Niccole and her new Tribe Brave Ghost Stronghold and kidnap lara

Posted: 2013.04.15 in Roleplay
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Our first raid abiet very small and ghosts were very quiet… but we kidnapped Lara Croft(laylah.roxley) ^^

[18:35:33] Niccole Inglewood finally reaches a quait little spot as she rolls the woman onto her back to get a better look at her a she says”well don’t need to worry too much, lady im sure your stay here won’t be too long and uncomfortable, but first what is your name… I truly hate formalities and the such” she smiles at her as she sits herself down as well next to her
[18:38:23] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) was really distressed at having been taken from her home and to a place for forest girls. Once rolled to her back she looked around at what appeared to be some sort of a lodge or something. “My name is Lara..” She never gave her true name and the lie slipped easily from her lips. “Why have you taken me? Honestly I have no cause for harm of forest girls but there was no way I could stand back and allow you entry inside…” She knew her words would likely get her no where and she could only hope someone had seen where she’d been taken and somehow track the way.
[18:43:34] Niccole Inglewood nods seeing the distressed look as she lays there. She would give about a friendly of a smile she could give to the woman. Nodding hearing her name she would repeat it very quietly under her breath “Lara” before giving her another smile and then saying “Well what a name.. I knew a Lara not you another but she wasn’t very attractive such as you and well quite moody too if you ask me” she says then quickly continues “Yes im sure your wondering why we took you and why we came well honestly we recently moved here and our supplies are very small so we thought we would collect some. As I sat by the fire I thought to myself ‘Hey back in my days ghosts were always known as vast and large and would have supplies to boot’ so I gatherd the girls up and we went” she chuckles “you were really just an unlucky bistandard could of left us but apparently you felt threated by a couple panthers” she smiles
[18:48:47] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) listened as the woman spoke. “I did feel threatened. The responsibility of the camp fell on me, although I would have much rather preferred that it hadn’t.” It was true she was scared, she had even thought of running and sailing off and just letting them have all they could carry from the camp but the thought of it made her feel like a coward. “I could have traded or even given some goods.” She knew it was too late for that now she could only add, “Ghosts are mostly absent this time of day. It will be hours before they awake and only in the early morning and afternoon are they any kind of force.” She shook her head, regretting that she hadn’t gone visiting friends rather than staying in the camp all alone. “I am sorry I shot at your…sister? Your tribe..Excuse me I do not know how panther girls refer to one another..”
[18:54:14] Niccole Inglewood would look to her and purse her lips and make a ‘sh’ sound as if to comfort her nerves. She would then reach out grabbing the material taking it into her fingers as she looks back to her and says”Well, lara, I must say some ghosts have some wealth this is some fine material for a band of outlaws?” she asks as she lets go placing her hand back into her lap “So you claim the responsibility fell on you but why take the action to fight us off are we that scary to a group as ghosts?” she gives a bit of a laugh before continuing “well im sure my sister will accept your apology in fact I might let you say to her it before you leave after a bit” she smiles then quickly adds “yes we call each other tribal sisters nothing beyond that even if some here are of family blood to others”
[19:00:13] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) tensed as the woman reached for her and suddenly feeling a bit of shame for her fine garment she turned to look at the womans headress. Likely she had crafted it herself, the feathers all perfectly sewn into the strap of leather. A far cry from the type of attire Laylah was used to. “I do have a tendency to go a bit too far..The fashion that many wear though..they may as well be men..” She began to reason with the woman now. “If it is supplies you seek..I can arrange for you to have all you need. I can only guess it is a challenge to acquire certain things but I do have some resources. That is..if you are willing to trade? Goods for my freedom?” She tried to choose her words carefully, keeping her tone calm. “I only wish to go home..”
[19:04:48] Niccole Inglewood looked to her as she spoke, even if Niccole didn’t repect women as much as she did men she would still give the respect of her attention even if she was known to place her attention on other things. After nodding and a bit of a pause she would look back to her and continue on “well that is grateful but you think your freedom is only worth a mere bundle of goods?” she smiles this time reaching out and placing her hand on lara’s face as she says “My dear your a woman in the world we know a value of a woman is worth a lot more than a bundle of supplies” she smiles “Now tell me do you have a mate a special person that cherishs you?” she asks as Niccole has always been an opportunist trying to get the maxium value for the littlest work done
