Submission of an Enemy tribe panther

Posted: 2013.04.11 in Roleplay
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NOT My submission silly!

So we went to rescue from sa di sani.. i really dont like taking captives but this one IMd me asked me tobe taken coz she was RP starved so i agreed Anywhoo im always devilish with a good roleplayer but none the less heres the rp 😀


[17:23] Niccole Inglewood looks down to Jinxie and whispers something into her ear quietly whispering “i would love to take you but i have to find some food otherwise your cute ass would be mind” she grins then gives a bit of a nip to her ear before backing off and giving a bit of a devious grin then says “sam remind me to collar this one here next time i come to these parts”
[17:23] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) continuesly would wiggle her body within the tight bindings
[17:24] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) appears all the sudden very nervous as her eyes stiffened into nicoles
[17:24] Niccole Inglewood looks at the list
[17:24] Niccole Inglewood then takes a piece of chalk and writes Niccole Inglewood at the top of the combat list and snickers “much better list now i think”
[17:25] Niccole Inglewood: changes her mind and cuts the ropes and makes a leash
[17:25] (GM)Bindings: Niccole Inglewood re ties Jinx Lauria’s feet together.
[17:25] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) shook her head rapidly as she’d struggle more desperate trying to yank herself out the remaining tight binding fibers that restrained her
[17:28] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) gasperd an struggled as she were braught through the woods away from home, she’d dig her nails and feets into the ground trying to make it difficult
[17:31] Niccole Inglewood finalyl reaches the boat as she whips her brow after the long trip even with the captured woman fighting and dragging and kicking all the way to the boat. She would bend down and give her butt another hard smack as i says “your a fighter i like that but probably not wise to fight against me” she grins as i finally drag Jinxie into the canoe and tie her to the bottem of the canoe then climb in myself grabbing an ore “now you get to come home with me say goodbye to your former home” as she paddles her way back to her neck of the woods
[17:31] Second Life: Teleport completed from
[17:31] GM 4.4: Note: This region has stronger melee weapons.
[17:31] GM 4.4: Region synchronized
[17:33] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) shivers once she yet again felt the touch of a firm hand giving her a another slap and with force taking her away from the familiar woods she refered to as home, with fear, unawareness and anger she’d stare upon you as she lay down there onto the merciless wood in the bottom of the canoe
[17:37] Niccole Inglewood reaches home as i pull the woman out of the canoe and ensures a secure grip to the leash as i say “come on now time for a chat.. of sorts” she chuckles as she walks on down the path as her mind just goes over all the possible things a chat could turn too with a captive of the forests
[17:37] Niccole Inglewood: need to relog one second))
[17:42] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) nervously she remains silent still tho a longdrawn sigh left her lips as you removed her from the bottom of the canoe and across the terrain once more till they reached a little tavern, “she’d calm herself just a bit as she looked at you, somewhat puzzled, and unsure
[17:45] Niccole Inglewood would finalyl reach the tavern on the edge of their woods.. Thankfully it was empty at this hour.. niccole would drag the girl in then stop.. Next she would roll her onto her back before sitting down next to her. Giving her a look she would grin wide before she speaks out “so little one.. what is your name?” she says as her eyes trace over the panther for anything that might be dangerous that she will need to strip away eventually
[17:48] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) wiggles her wrists a lil bit in another moment of desperation, grinding her hands painfully against the hard floor beneith her all the same with her eyes locked into yours she hisses out loud and tried to kick herself away with her feets tho she’d only manage to move herself a few inchies with a lot of effort, “my name is Jinx” she finally say with trembling lips and a fashial expression that could kill
[17:49] Jinxie (jinx.lauria): facial*
[17:53] Niccole Inglewood gives a bit of a stretch as she hears hiss and squrm she would laugh.. Niccole wasnt some younge huntress she is quite seasoned. She would grin seeing her facial look then finally her name as a bit of an laugh escapes her as she continues on “Jinx, well what a name… And dont try to fight me off i have been binding for a long time the more you struggle the more those binds tighten on your pretty little skin that is the beauty of a well done capture knot… Tighten as the one they bind struggles” she repeats before bending down grabbing the dart from her right hip then says “sorry to cut off your belt i used all my rope up on the others i didnt think you would be nude underneath though..” she pauses and takes a look “not a bad sight” she grins
[17:58] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) would show more anger within her eyes as another laugh escaped Niccoles lips, meanwhile true enough as she said the binging fiber begun to tighten slightly around her wrists as she’d struggle, fighting herself furthermore exausted just with no result she eventually gave up. she’d almost feel your eyes touch her as they moved over the surface of her exposed body before you, all the same as you releaved her of her blow darts
