Short Revenge

Posted: 2014.01.09 in Roleplay

Well its been quiet but i shall post a recent RP of some revenge… Elektra is a decent roleplayer though bit of a ummm slut wink wink… Enjoy! Background is simple she joined our tribe bout a week before christmas or during that time.. Then left like a week later… So obviously a “traitor”

[15:44:05]  Elektra Kingmaker  skims her eyes about before returning her gaze to Niccole and sticking her tongue out at her ” hmm? Your dangerous with that bow… ”
[15:44:37]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  laughs”yes you didnt think i wasnt?” she grins looking at you “well you betrayed us running off to moons” she looks you up and down licking her lips
[15:45:50]  Elektra Kingmaker  grins for a second ” Well one can never know until you fight that person right? ” bites her tongue wondering when that would get brought up ” Well errrmmm ” sighs looking back at you with a grin and a lick over her own lips
[15:46:31]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  notices you lick your lips as i says “whats that for you left us sooo well hmm first” she says pulls you along
[15:47:48]  Elektra Kingmaker  was grinning at first until she noticed the cross ” Nuuu is that really needed? ” she asked staring at it ” They tend to be a bit uncomfy ”
[15:49:16]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  secures the rope so she cannot run then takes some cuffs as i pull off elektras boots and takes the cuffs securing to her ankles… Then would pulls the leathers form your wrists carefully as i secure some cuffs to them as wellbefore yanking your arms over your head and pulls you up onto the frame as i says “well what you expect?”
[15:53:23]  Elektra Kingmaker  groans staring at her for a second or two wiggling about on the cross some wondering if she might shake loose from it, barring that she would staring long enough she made her eyes go cross ” Well one could hope right? ” she laughed uneasily ” I suppose having left im not gonna get super nice treatment ” she nodded her head a few times with a wiggle of her toes ” Least the snow is gone! ” having seen Maddison at some point on the land here she really hoped some would not remember the last time she had visited
[15:55:09]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  loosk to her as i pace back and forth my hand would reach out and push against her as i says “one could hope what did you expect soft furs candles naked bodies?” she huffs as i reach and pull my dagger before cutting off your top and tosses it over the ledge “why did you abandon your post?” she hisses
[15:58:25]  Elektra Kingmaker  opens her mouth a bit wide watching Niccole move from side to side ” Well the thought did cross my mind, or something other than a cross ” she giggled a bit wildly at that point groaning as her only top was cut free from her body thats just when she would huff back ” Well see, at the time when i could be awake i was normally always alone and would adventure out alone, nobodies fault of course just bad timing i suppose ” she nods nods wondering what happened to the scroll she had left as if that was the way to do it
[16:00:33]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  would then use her dagger and cut off the bottems next pulling them away she would also cut away the straps securing the weapons as i look up and down seeing her naked at this point as i chuckle “not much clothing well that makes it easier” she smiles “well still i brought you in my house a word personally would of been nice so tell me what would you do to someone that runs off to a rival tribe?” she says standing back looking at your naked body now
[16:04:31]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  laughs “then mockingly spits on the ground “well then she should say the words and state her terms otherwise i have a new slave i need to collar”
[16:05:50]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  shakes my head “she best say the word challege too otherwise not brave enough in my book” she smiles to addison
[16:06:32]  Elektra Kingmaker  wiggles about making even the cross sway ever so slightly or she thought so anyway she really liked those clothes or well whatever there was that she had been wearing ” Simpler that way, i keep nice and cool ” she laughed lightly biting back a bit of nervousness having spotted Dutch before returning her gaze to Niccole ” You really don’t want me to answer that do you? ” she asked curiously,
[16:08:50]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  looks hearing electra and smiles as i place my hand on her leg in a non sexual manner as i says “actually i do so please answer for me” she says asi turn and look to the others “well this seems to of attracted a crowd by your nakedness” she grins before say s”so your answer please” as she looks back to dutch “those arent terms being able to go free unless addison would let you go free after i win” she sakes her head “so best figure something out that might intice me better”
[16:11:19]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): shouts: if she comes up with a decent wager you can agree on then bring her back… electra’s punishment will take several days
[16:12:52]  Elektra Kingmaker  frowns at Niccole, apparently she is not so easily distracted with a challenge shaking her head from side to side so she lies ” Let them walk home? ” was worth a shot she thought as her eyes seemed to bug out of her head at the sound of several days ” Several days? “tilting her head she tries a distraction ” Get many challenges like that? ”
[16:14:40]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  chuckles “you still not answered the question now please answer” she says “no i dont get many challenges even then im not going to accept a dual where even if she looses she goes home free” she smirks “now id accept win she goes free maybe winner takes loser” she says “or something else but not lose and tehy still go free why fight then?”
