Whats up with Mesh Breasts and body parts?

Posted: 2013.03.26 in Randoms, Roleplay
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Ok, so im bored the past couple days been quiet so a bit of a rant or whats up with or why the change? Whats up with Mesh Breasts lately? Seems a craze especially where im at? I will admit that Second Life has come a long way since when i joined back in 2007… Avatars were ugly… Sculpt was kinda coming out… Flexi was big too… Really i dont think they truely had sculpted breasts or feet or anything… Now is Mesh Mesh Mesh! for body parts!… OK i will admit the Feet look really good alot better than the default SL block feet… Hands are alot better than the normal avatar looking hands too i think… But getting the tone right to match is a pain in the ass!!!!

Niccole Mesh Feet

Here are the Hands in mesh

Niccole Mesh Hands

Ok so mesh hands and feet look decent… Especially if you can match really close and have very minimal lines, But what bout breasts!!!! Uh oh i think i might of gotten Pew interested ;p sorry on a tease craze atm… Anyways… I dont have mesh breasts im still up in the air on them… I think they look better but they still no were perfect current Main seller has some Lola Tangos, they are nice and rounded but still kinda cartoonish IMO especially if you 1/2 ass trying to get them to fit and match and they are easy to oversize… They are made for being large Breasted not Normal if you ask me… Anyways I think the normal SL breasts with a GOOD skin Looks good enough for me! Ill let you decide

Lola Tangos first ((fyi i sorta sized em but it was late for the picture))

NiccoleTopless2 NiccoleLolatopless

OK and Here below is the normal SL with my normal Skin


I really dont see a huge advantage… Do you? Ok its bit more well rounded and natural… But with Lines even if they Have appliers for skins which mine does so its very minimal… But even with the appliers… I dont think its 100% worth it yet!… Plus being capped Hold on let me strip and attach my breasts!.. Guess men attach their attachments…

If you ask me the best way is for skin makers to A either give up textures for their skin to some extent maybe not a whole body texture but provide some form of template for better shading, B make their own breasts and sell i bet they would make a killing… C. Full Mesh avatars… Which i think are coming give it maybe 6-12 months before we see some good mesh avatars they already some on the market… D. Get on SL’s ass to allow people the ability to edit the default mesh shape…

Anyways Enough of my rants more to come later!

PS… SL is releasing script for Server Side AO this is huge in a good way.. Should Make AO’s alot better will be on RC this week released soon… Get on your AO maker to ensure they keep up with this good technology!


❤ Niccole

  1. pewpewzero says:

    I think the tangos are a nice touch for the people that like having BIG boobs. I have been a breast implants user for a long time and when the tangos came out was like BAM! They are a huge improvement from the old version aka Lola’s push-ups or others regular prims breasts and i think thats why it became a hit. Niccole..they look good on you by the way! 😛

  2. Erin says:

    i get enough crap over mine being too big w/o mesh breasts. And btw, DAMN LOOKIT THOSE HUGE NEKKID BOOBS!!!

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