Idoit of the week award goes to Anjel Goodnight

Posted: 2014.01.13 in Randoms, The OMG's

Ok soo i dont like to do these gorfails but i have todo this one only because what she said is completely idiotic… None the less she learns my gorean idoit of the week award even if i have one to give…


[2014/01/12 13:31:35]  Trσllinα Ɣαℓєƨҡα (tyrolia.tenk): [13:25:25]  AnJeL Rau (anjel.goodnight): no you should stay away from me … news flash … it is IMMPOSSIBLE for 1 avatar to take down multiple avatars given the physics of the grid … UNLESS they are enhanced

She thinks everyone that beats her is enhanced yet she draws and swings when down in a bubble knowing shes down.. she claims everyone that catches her has a speed enhancement but forgets simple rules for geometry.. All avatars run the same speed 5.13m/s if your running west to east and im south of you and run northeast i will reach you faster than if i ran north then to the east if i angle it right i will get ahead of you or arrive at the same time or icould angle it wrong and you be further off to the east but i still cut my distance down…

As to her quote.. Yeah if anjel was some godly fighter that didnt draw and swing after she was bubbled it might not be possible to take down two avatars but lets say your a good fighter you beat one with 55% in theory if you challenged another not so good fighter 55% is still not 0 you still can fight you may beat another ok fighter… She obviously thinks one hit after your done fighting someone you would go down…


  1. Erin says:

    you intentionally mis spelled Idiot?

  2. Erin says:

    my experience with them exactly, also, btw. Kitkat cheats, angel makes excuses.

  3. dawn11raven says:

    won’t comment on anjel or anyone that accuses people of using speed enhancers… but will say this… some people do use speed enhancers along with displacers to game the system. speed enhancers and displacers both work on the same principle of representing your avatar where it isn’t, making it more difficult to hit you. i’ve watched kur and larl zip around a sim at light speed. I’ve used bboxes and other tools to watch avatars shooting from a point different from what people are seeing. i’ve watched amused as a lone, over confident rambo panther, would stroll in and take down an entire tribe. no one can hit her. and yet, when she finally goes down, she screams foul – so sure of her combat hud’s immutability and superiority, there’s no way anyone can beat her she thinks, so the other side must be cheating! it’s a vicious cycle. superbows do exist, some very good fighters out there that worked hard to develop their skills… but… sadly, aimbots, speed enhancers, and avatar displacers also exist and there are worms out there that use them and this takes away from the credibility of the truly skilled fighters… and hurts sl gor.

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