Wheres the Role-play at!

Posted: 2014.01.13 in Randoms, Roleplay

Its really quiet i think everyone is on vacation! I miss some good roleplays but i have some good ideas of how to generate… was hoping for some good capture rp but seems i need to go another route i think i have something i might try later this week LOL… ill probably get called a capslut if i get captured but we will see will be interesting… Im trying to make a few enemys however so we will see how that plays out i dont know if it will they might but might not… If i have too i will go to the good ole rp of handing them a flag and run like a mofo lol those are always funny i done it once before i should find it… hmmm i dont seem to have it anyways simply was this i ran up to a fort… knocked on the door.. guy came out… i was like here hold this” then rezzed the flag and ran like a bat out of hell! lol needless to say that took courage and by far the best flagging ever done than to plant it in an empty sim or whatever!

Welll i enjoy this more to come spread the word if you know people want to rp with me IM me well figure something out starve off our boredom of gorean gorean rp ;p

  1. Trollina says:

    I haven’t forgotten about you, despite my absence I still intend on making you my trophy! When I am home i’ll definetly come and capture your butt!

      • erin says:

        niccole inglewood is trowing shit on us in a panther group
        [09:54 PM] Níccí ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (niccole.inglewood): wth this panther alliance crap 0o
        [09:54 PM] Äмє (ameliamichelle): o.O
        [09:54 PM] Äмє (ameliamichelle): who is allied?
        [09:54 PM] Winter (wintersstarr): ??
        [09:55 PM] Níccí ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (niccole.inglewood): zima valk moonpies lol
        [09:55 PM] Äмє (ameliamichelle): ahaha
        [09:55 PM] Winter (wintersstarr): lol
        [09:55 PM] Äмє (ameliamichelle): that has been that way, it’s stupid!
        [09:55 PM] Heather Balczo: yesp both of both of them tribes run together niccole
        [09:55 PM] Níccí ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (niccole.inglewood): like 20 of them lost to 5 outlaws
        [09:56 PM] Äмє (ameliamichelle): One reason I avoid it
        [09:56 PM] Victualia: snickers..
        [09:56 PM] Äмє (ameliamichelle): But wait, when did the Valks become allianced with anyone?
        [09:57 PM] Sky (eskyrina): it was 19 not 20
        [09:57 PM] Sky (eskyrina): 😉
        [09:57 PM] Níccí ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (niccole.inglewood): since they still use splash
        WRONG. we’re direct only and you know it

  2. erin says:

    tell sky, who I have fought twice 1 v 1 and beat both times and who I know keeps everything she gets on her avi, next time I see her, im killing her.

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