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OK its been really quiet but i have been busy and alot of changes happened in gor and as i said i would do something big for my next milestone, however with the recent changes i will do something for the one after… But for now simple tits for tats… Anyways first off.. Sad to say… Insane outlaws closed… Dan did a good job leading things but its really hard to start a new group and bring in traffic when you got 1 gazillion groups out there already and RP already stretched thin… So well it split and as of now i am a lone outlaw roaming the woods to steal  whatever i can get my fingers on be it people or goods :p I am looking at a few places to join but none the less we will see how it goes.. On the bright side as much mockery as me and others have given ghosts… i will say i found a couple decent roleplayers in the mix and figured they worth RPing….

In other news an old long time friend came back and im quite happy to see leading into my first fail in awhile… Some friends asked me to help so i did like a good friend.. Had to raid tainted outlaws… Their sim is silly by the way one huge ass fishbowl… Anyways most the panthers i raided with chickend out cause they didnt want to lose and all sailed so was just me and 2 others… tainted thought they could rush and me and my friend owned them like 13 vs 3… But of course in loosing tainted fasion they bitched and cried and called cheats when they lost… I swear i just want to bitch-slap the people that cry i mean seriously if you DONT Fking run or run in long straight lines anyone can good fighter can walk over you!

After some failed attempts too at RP i hope to get a good RP again partly why it failed was mis-communication and as well as part of our group falling though the cracks…

Anyways more to come and FYI the GCM ((Gorean Combat Meter)) finally released the RLV 😀 Not that i support the meter or endorse it i prefer the GM hands down.. but its nice knowing i contributed scripting code

More to come i have some targets i want to GET!



One has to be truly bored when they question realism… Perhaps its me being an old gorean.. Or maybe its that the new players of today just think this is a new x-box game where you get the see peoples naked bits then run around a shoot more people! Maybe im just losing interest in SL?

Ok, probably not the last that would be absurd! Anyways, not to wander too far from the topic where does realism lie in SL Gor.. With the design of the viewer you have Mini-map that shows the location of all players.. You can disable alphas and run around without worries… Now there are a few options that can improve this like the GM RLV meter or GCM RLV which isnt out yet.. And there is a realism hud also in SL.. But this will only enhance your realism not for everyone else… they are all still by choice not forced….With that, if you wear those products by choice you are automatically at a dis-advantage… You dont have mini map and forced daylight settings… The ones that always fight will have a huge advantage now.. Add that with Team-speak and Ventrillo you are just a sitting duck now… Thank fully there are ways to force RLV but 95% the sims wont or will risk traffic.. Plus the thought that “RLV” means someone can do bad to you…

RLV probably will never take a strong footing in SL gor with 95% the pew pewers… But let me clear some air about RLV.. RLV is actually short for Restrained Love Viewer.. Life is banned by SL this is a viewer function that responds to a list of simple commands sent to it.. all the commands are sent via an Owner statement llOwnerSay…

Now.. what this means is ANY object that is NOT attached to your avatar AND NOT owned by YOU… Cannot nor will ever be able to communicate with your viewer UNLESS… You wear a relay… Without this relay any trap or other object will never control your viewer… If your so concerned about this then fear not as unless you actually get a relay then no worries to you and you will know when you get a relay cause you physically have to buy one they are free but still you have to click and buy….

Some collars such as Open Collar have a built in relay.. You can Disable them.. AND you can remove them all together.. You dont even need to get OpenCollar there are other on the market Open collar IMO is too scripted for Gorean Roleplay…

Ok my rant is over for today i feel better already 😀 But i think people need to spread the word to try to get a bit of realism back into SL gor.. I know this is just a game yes it is you can push the off button at any moment.. But its also a roleplay game and we try to put ourselves into the character.. wouldnt it be nice  to be alittle bit more realistic in fighting? I would love no mini maps Alphas on Day and Night forced


Done with Ranting for now…

Till next time


Well, Quick update on this.. the GCM RLV should be complete and hopefully released soon.. For those that have an interest in it… I wont state which meter i like better, but just glad to provide some code  and i would to any meter or team looking for code assistance.. I believe in open source coding etc etc

Anyways to the nit and gritty.. the meter works similar to the GM meter.. that it has its own meter… However Mani has givin a few bits of code to make it go a bit further to enhance.. still within the realms of minimal rlv…. Definitely cant spy chat or do any that stuff you need a relay for.. Actually if you wanted to chat spy you dont even need RLV normal lsl scripts can chat spy….

Also she made a voluntary mode added in so you can turn on RLV if you wish to experience it without the sim actually being set to rlv… Note though others can use Mini maps so you will be at a disadvantage on that aspect.. but either way will increase the realism of not having a mini map to guide you etc…

Its pretty cool that i helped with some the code to get it into the meter!

