Trying a New Viewer Catznip RC8, SL Randoms, Etcs

Posted: 2013.05.01 in Randoms
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Sooooo, im sure yall heard about SSA/B or known as Server Side Appearance or Server Side Baking… THIS REQUIRES A NEW VIEWER…. Know i know most are like God why SL have to add new things why cannot they FIX old crap… WELL!!! Good news.. This is a good feature something well even though we need to get a new viewer for… This is something that will solve alot of issues in SL.. Currently Alot of the baking is done by the viewer you have to download stuff download avatar textures prims etc to your pc’s cache… Times lag ping packet loss times you can appear as a cloud or ruthed.. We all know the feeling… With this new feature… Most of this is done server side now the baking part Having this takes the load off your viewer puts it local on the server… Now you think well now it will load down the sims making sims lag.. NO not really… There several servers in sl.. Login, database for inventory, etc etc… More or less in a nutshell being on lindens network the latency and packet loss wont exist like on the public network and end result your avatar will bake faster… less strain on the network bandwidth and well a better experience for us all.. On a side note this should stop the evil copybot viewer ppl least for awhile i always say where there is a Will there is a Way im sure some evil idot will find a way to copy shit again.. But good news for the future!!!

Speaking of this.. Due to SL more or less forcing everyone to upgrade to a new viewer i went viewer shopping.. I had been using firestorm but its a bloat… I have decent PC too 8GB ram 560ti gtx nvidia card.. icore7 processor but lately i get awful viewer Freezes at the worst time…. Personally I would use the Default SL viewer… Its a good viewer but missing things i liked about firestorm.. Mainly a Built in AO and built in Radar and seconds to chat… Soooo I heard of catznip before.. And its close to the default viewer.. Which i like… So im trying it for now… Its actaully pretty good if you can get past the viewer 2/3 interface… I will Give it a B though right now.. I miss not having a built in AO but i was able to scale down an AO hud from Vista by deleting non useful scripts long as it plays animations and low low script i will survive… The viewer I have noticed doesnt have the aweful freezing when i around.. so bonus there… Few other neat features besides RLV lets see it has ability to rename snapshots to what you want sorta when you save them to disk… Uhhh thats about it lol its not near as full feature as firestorm but No excess un-needed crap i never use there some otherthings but its a real nice simple yet elegant viewer .. Firestorm was good dont get me wrong but think this will do me for awhile Too bad they dont make a Firestorm Lite or something… Feel free to check it out yourself give yourself 30-40 minutes with it not just 5 minutes… As of right now R8 isnt released but if you goto the Wiki on the side bar under pages should give you a link to join the inword group in there you can find a developer i think Tinity Devau or something ask for the link for the Release Canidate 8… Or you can wait to r8 released.. Note r7 doesnt have SSB abilities youll have to get r8 for whenever SL turns the switch on for SSA/B….

There some other viewer too Singularity latest has SSB/A and a cool viewer does too… Nirvans.. Kirstens replacement does as well… Sighs.. Only if the default viewer would get a radar like firstorm and or a built in ao.. oh well cant have everything ;p

Randoms.. I am in a new group… im back to outlaws… Again… think this the 3rd time i completed the circle lol… Outlaw panther outlaw panther outlaw again sighs… Well its a new group we will see how it fares… hopefully some good men and women will join us should be exciting =)

Well for now i need dinner

Niccole out!

  1. pewpewzero says:

    I swear the stuff i learn from you, mighty gorean geek!

  2. cause im ossm and you lubs me ;p
    Now when you raiding so i can cap you ^^

  3. Trollina Tenk says:

    Better worry about your own safety! ^_^

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