[18:01] Niccole Inglewood gives Jinx a smirk seeing her expressions then shakes her head as she would slowly put her finger to her lips and make a “shhh” sound. Her hand would reach out again and rest on her leg as she slowly moves down to her feet working on the lacing keeping her boots on. While she worked she would look to jinx and says”This is only protocal ensure my safety and especially yours” she says then adds “so tell me.. I havent seen you before you been with sa di sani for awhile orr what?” she asks working on her boots
[18:06] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) actually hushed as your fingertip landed in a soft even gently touch, it were no use to put up a fight anyway. Her eyes softened up for the moment trying to keep them onto you as you moved down to her boots, “I’ve been with Sa di Sani a good amount of years, I’ve been seperated from them also for great amounts of time, so it wouldnt be so strange all in all if you wouldnt recognise me”
[18:08] Niccole Inglewood nods hearing her least niccole finally got her calm.. Finally removing her boots, she would move her finger slowly back up something would catch her eye on her left thigh. her finger would trace the drawing on her skin it was faint though as she looks to her and ask “hmmm once a slave?” she grins before continuing to let her finger trail higher up her body
[18:13] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) shivers would trace the surface of her skin as your fingertips came across the brand resting on her thigh, the feeling of it alone enough to touch emotions from passed time, a lil tear would form into the corner of her eyes tho she’d turn her head just a bit away trying to hide it
[18:14] Niccole Inglewood grins as she then reaches down and loosens the binds on the panthers ankles as i stand upright my self “well i cannot tell as you didnt respond but by the look of things…. i think will need to investigate this more so for the night you will rest in a cage… GIRL” she says imphasizing girl. After standing her upright she would pull the dagger form her upper arms and remove her wrist coverings next before ensuring hold the leash and pulsl her along
[18:19] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) too exausted to struggle or resist she just followed close behind as you’d tug onto the leach rapidly untill you pushed her into a tiny cage that didnt had much comfer to offer, but little did it matter and within minutes Jinx would be sleeping, crurled up in the furthest corner of the cage, frightened, tho calm for the time being
[18:21] Niccole Inglewood finalyl gets her to the cage as i secure jinx in tightly she grins looking at the woman now naked.. The sight kind of thrilling her as she presses intot he bars before saying “rest well you will need it panther” she grins and winks before heading off herself but first she ensures the cage is well locked so only can operate by a handle unreachable form inside the cage
[18:22] Niccole Inglewood: ((seel well see you tomorrow))


[18:22] Niccole Inglewood: rest*

Had to sleep here

[08:51:38] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) looked up and out the cage as Niccole aproached, it was a fairly calm and less feirce Jinx within the cage after spending the night and half a day with only a little water and slave gruel, the bowl almost licked clean within the corner
[08:52:36] Niccole Inglewood stretches and yawns as she finally awakens and slowly stumbles back into thedunegon area coming up on the prisioner she grins “ohh awake finally” she chuckles then sits down herself on the ground as I give the cage a rattle looking over in the corner “and fed too it seems?” she says not always liking feeding the prisioners so fast but doesn’t pay much attention to it
[08:55:10] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) inched a little closer to the cage door without a word, her head lowered and the fire burning within were not so visible within this moment as she sat before you onto the little rug
[08:59:20] Niccole Inglewood looks seeing her approach closer without a word she would get slightly nervious and anxious as she says “Well say something, girl or will I need to pull you out and show you some the finer things in our camp?” she grins looking her over more importantly the binds seeing how they were at this point after a long night
[09:01:31] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) narrowed her eyes slightly as she raised her head to face you more directly, “good morning Mistress” she said with a hint of sarcasm
[09:02:32] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) swept her one hand behind her back where she’d reach the empty bowl that had held the slave gurel earlier and pushed it out onto the floor between the cage bars
[09:04:52] Niccole Inglewood eyes widen hearing jinx as she would then let a bellowed laugh out. Finally she would look back in and smile “well I your slowly deciding your future ” she grins as she watches the bowl come closer seeing if she could grab it quickly and pull it out the cage she would slowly reach in for it but watching her movements incase still suspecting sarcasm from her voice
[09:07:30] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) followed your hands movement with her eyes, somehwta intimidating tho she seemed calm and would let you reach for the bowl without putting herself into any worse situration from bad behaviour as surely it wouldnt help her