Anyways im off for now.. later i hope to travel about alittle bit :p


Yes so today i too a much needed day off as i figured it was going tobe quiet anyways plus i had a lot of things to accoplish in my personal life that i kept procrastinating about.. Hrmmm funny how that works :/ None the less i will hear admit an addiction to SL. Though sadly beyond admitting i dont think much will come of it i dont foresee myself making any huge changes yet and i enjoy my time here along with my lovely partner kayla.. which you should look at her page she enjoys giving sim reviews and shes good.. 😀 I sure hope she will do perhaps iskanders pass or village of argentum.. Their forts are kinda crappy and i could use a good laugh on their epic failings of building a decent camp…

Speaking of which my current group is/has moved sims from addiction.. Which was a excellent camp/village i would love to see 98% the outlaws/mercs/vikings whatever build camps similar.. nice and OPEN and no bloody fishbowls :p Anyways we are moving to primus it seems im kind of iffy on it but we will see i suppose i will give it a chance at this point… Im not a big fan of skerry i might sahale one of them one day 😐 Soo.. for the ones not of my group should come check us out give us a raid dont worry we wont bite too hard 😉 unless you ask for it 😀 Our new groups name is Insania… I always thought groups with good catchy names get more attention paid to them.. this name is catchy so crosses her fingers 😀


Moving on to the GCM meter.. being that  i took the day off not much ive done for the RLV part which im adding in with the help of Mani *sighs* her sl name i cannot remember something like Manwa Pastrolii or something like that either way it should be added in tomorrow and tested tomorrow and GCM will have similar RLV functions for those that like it compared to the GM meter.. I think it is a fabulous idea i wish more would use it. Though listening to pirate brethren chat the other day seems alot are against it.. Go figure.. Most dont want to lose their Mini maps so they can quickly find their captured commrad or the hiding enemy in the depths of the camp in a corner.. They need it so they can bee-line directly too them 😐 That or they dont understand that RLV DOESNT put you into traps you need a relay for that to work this only disables mini maps and couple other small settings… You can leave when-ever walking on an RLV trap you WONT be captured unless you have a relay on and if you do have a relay on you already know what will happen so its not like wearing the meter you automatically get caught in a trap 😐 AHH well enough ranting on that :p I will sign off for now and tomorrow in hopes of some news regarding the RLV and tomorrow i might go be an adventurer again.. i think i might try ven continent Not sure what exactly but hopefully some roleplay and not any pew pew :p


So yeah, Last night was the meeting on the new GCM combat meter.. There are some interesting ideas being tossed around including some realism features… Now this isnt RLV features this is more realism like bit more… permanent damage etc maybe run get tired stuff like that… I think personally as long as its a sim setting not a mandatory feature for everyone it will be ok… GM really did a poor job at its stamina you can barely run 1/2 sim and your already tired :/

Speaking of features i am working on RLV with Mani again will be a region optional setting nothing mandatory. She has some good ideas and will add what i hope will be an RLV voluntary mode where you can run it even if sim doesnt have it active…

Im looking forward to the GM meeting which i hope will be in a few days time… See what that team is coming up with… I really dont care what meter prevails but want to see one that is solid and keeps up to date.. Hopefully some good competition will help GM evolve abit better


Upcoming I think i will add videos of things and sims etc when im bored should be fun 😛



So yeah been awhile.. But latest news is a new combat meter taking place in Secondlife Gor… Now currently the champion meter is the Gorean Meter.. And it is a pretty good meter still… Just some rough spots… Honestly i dont care what meter prevails just as long as it is fair and its legit and built the right way.

The new meter that is trying to take over is called Gorean Combat Meter or GCM… Off the bat it is pretty similar to GM that the specs etc are similar so weapons switching or some noob that forgets to change their meter going from one sim to the next doesnt give any advantage or put you at any dis-advantage… so Bonus points there… And since GM open sourced for the channel so weapons can work… It isnt hard to code the new meter so you dont have to worry about new weapons or weapons that arent compatable… So again bonus points there…

All in all its pretty much a similar meter.. Except a different creator and perhaps some other minor beneficial features…

In the long run i want a good meter.. As a scripter i will help either team ensure they have a quality meter that is fair to all players… I am 100% for open source and open scripting… I will donate any of my personal scripts or ideas to either team For the GCM team i came up with a foolproof way of ending speed enhancers.. and can be geard todo other things 😀 GM team is obviously welcome to my ideas too

More to come for the meter later though its in early stages.. And i will update the latest meetings i will attend for both meters



Woots Kayla made a site.. Check it out –

Added a Few more catagories… I will update information on the new Gorean combat meter called GCM and work on the current in place meter GM… Either way will be an interesting battle to see who comes out on top!