe when i was a outlaw or merc you might rememberd me perhaps in elysium or unknown maybe was skerry been so many places”
[18:34:29]  Stephanie Honi inhaling some salted sea air with ease, her body relaxed as if she had gone on an afternoon stroll, offering a smile her glance trailing up down the woman before her smile spoke, “I am Stephanie, and you are here because I chose to take you, much like you took me those many moons ago.” as she finished her words she had already turned and was heady toward the dark castle through the doors and up some damp steps
[18:35:32]  Niccole Inglewood expression turned about cold and worried as she looks to her and responds “hmmm name is familiar but i crossed so many ummm hope your experience wasnt too bad i mean im usually nice” as she follows her along more or less by force of the rope and binds
[18:38:47]  Stephanie Honi arrives in the tavern, it was always cold and damp, she ment to speak to those bonds about tending to their chores, as she looked to see if the baker had left any bread and cheese around, Stephanie always built up an appetite raiding and rescuing, then seeing a goblet of ramberry juice she smiled as she took a big swig to quench her thirst, taking her little goodies she turned back to the niccole, “well you know how it is, torture, toe removal, branding, a little bit of steal, the usually” sticking a piece of bread in her full mouth she turned back down the stairs
[18:40:58]  Niccole Inglewood gasps hearing her as my eyes widen as she responds “to toe removal i never did such a thing” she protested as she watches her with the food and drinkfrom the tavern and then scurries along to keep up not wanting to fall on her face “well i can be tortourous i suppose but nothing that leaves any marks can least forget the torture and toe removal part no?” as shes led down to another darker room she get more and more worried
[18:45:17]  Stephanie Honi trying to not laugh stuck another piece of bread in her mouth as she chewed she looked over at Niccole, quiet as she listened to the wind that pounded the windows from outside and seeing on of the candles light growing dim she gently took the other and lit it, all this time with the leash ini her hands. taking the leash closer to her body she walked over to the plank that was bolted to the wall pulling Niccole hands out she forced one and then the other into the brass hooks to hold her into place but before looking them shut she grined not being able to hold it in any long, “Ahh Niccole of course you were sweet to me, i could never take your toe, lets sit and catch up before i make you to scared” with that she released her hands from the brass rings, spun the binds around niccole rists and sat her right near the chair where Stephanie then made herself comfortable with her bread and cheese, “and just to remind you who I am, I am the notorious perfumer who was sent to make such a disgusting scent, i still
[18:45:17]  Stephanie Honi: to this day have not perfected it”
[18:49:33]  Niccole Inglewood watches and listens as she conitnues on before feeling her wrists placed in the brass cuffs on the wall her expression was worried as she responds “wait can we work this out?” until she hears her a bit of sigh of relief over comes her before she feels being spun around and sat down on the ground… Taking another look to her she brightend up quickly “ahhh yes the perfumer i never really took a good smell i was in skerry if i recall course anything smelled better than the saltwater sawmps” as she wiggles around abit to get bit more comfy at this point “well im sure if you keep it up you will perfect it before too long now mind perfecting these ropes off my body?” she says fluttering her eyes in a hopeful tone
[18:53:27]  Stephanie Honi lifting another piece of bread with cheese into her mouth she chewed slowly savoring each bite carefully as she was thinking of just the right words, “You see though…….a perfumers job is quite difficult……the arrangement we made……it caused many difficulties.” Taking another bite she chewed waiting to finish before continuing, “You see…..that list I made, it might not have been you directly…..but to achieve my freedom I had to do it……” sitting up she leaned over to Niccole getting really close to her in a serious way, “Would you like me to tell you how trying to make your perfume led to my cappture….my close branding, and the enviable removal of my favorite toe?”
[18:57:48]  Niccole Inglewood watches as she continues to much on the cheese finding it abit odd but none the less. Listening to her i would give slight nods to least show i was following her before realizing she asked me a question a bit of a confused look over came her before she finally responded after a brief moment of thought “well i forget what i asked for and being a lady your self.. slipping into a dress would be easy to float around to find what you desire” she nods then shakes her head and says”No noo no need to tell me i believe and sorry that happend but we can get past that no?” as she bites her lip nerviously not sure what the lady had in mind for her now that niccole learned her request got her captured
[19:02:40]  Stephanie Honi smiled again taking a deep breath as she leaned back seeing niccole a bit worried again, reaching for another piece of bread she was sad to see she had eaten it all never the less she looked back to the woman in front of her, “Lets go back in time shall we” Stephanie loved a good story and she sure could tell one “To a place long long ago, and in your own words the smell of the swamps devoured all your essence, as I captive, my only refuge was my talent for the art of perfumes.” her attention was always on her cap as she tried to recall the event of that time, “Never to say the least the one who capatured me asked for a very specific item in return for my freedom….” pausing she looked down at Niccole, “Can you tell me what that was?”