[09:09:49] Niccole Inglewood would pulls the bowl out and rest it to the side as she looks to her and then asks “so what is… I mean what was your rank in sa di sani I think you fell asleep before I could find that out” she asks still hoping for information before she does much else with her but seeing how she reacts to questions
[09:12:33] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) replied to you quietly as she kept herself calm still, “I am just the ordinary panther girl within the ranks of sa di sani, so if you were hoping for someone of great value, like a Tor or an Elder, then I must dissapoint you”
[09:14:59] Niccole Inglewood laughs hearing Jinxie as I rattle the gate with my hands “ohhh but I could care less around ranks too… Your now naked in my cage at the end of my rope… I am an opportunist I see and I see a naked girl that could do well for me perhaps her or eventually a slave auction that can get me arrows or spearpoints or anything of use to me” she grins
[09:17:48] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) shivers with the thought of feeling the cold steel locked around her neck once more and she’d lower her head now, covering her neck as in denial to the idea you spoke of
[09:19:44] Niccole Inglewood hears the quietness and sees her skin shake slightly and as she tries to cover her neck she grn “well lets get you out the cage” she says a sshe rises up and heads to open the cage and return to grab her leash to pull her out
[09:21:28] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) widened her eyes and were only all too pleased to get out of the cage, whatever the alternative could be…. At least she got to strech after the many hours in a tiny wooden box
[09:23:54] Niccole Inglewood finally grabs her leash and proceeds to pull her along with me “lets see here” she grins
[09:24:06] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) stoof up onto her feets, her shy self exposed before you as you’d lead her out the cage and into the open
[09:26:17] Niccole Inglewood would lead Jinx to the frame device as I take the leash and tie the other end to there wrists before cutting the front part so I can manuplate her better. she would then looop the rope over the top the frame after tugging her over then yankls pulling her suspended into the air.. Finally she would secure her body to leave her suspended then steps back to admire her work
[09:28:53] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) gasperd as her arms a legs would be streched out and held up into the air dangling helplessly and the rope painfully tightened around her wrists and ankles
[09:30:19] Niccole Inglewood stepped around as she seen she forgot her top the night before. Niccole would slip a small dagger out and reach up and cut away her top next “well no need for that either I think” she says as she reaches out to cut it “so tell me about sa di sani camp how do you get out if the only way in is the front gate?” she asks least trying to get a bit more information
[09:32:39] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) ran a little tiny of fear and pain down the side of her chin. Wouldnt hardly notice her top being cut off, what difference did it made she were already half naked and cold, “you can jump into the river beneith the camp” giving away the most of obvious information that wouldnt harm her tribe
[09:33:04] Jinxie (jinx.lauria): a little tiny tear of fear and pain etc… ]]
[09:34:32] Niccole Inglewood laughs hearing her “I don’t care about getting out I care about getting in” she grins as I reach out pinching at jinx’s nipples seeing if I can get them to react to my touch as I continue “the front is brutal to attck I want to know of secondary entranances”
[09:37:35] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) bites her lip as a pinch by your fingertips met her exposed nipple that would appear slightly erect already just from the chilly floor she had been spending so many hours on, “there are only one way inside” she quickly replied
[09:39:48] Niccole Inglewood sighs hearing her bit upset hoping for more information a sshe reluctantly says “I believe you” then slowly starts to pace back and forth as she looks to her saying “ok so lets see how easy we can make this… submit to me” she says her eyes narrowing on her
[09:43:16] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) appeared releaved for a moment as you seemed to believe her words tho her easy quickly put to an end as submission became the next topic and Jinxie would shake her head rapidly in determination as her eyes stared at you nervously
[09:45:33] Niccole Inglewood sees as you shake your head fast as I grin “well least your not a weak panther or well maybe you are but your wise” she grins as I let my fingers work lower and lower down her body finally reaching her belly as I look up seeing if you get more nervious the lower my fingers go
[09:48:43] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) turned her head to the side, then up and the other way, constantly trying to avoid your eyes, she knew all too well what you were looking fore and she were desperate in her attempt to hide the slightest sign of kajira that would be still within her. she’d tremble, furthermore as your fingertips traveled down her body
[09:49:45] Ĝαiα™ ( slipped in quietly looking for Nicc, and to see if the captive had been fed and watered as she instructed the slave to do last night. A smile pressed her lips back to see Nicc very much enjoying herself with said captive. She gave a nod of her head, not wanting to distract the panther girl.
