Tis been awhile not many changes just trying to figure out where to adventure for Role play in SL in Gor would be nice! But have had a fun time lately with my tribe. We have grown a lot plenty of wonderful friends and family. Kicking butt too in raids rescues et all…

Mean time in my spare time im learning more about CG world in building mesh. ^^ Its definitely a learning experience im having fun doing it.. Ive done some modeling here and there but not this indepth… But I’ve done very well learned a lot and hope to get some good idea that is my biggest roadblock i see currently. Getting an idea generating it in my head and getting it onto the screen.. Like a bow or something.. Be nice to make but an actual design.. Then getting it into computer.. Once i think i can get over this roadblock lookout!

Here is what ive done already hope is decent ^^ Till next time Enjoy!!!


  1. Trollina says:

    Niccole you fabulous!!

  2. Erin says:

    i Was the only thing hangin all this up. Petra, heather and dawn all asked me in the last week or soif i was okay with the ban being lifted, because i was the one most of the hate was directed at. I told em ” its fine by me, cuz i’ll be ooc in my skybox” when y’all come.

    • Giggles ^^… Well dont think is necessary everyone has really changed in our landscape so you should have no issues, if there is one guessing theyre not around much to begin with and mute button does wonders too 😉 For the most part i usually see me, nata, ella, jo, aria, cif, nikita, drew, and val

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