[19:04:30]  Niccole Inglewood rested back on her palms as best as she could hearing her speak of a story. Listening in it sort of clicked to her where this was going after all niccole did capture her. Hearing her pause and her requestion her respond would be “ummm presuming perfume for your freedom?” as she looks back to her
[19:10:54]  Stephanie Honi smiled and nodded to her leaning back again, “of course perfuming for my freedom, seems easy as a perfumer as I told her of how I could capture the sea in a bottle, or the how it would feel to ride on the tarn in the mist of battle” fixing her long locks she found a knot and took a momment to untangle the deep not before catching herself and moving on with her story, “So you want to know what scent it was I had to make….go ahead take a guess”
[19:13:27]  Niccole Inglewood listens as she continues her story nodding from time to time. As she heard her a frown would over come her face as she looked perplexed. She had a terrible memory as she sat there for a moment then gave abit of a shrug to stephanie as she responds “ummm probably something with flowers or berries knowing me but that was awhile back suprised one rememberd such a thing” she says in bit of awe that she would remember then again cost her a toe one might remember sucha thing
[19:18:14]  Stephanie Honi pivoted her body so that her butt was right against the back of the bench her shoulders on each knee as she once again leaned into Niccole seeing her gaze change more and more as Stephanie told her story, and then listening to the woman’s response stephanie dark gaze sharpened, “You be surprised” she whispered in a low tone……a few momments laps before she licked her lips, still close to niccole, “tell you what…..i was going to take you to what you asked me to make into a perfume, and even though I alone smelt it many it times to try and mimic it, I won’t be that mean, but yes……i lied a bit earlier.” leaning back she took a thick breath of air reaching over for a leather bag that lay invisible untill now as she pulled it up between her legs, “as far as remembering, lets just say you left an impression”
[19:22:08]  Niccole Inglewood watches her closely as she scoots back and adjusts her position. Seeing her bend down placing her head next to mine whispering into my ear she stayed steady as the thoughts ran ramptd in her mind . She could almost feel when she licked her lips before she continued. Niccole got more and more curious when she said she lied earlier then her bringing the bag to her lap she looked over trying to see what was inside. her eyes glanced back up to her captor as she says”well i have that effect leaving impressions” she says giving her a nervious but warm smile
[19:25:00]  Stephanie Honi eye brows raised quickly to the last words of Niccole as if stephanie knew something she didn’t. Seeing the woman trying peek stephanie closed the leather bag as she tucked it under her arm, Stephanie was beautiful her golden skin soft, smooth, she kept herself as clean as a city woman and always knew to be careful around men, her softness reflecting back in Niccole’s nervious smile, as a gently fether Stephanie tucked the woman’s hair away from her eyes, “Would you like to see what I have?”