[09:50:20] Niccole Inglewood peeks around seeing gaia as I twinkle my fingers to hear saying “tal sister gaia” she gives her a warm smile at her friend then looks back to jinxie as I says to her “well now we got pretty much all I needed to know about sa di sani camp tell me, girl, where else have you lived recently because I still don’t remember you often there.. and dijan and sa di sani been fighting for a few years now”
[09:54:26] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) in a slightly increasing pain she’d almost squeeze out the words, her body visibly tense within the merciless ropes keeping her hanging. “I were for some time Sa’Nahele [[ i acutally forgot how its spelled o.O ]] but other than this I have been on my own for long periods of time, I only just rejoined Sa di Sani recently, which explains why you dont remember me”
[09:57:47] Niccole Inglewood nods hearing her as I push my fingers bit lower below her navel but still above her heat as I ask “mmmm and is this hwere you received the mark on your thigh in sa nahale? she grins seeing if the touch has broken your nerves more
[09:59:57] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) would bite her teeth together obviously struggling with the passed you kept reminding her about. She gave you a little descreete nod in return as if she didnt wanna talk furthermore about this
[10:01:58] Niccole Inglewood lets out an “ahhh I see” she says as she lets her fingers trail down lower as she traces along down not touching her heat but close along to her inner thigh as she would then give a quick little flick against it as she says”I see well I havent heard much them not sure they still around or maybe see if they would like slave property back” she teases thinking would probably be a not so pleasurable place to take her too should niccole not keep her
[10:04:23] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) “they are no more, *she quickly replied and continued* besides they wouldnt be much interested in having my former self back as it were they who removed the collar off my neck”
[10:05:43] Niccole Inglewood laughs getting some where as she would move her hand to the other inner thigh and give it a gentle flick again watching her reaction as she continues “ok so whom placed the collar on your neck hmm?” she grins as her eyes would admire the girls skin perhaps a bit too noticeable in her looking at jinx’s body
[10:09:16] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) gapserd quietly as her body gave a sudden “set?” [[ tremble / shake ]] with the flick of your fingers, testing her, taunting her, once more… She spoke as the tears begun to ran down her chins, her voise likely the most quiet and ashamed you had ever listened to, “my collar were my mothers doing”
[10:11:54] Niccole Inglewood would watch her body react as she grins abit seeing tears flow down her cheeks. She would then hear her statement her jaw would drop like it had a 100 pound wait to it looking at her in awe as niccole responds “say what?!” as she notices a flash run by her in sexy form knowing who it is as she turns giving selene a kiss saying “Tal my love” before turning back to the panther “Now WHY would your mother collar her own daughter?” she says her mood quickly changes thinking will be a lot easier to enslave this… girl if her own mother could do it so easily
[10:12:06] Niccole Inglewood: weight*
[10:13:43] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) “cuz she didnt know i was her own flesh and blood at the time” she’d reply in a long exhale as if spilling her heart out before you
[10:17:04] Niccole Inglewood lets out an “ahhh” hearing her then questioned the look again strangly she got more interested in this than trying to get her to submit “sooo how did your mother know know it was you I mean you ummm came out her cha cha did you not?” she *giggles*
[10:27:06] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah) runs up to the ugly beast and growls at it very unkindly then just shakes her head at it as she pulls a arrow out from her quiver, looking down at a nice spot for her arrow to go then hears niccole run up and looks at her “good job baby” looks back down to the kur then lifts her foot up and then slams it down onto the huge beast surely doing nothing with her foot but then takes the arrow and presses the sharp end to the back of the beasts head “time to die beast” then hears niccole and sighs “so we let this beast live to attack again?” she says as she keeps the arrow pressed to the back of the beasts head
[10:28:16] Arilana looks down at the beast with evil grin.. “so no new furs? I kinda like the color of his hide ..” she sighs hearing Nicc “oh well I hope he will not come back after getting released..”
