New Look

Posted: 2014.01.08 in Randoms

Well, I recently changed the look of my site here.. Well i changed it yesterday i believe O.O. I kind of like the look of it. Has kinda fresh retro steel look to it yet modern and elegant! Ok i might not be the best source when it comes to looks or designs why i stay away from the graphical aspect when i program code and stick to the coding.. But i like it thats whats important!

On another note i was watching though You-tube and remembered about a video i was going to post here.. Actually its in German I honestly have no clue what they are saying, but good music is good music regardless is it not? Im definitely not some expert in the music industry that is looking for the next Brittney or ke$ha but hey i think the rhythm is good even though i dont understand most the words it makes sense rhythmatically and  what not..

Oh and its one of my role play family members kinda cool if you ask me ^^.. She definitely takes after her grandmother Niccole!  esp the purple eyes on the one scene!

Its pop / rap mix type music fair warning but enjoy hope =)

❤ Niccole


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