[16:17:02]  Elektra Kingmaker  nods her head in slight agreement ” I would let them walk home nakey? ” of course that was a lie, she would collar them and keep them for awhile ” I see your point there is nothing to gain that way ” she laughed nervously staring back at her wondering what was on her mind cept that she was in a ton of trouble ” I guess in a challenge like that something good should come of it ”
[16:19:06]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  nods “exactly no real stakes worth while anyways” she says then walks off for a few moments to grab a few things before returning as i look to you and says “nope your not walking home naked your lucky i liked you to some extent i should sell you to a walled city” she says as i twirl the collar around on my finger
[16:22:31]  Elektra Kingmaker  nods at her words trying to focus on something else but her eyes wander off watching Niccole walk away and then return ” Nuuu don’t sell me! ” she pouted them puffing out her cheeks sticking her tongue out she really tried even if she knew that would not work the collar twirling made Elektra a bit nervous ” So whats the collar for? ” she knew the answer she thought with a more firm wiggle against the cross in a vain attempt to fall free from it
[16:23:27]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  would walk up as i slowly raise the palm of my free hand between her legs resting to her heat and slowly starts to rub as i says “i still havent decided i dont think you would simply just let a betraying sister walk free” she looks at you for response
[16:26:00]  Elektra Kingmaker  bites her tongue with a squeal shaking her hips from side to side, but that was a bad idea and she let free a purr from her lips from the rubbing ” I wouldn’t! ” she said firmly not elaborating on that in any way ” Betrayal is hard ” she whispered
[16:28:13]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  nods then takes the collar opens the clasp before she slowly slips it around her neck then closes it tight around her neck “wonderful so we agree” she grins as i step back to take a gander “well true perhaps selling is a bit over the top but maybe will let you dangle here so all can see what happens to a betraying panther.. fuck your body like the betraying slut you turned into” she narrows her eyes looking at elektra she wasnt really that cruel but wanted to make her think as such
[16:28:52]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): tal Alerna how are you *smiles a traitor she was us then left for moonpies
[16:29:23]  Alern Dawodu: frowns “so do I have a new sister?”
[16:29:57]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  *giggles* “shes collared so yes shes now a slave”
[16:31:55]  Elektra Kingmaker  groans her eyes narrowed a bit watching as the collar moved up and around her neck but its when she hears the lock click closed that she squeals out a bit in anger ” I didn’t say you had to do it to me! ” she frowned realizing she just received her first force collaring and from Niccole of all the people ” You wouldn’t do that to me would you? ” she asked in a bit of a firm voice that betrayed nothing pretty sure Niccole wasn’t THAT mean turning she looked to Alern ” I am not a slave…. ”
[16:32:45]  Alern Dawodu: cringes at the yell “I’m sorry you feel that way sis”
[16:34:31]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  pulls my hand down and pinches at your nipples for a few moments as i look up not saying a word then slowly move my hands down methodically to your belly then to your heat taking a finger and rubs to your slit before pushing in deeply as i says “well i just did and yes your a slave now who going to argue seeing steel on your neck and believe your words” she smiles feeling the warmth of her heat around my fingers the wettnes already as i penetrate her body
[16:35:32]  Alern Dawodu: feels rather hot today and removes a few furs of clothing
[16:37:35]  Elektra Kingmaker  she had been a slave to long for her body not to respond and after the first time they met Niccole probably remembered it well a moan she managed to hide slipped between her soft lips her hips moved from side to side more in an attempt to escape your fingers then to get more attention from them ” I would argue it! ” she said between gasp she was struggling to focus she had kept herself pretty well untouched and on purpose and now Niccole had her ” A bit warm ” she mumbled with a purr
[16:39:14]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  grins feeling her body react she rememberd from not to long ago a few weeks perhaps when i took her in camp my eyes look to her softly as i add a second finger into her pussy my motion becomes rythimactic as i whisper “feels good doesnt it girl” she looks up then looks over to alern thinking for a moment
[16:40:38]  Alern Dawodu  grins at Mistress and at the girl at the cross “you’ll like it sis , it takes some getting used to ”
[16:42:46]  Elektra Kingmaker  she didn’t grin back she was to busy attempting to focus on something other than growing pleasure this added to her frustration as her hips started to wiggle back and forth ” Not a slave ” she muttered with a firm pull on all four points of her restraints at once backwards pulling Niccoles fingers free even if for a second wondering what was on niccoles mind because she had seen the glance ” nuuu ”
[16:44:07]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  looks to alern and says “you need some fun too please enjoy fucking your new sisters body” she grins feeling her fingers slip away not that she mind elektra was staying around for awhile she would get her chance not like she didnt make her cum when she first met her either way
[16:44:41]  Alern Dawodu: grins looking at Mistress “yes my Mistress” “i can have her for awhile?”