[10:28:42] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): this is the kur that took maly and kim
[10:29:04] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): i let him live once, i shouldnt make that mistake again
[10:29:13] Niccole Inglewood would smile then give a bit of a shrug “Well first time I ve seen it around I don’t know.. I have a slut below im steal dealing with sooo I will leave you to your best judgment on this one” she says “though don’t ask me to help drag out the carcass if you do” she laughs and heads off
[10:31:00] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) looked around not sure what went on as you came running back into the room before her, increasingly weak within the strong binding fibers her eyes raised again to meet yours
[10:33:02] Niccole Inglewood finally returns as she says”hmmm sorry seems a.. beast came in attacking not sure what they doing with it better you are here I suppose” she grins then gives a quick slap to jinx’s mound with her hand cupped knowing it would cause a bit of pain and discomfort thouh the sound of the smack would be more scary as I says “wake up im not done with you yet!” she narrows her eyes seeing the strength slowly going away from her
[10:37:29] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) let out a sudden gasper as her sensitive recieved a slap by your cupped hand, her eyes seemed just a bit blurry as she were forced to snap out of it and continued, “i were born into slavery, taken away from my mother at birth, it would only be years later that ironi it seems caught up on her and I as i found myself in her collar, relatives of her would recognize me and it were only a matter of time at this point before she’d learn who I were truely, at which point she removed the collar and gave me my freedom”
[10:38:44] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) she continued with a sad look in her eyes, “it is her personal brand I carry,”
[10:40:21] Niccole Inglewood nods hearing jinxie as she clicks her jaw for a moment feeling a bit of sorrow but none the less won’t let her guard down against an enemy tribe to her knowing if the tables were turned how her sitation might be. She hears her then thinks for a moment as her mind rattles off 1000s of possibilities before she finally responds “so is your mother still alive where does she live if so?” she asks as she eyes her leg already picturing a ‘N’ for Niccole on it
[10:43:06] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) “I no longer have contact to her, I haven’t seen her for years” weak and in a hopeless state of mine she just looked at you passively as if her will to fight and struggle left her body with each moment that passed
[10:45:15] Niccole Inglewood frowns hearing her that she lost contact with her mother as she looks back to her and asks “you don’t even know if shes alive or anything?” she says then looks to her and continues “any family or anything living?” she asks next this time she would place her finger and start to draw an N on her left thigh
[10:47:51] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) lowerd her head, eyes just follwing your finger onto her thigh, a visibly shiver would run across the surface of her skin as you touch her old brand, “no, *she hesitated briefly* my mother is my only family left, I do not know if she still breathes, but I have no reason to believe she doesnt”
[10:50:15] Niccole Inglewood finishes drawing the N on her leg not sure if she even noticed probably not as she looks to her and says”too bad was thinking perhaps you could go enslave her for your freedom again but that is out the window.. So what might you offer to me for the ability to roam freely once again hmm?” she asks since niccole was an opportunist she wanted value of things anything that has worth. She would then continue with “but a naked girl like you I know I can get value in a city or village enslaving you maybe after I use you some” she grins as she licks her lips looking to jinx
[10:53:48] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) started to lose her focus and her state of mind increasingly blurry as the burning pain from the tight ropes keeping her in place begun to get to her, with nothing to offer she’d just shake her head in little motions, as in response to the idea of a collar onto her neck, tho fear begun to show
[10:57:54] Niccole Inglewood would see a lack of a response she would just grin and then ask again “so you will just submit become a slave hmm?” she grins this time pressing her fingers to jinx’s sex presses abit but not penetrating her yet
[11:01:04] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) sighed in a deep longdrawn breathe as she didnt wanted to answer, but she wouldnt last much longer either if kept within these bingings, her self consiousness already drifting away and she’d let you have a little nod… She hesitated further more and her words would barely leave her lips, “yes”
[11:04:10] Niccole Inglewood eyes widen hearing jinxie as she grins then says “Well I think you need to least say it correctly for me to accept you as a slave.. NOW SAY IT RIGHT!” she shouts as she pushes two figners deep into jinx’s sex her eyes narrow looking at her sharply
[11:07:39] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) gapered out loud as your fingers forced their way up into her exposed sex, not the least moist what so ever pain would be written across her face and not to be mistaken as you streched her open without the slightest hint of care and she’d scream out with tears running, “I submit!”