[19:28:06]  Niccole Inglewood watches as she quickly tucked the bag away a slight frown would cross her face again. Her eyes would trace back up to Stephanies hearing her respond she would nod slowly and responds “mmm yes id really like to see yes indeed” she says with a bit of enthusiasm always hating surprises or being teased drove her crazy
[19:31:17]  Stephanie Honi bite down on her bottom lip seductively as if waiting for something and then looking back at the woman Stephanie nodded, “All right” pulling out the leather bag from under her arm she opened it very slowly watching as the shadow disappeared and the light allowed you to see what it was inside, then she reached in, moving very slowly she took out something wrapped in a fine cloth, a velvet, bright in color the trim was a gold embroidered lace, putting the bag aside she started to unwrapped the fabric from what was within, every so careful watching the womans eyes
[19:34:07]  Niccole Inglewood watches closely as she tries tobe as secretive as possible. Finally as she dips her hand into the bag then pulls it out watching and wondering in anticipation. Seeing the fine cloth covering whatever was underneath a rush of anticipation over came her as she says”ohhh what is it what what?” she says almost like a child at christmas eyes glued to the packaging
[19:36:53]  Stephanie Honi unwarpped the fabric, the top was narrow as it lead to a thicker bottom, the top was dark, as if it were black steal, the bottom clear, glass, inside seemed to be a black liquid of some sort, strange it was black most perfumers were not such a color, but it was a special one, Stephanie fully revealing the treasure, a wondrous vial of beauty and elegance, something never before done or seen, “A challenge taken from captivity into ones own hands waiting till the right moment to share, to show, to expose.” Stephanie words were like an electric song rattling off words “You see…not even I have smelt this scent”
[19:39:34]  Niccole Inglewood eyes grow wider and wider until revieled was a glass object with a dark liquid inside her eyes would keep glued on it as she listened to stephanie speak she would break her trance for but a moment hearing her about how she never smelled it as she responds “what you crazy not smelling something like that yet?” then looks back and thinks before “well think you should least check it could be the best thing ever!” she says not really knowing anything bout the purfuming trade
[19:44:33]  Stephanie Honi licked her lips once again watching the woman carefully, the perfume in hand as she waited…..”You see….it takes a long time for things to blend and mix, well lets see what we have” opening the vile she makes sure to keep it away from her face careful she brings it down to Niccole, gently she srays a bit in her direction, the mist flying toward her within each drop lay a hidden surprise as the sharp sour smell started to kreep in, the sickness of dieing tarns and the dun of an old bosk sitting in the son swarmed over every drop with a hiint of vulo piss stephanie watched as the drops hit niccoles face before taking the vile and snapping the top shut
[19:47:20]  Niccole Inglewood: /m watches as she opens the top eyes widen more and more not sure what to expect. Watching as she sprays a mist towards me. Feeling it as it slowly settles in her nose would scruntch up quickly smelling the foul smell as she would respond “ewww gosh i think someone messed that up!” she says as a quick frown over came herface again thinking shell have to burn these clothing now
[19:50:05]  Stephanie Honi shook her head seeing Niccole response she put away the vile, she thought it would have more of an effect then that, it almost made her sick being this close, but she supposed someone who lives as the woman did a fowl spelling perfume enough to make a kur sick to their knees ment something, “You don’t like your perfume? You asked me to make it? For what was his name?”
[19:50:14]  Stephanie Honi: vial*
[19:54:14]  Niccole Inglewood gasps for breath as best as she could still over come by the bad odor that filled the area now more and more. She shook her head thinking again “who what why would i ask for something that that” mistified herself not really sure the rhyme or reason. She would look to her again trying to keep her guts in check as she respodns “if i asked for something it would smell alot better than that…. whatever it is” she says shaking her head now
[19:59:09]  Stephanie Honi leaned back taking another moment she went back into her leather bag that rested near her, this time taking out another cloth wrapped vial, this one had white silk lace along the edge as she unrolled the cloth, “I was not sure, but as my freedom was important to me it was good of me to get it to you no?” laughing she poped the top of this vail, a glase base, but a lite golden color liquid was inside the top was bright yellow metal as she sprayed a bit in the air, whatever scent that had been there vanished and lingering was the smell of falling rose petals in the mist of spring, “Be thankful I am nice”
[20:00:33]  Alfredo Werefox stalks around the corner and sees the frail little human with her captive. “I claim this one for the Lords….do not resist my attempts to take her from you. One of hers is here to trade for her…for they seem to fear these lands too much to assault them even though they have superior numbers.”
[20:00:45]  Stephanie Honi jumps a bit she had forgotten they had some that were trained not to attack them, usally sent to do the free bidding she could only think of one thing as she handed the kur Niccole leash
[20:01:29]  Alfredo Werefox snatches up the leash and snarls loudly to send the approaching bond skittering for cover. “Come little one…time to go home”
[20:01:58]  Niccole Inglewood shakes her head as she fights to keep the smell away then watching as she pulls out another before spraying it into the air finalyl smelling something bit more decent as she looked to stephanie with a bit of a glare “Well you got me thats for sure but i will remember that you can count on that one” she says


Was when I was traded home for 😀 but damn I will pay that girl back for that horrid SCENT!!!!! ARGHS!!!!!!


❤ Niccole 

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    I’m a little bit turned on over your rp niccole.

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