About Me

Hi 😀 This page is about Moi! And I will add to it over time.

So i started Secondlife back in 2007. Not on Niccole Another Avatar. Back then i would call the glory days of SL. Even though was pretty fugly.. If you want to get an IDEA what SL looked like back then go and turn off all graphic settings basic shaders etc and you can get a sense what the world looked like compared to today

I had no idea about gor when i started SL or that it even existed… I started out simply exploring.. I danced in clubs for money 😀 so i could buy things too was fun! One day though in dancing i over heard a friend talking bout Gor sooo thought i would check it out.. Lasted for… 3 days LOL.. Then i left sl for about a month before returning Back in Tharnock sim started as a Pirate Arrrr… Was pretty fun. I was more used to first person shooters so i was clueless about the Noob splash aiming on ground so got my ass handed to me.. For those dont know what splash is.. Back then you could aim 3.5 meters away from the avatar and still score a HIT.. Kinda stupid yeah… So to get a grasp.. Make a 7 meter circle and rezz a prim in the direct center of the circle.. You will see how big splash truly is…

Anyways soon after i met a panther named lilfoot she was fun amazing person.. After i left pirates i joined my first tribe Hellmut in Aria.. This is back when Aria was at its best only 7-8 sims..

Aria was a magnificent place especially back then. I considered myself to be the Queen of Aria everyone feared me :D. Back then you could pick a fight then suddenly there would be 30 people fighting in an area it was so much fun. After the fight and you were unfortunately capped you actually had to rp it was surreal. Soon i left for other tribes specifically Di’Jan. Then Sura Var She then back to DiJan. I thought though i could leave SL at this time was was nearly impossible.. I eventually found my way back and joined Var Viverra rose quickly tobe EN. It was ok it was at the end of their glorious run however so i didnt last long before i found my way back into the Outlaw world with KCF Outlaws for a short stint then back to panthers and DiJan


To Be conitnued


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