[19:08:39] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) had begun to relax, as much as one could given the circumstances, until the woman reached out to touch her. Knowing little of the customs of the women who roamed the woods she had all kinds of terrifying visions racing through her mind. “I have no companion. I am mostly estranged from my family. I have little to give but if anyone would understand the value of freedom to a woman surely it is you..”
[19:12:41] Niccole Inglewood would being to pout alittle hearing her story, though her mind would keep churning finally she would give a shrug and grin abit again as she responds “well no worries ive learned a lot actually already and I mean you are a woman in binds and im a panther an opportunist.. As it sounds to me nobody will wish to come and get you not only now do I know we have the safety to attack in the evenings and get supplies, but perhaps” she pauses and trails off carrying the ‘s’ as her gaze just focues 100% on the woman
[19:16:43] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) wouldn’t carry the burden of protecting the camp alone ever again. She would travel to visit friends and never remain alone there again. “I have learned my lesson you can be sure. If no one else values the goods or are interested in protecting the camp then why should I?”
[19:23:17] Niccole Inglewood would let out a long sigh hearing her words.. Perhaps saddened slightly at the thought that someone would run and hide versus protecting their home even if it is only one person. Finally she would continue on with “well Lara I give you props for trying to protect your home but your statement saddens me maybe it just prooves that your trying to hide something deep inside that you desire tobe?” she grins “a Slave perhaps?” she chuckles as she would reach behind her back and pull out a small tiny dagger as she looks to her and quickly continues with saying “well if you agree nobody would want your return I see value in the fact that a woman.. on the slave stand… can bring in some good coin perhaps enough to help supply my tribe for a year or more maybe” as she grins widely
[19:28:17] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) was usually a pretty calm and level headed woman and it took quite a bit to get her riled up but with each word that the woman spoke, Lara felt her temper begin to rise. “I am not a slave. Dare to collar me and you can be sure I will find a way to escape. My performance tonight was not exceptional but one thing that I do have, and will always have, is determination. And I will not rest until any treatment you render on me is paid back ten fold..” Her tone was even, each word succinct, but she spoke with conviction. “I have done nothing but try to defend my home. If that is not something which you can respect then perhaps the only thing we have in common is our sex. I won’t make the same mistake again to put my life or my freedom at risk for items that can easily be replaced with a few raids. Now..if you wish to trade, then let us begin. If not, take your next step, but, I will not forget.”
[19:34:06] Niccole Inglewood would shrug hearing her as she reaches out and unfastens the belt on lara’s waist pulling it away from her and toss it aside as she slowly begain to see the value of property rise up carring less about supplies at this point as she looks to her and says”oh I don’t worry what you can do to me perhaps my days in skerry where I was born and raised before I fled to the woods as the threat of man became too great to me” she says looking at her finally getting her belt off “besides this clothing material is nice I can use it too then after you can kneel and apologize to my sister you shot” as she then gives perhaps a small light of hope “then maybe if your words are true to my sister I will let you go home” she says
[19:37:45] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) looked to her now, “Will you kneel to me, naked and stripped, your dignity gone? Would you? I will apologize to your sister, and I would mean it. But I will not d it from my knees. I am not a slave to any man or woman and I never will be.”
[19:40:12] Niccole Inglewood laughs hearing her as she says”you want to go free don’t you this is your choice.. thirdy seconds of misery to the satisfaction that my sister knows your sorry for shooting her” as she finally gets the womans belt off as she starts cutting at the seam of her top to cut it off next
[19:44:43] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) had tried to reason with the panther but it seemed it would not go that way. “You can strip me. You can even force a collar at my neck. I will not go to my knees for you or any other.”
[19:49:38] Niccole Inglewood would smile to her and then give out a bit of a laugh “your that loving of your pride that you would risk not falling to your knees just to say sorry for shooting you?” she grins “sounds like a moral delimma you will run and hide from a couple panthers running in your camp but when it comes too this your decide that you won’t kneel?” she grins pulling away the top then cuts down the side of the seam on her pants pulling them away as well as she grins “well now your stripped by a simple panther girl not the choice of what todo with you” she chuckles
[19:55:57] Niccole Inglewood hears fighting outside as she goes to investigate whats going on at this point
[19:56:01] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) said nothing. The clothing was cut off her body and her hands formed small fists behind her back. Hatred for the woman pumped through her veins. Everything could be taken, possessions, loved ones, even dignity. Pride was all she had left. It was maybe the only thing that couldn’t be taken from her.
[19:56:16] Kool Door opened by Niccole Inglewood Ⓜ


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