[11:11:34] Niccole Inglewood hears her words come out but she wouldnt mind them at this point but she would continue to thrust her fingers in and out a few more times before she finalyl removes them and grins and says “good now adresse me properly slut” she says being degrading as possible as she looks around the dunegon area for a case of collars to place on her neck now that she gave her life away in submission
[11:15:36] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) hisses and trembled in pain as your fingers wouldnt allow her easy just yet, and with the hope of freedom drifting away she’d obey you just, desperetly for the pain to end, “I submit to you my Mistress, I give my life to you” she bursted out quietly, tho clear, she didn’t dare to give you any more reason to cause her pain
[11:23:09] Niccole Inglewood walks over and seeks out a nice steel collar before finally returning.. She would walk around behind jinx out of view then take the collar and slowly slip it onto her neck closing it around her neck locking it tightly before she says”welcome to your new life.. again” she grins then walks back around “now some questioned hmmm would ask if you been opend but I think I answered that previously.. have you had wine and shots?”
[11:25:41] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) bites her lower lips as the sudden sound of a collar snapped in place around her neck were not to be mistaken when the cold steel met her bare skin, “no my Mistress, I havent had shots or wine recently”
[11:27:34] Niccole Inglewood nods hearing her as I press my fingers to her sex again as I feel if its gotten moist or not from earlier as I says”did this feel good when I ummm pressed insdie you?” she grins watching your reaction
[11:33:27] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) “no, it did not my Mistress” she’d say tho the pain less than earlier as her sex were forced alightly moist over time with each thrust of your fingers brutality
[11:34:45] Niccole Inglewood nods hearing her as she quickly thrusts her finger sback in to check before pulling out taking a lick with them then she says”alright well think thats all I can do for slave exam healers will need todo rest of the checking” she says then looks her up and down “what training do you have?”
[11:37:13] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) took a deep breath in releave as you’d finally allow her weak body easy for a moment, tho she could barely feel her hands and feets anymore, “I’m trained in almost everything my Mistress”
[11:39:20] Niccole Inglewood nods hearing her as she pushes the weird device between her thighs away not sure how it got there then reaches up and cuts her lose letting her fall to the ground she would then say”good well lets see for when I sell you I need to ensure I get your skills down” she grins
[11:41:14] Jinxie (jinx.lauria) fell onto the ground as she were cut lose from the bindings and with a sudden she stiffen with the words spoken about selling her off, it was the one thing she feard even more than the collar itself
[11:43:25] Niccole Inglewood looks to her and grins “you will look good on an auction block that is for sure.. Up there displaying yourself for potential mistress’s or masters” she licks her lips at the though kinda turning her on as she would then take some cuffs and secure them to her wrists before locking them behind her back “enough of that lets see how you serve and what not before I even consider I might keep you if your good enough” she grins

I love it when women break… Anywhoos she eventally got away and im terrible with slaves since i dont fur them but its fun to break one down lol

Niccole out ❤

PS something new to come very soon!


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