[16:45:12]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  nods “of course she is mahina slave now she will be cuffed up at night or when nobody around she wont go far anymore”
[16:46:11]  Alern Dawodu  grins running fingers down Elektra’s belly to cup where her heat is “that sounds wonderful my Mistress” “what do you think sis?”
[16:47:21]  Elektra Kingmaker  widens her eyes with a moan ” Heyyyyy! ” she groaned at her with a wiggle from side to side letting slip another moan her body was wildly wanting now and Niccole had to have known that, with her walking away elketra looked to Alern ” Nuuuu im a pain in the booty ” she mumbled feeling soft hands on her heat again
[17:03:45]  Alern Dawodu: looks over to the girl on the cross “i’m not sure yet Mistress” “have you learned your lesson sis?”
[17:04:02]  Alern Dawodu: licks my fingers
[17:05:09]  Elektra Kingmaker  smirks slightly biting her tongue ” Sure yes of course ” she groaned looking for release
[17:05:56]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  walks up as i take two figures curl them and press them into her heat and start fucking her fast and hard seeing her body sqirm “dont think she cum yet but wont last now now asi look up to her “give in and realease slut”
[17:07:29]  Elektra Kingmaker  widens her eyes she had tried so hard not to but just the way Niccole did that made her groan in agony and with a squeal more in frustration than delight her muscles tightened up around Niccoles fingers and she cums ” Oh you brat!!!!! ” she squealed feeling her boy shiver from head to tow as she gave in
[17:08:26]  Elektra Kingmaker: body* haha ))
[17:08:36]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  chuckles feeling the juices run down her fingers as i look to alern and says “lick her clean with your tounge then take her out i dont want to hear headaches from moon later that i didnt free her during a trade” she says
[17:09:24]  Alern Dawodu: “yes my Mistress” “happily” moves in with my tongue and starts to lap up the juices flowing from the sister
[17:10:14]  Alern Dawodu: grips her thighs tightly licking every drop up
[17:10:46]  Elektra Kingmaker  widens her eyes staring at Niccole ” Evil ” she whispered with a shiver from the girls tongue ” I should be careful ”
[17:11:47]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  looks to elektra and says ” let this be a warning next time i see you your going to sul port ” she looks to her still feeling betrayed she left us but hopes to see her again even if she would play cold and scary on the outside she wouldnt feel the same way inside
[17:12:37]  Alern Dawodu: finishes cleaning the girl up “all clean Mistress”
[17:13:10]  Niccole Ÿoshi νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood)  nods hearing alern as i says “excellent now bring her down we will give her a pass this once and see if her sisters will buy her back if not we goto sul port with this slut”
[17:13:13]  Elektra Kingmaker  gulps and nods ” I will remember that, but i suspect will run into you again some time ” she laughed lightly remembering Niccole was always a bit fun she stuck her tongue out at her with a groan ” Maybe it will be you in my binds next time ” she grinned
[17:13:59]  Alern Dawodu: starts to untie the sisterfrom the tripod letting her down carefully and then ties her hands together fashioning a leash


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