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Another Vid! getting a hang of making videos I Love my new pc I can record and not lag… Now i just need to work on quality and ensure i dont lag will play around see what happens ^^ Fell again at the end my stupid melee wouldnt draw 😦 oh wells



❤ Niccole



Me Being Goofy

Posted: 2014.05.09 in Randoms

Soo was bored last night but for a good reason trying to keep safe so I can have fun with my new Mate. Anyhoo Here is me being goofy in a sim i found one those photobooths at!


Tis been awhile not many changes just trying to figure out where to adventure for Role play in SL in Gor would be nice! But have had a fun time lately with my tribe. We have grown a lot plenty of wonderful friends and family. Kicking butt too in raids rescues et all…

Mean time in my spare time im learning more about CG world in building mesh. ^^ Its definitely a learning experience im having fun doing it.. Ive done some modeling here and there but not this indepth… But I’ve done very well learned a lot and hope to get some good idea that is my biggest roadblock i see currently. Getting an idea generating it in my head and getting it onto the screen.. Like a bow or something.. Be nice to make but an actual design.. Then getting it into computer.. Once i think i can get over this roadblock lookout!

Here is what ive done already hope is decent ^^ Till next time Enjoy!!!


Wheres the Role-play at!

Posted: 2014.01.13 in Randoms, Roleplay

Its really quiet i think everyone is on vacation! I miss some good roleplays but i have some good ideas of how to generate… was hoping for some good capture rp but seems i need to go another route i think i have something i might try later this week LOL… ill probably get called a capslut if i get captured but we will see will be interesting… Im trying to make a few enemys however so we will see how that plays out i dont know if it will they might but might not… If i have too i will go to the good ole rp of handing them a flag and run like a mofo lol those are always funny i done it once before i should find it… hmmm i dont seem to have it anyways simply was this i ran up to a fort… knocked on the door.. guy came out… i was like here hold this” then rezzed the flag and ran like a bat out of hell! lol needless to say that took courage and by far the best flagging ever done than to plant it in an empty sim or whatever!

Welll i enjoy this more to come spread the word if you know people want to rp with me IM me well figure something out starve off our boredom of gorean gorean rp ;p

Ok soo i dont like to do these gorfails but i have todo this one only because what she said is completely idiotic… None the less she learns my gorean idoit of the week award even if i have one to give…


[2014/01/12 13:31:35]  Trσllinα Ɣαℓєƨҡα (tyrolia.tenk): [13:25:25]  AnJeL Rau (anjel.goodnight): no you should stay away from me … news flash … it is IMMPOSSIBLE for 1 avatar to take down multiple avatars given the physics of the grid … UNLESS they are enhanced

She thinks everyone that beats her is enhanced yet she draws and swings when down in a bubble knowing shes down.. she claims everyone that catches her has a speed enhancement but forgets simple rules for geometry.. All avatars run the same speed 5.13m/s if your running west to east and im south of you and run northeast i will reach you faster than if i ran north then to the east if i angle it right i will get ahead of you or arrive at the same time or icould angle it wrong and you be further off to the east but i still cut my distance down…

As to her quote.. Yeah if anjel was some godly fighter that didnt draw and swing after she was bubbled it might not be possible to take down two avatars but lets say your a good fighter you beat one with 55% in theory if you challenged another not so good fighter 55% is still not 0 you still can fight you may beat another ok fighter… She obviously thinks one hit after your done fighting someone you would go down…


Black or Blonde?

Posted: 2014.01.09 in Randoms

Sooo Debating if i should go black hair or blonde hair? What do you think? I am known for black but lately been blonde but i like black hair!



Niccole_1_9_2014_04 Niccole_1_9_2014

Let me know?

New Look

Posted: 2014.01.08 in Randoms

Well, I recently changed the look of my site here.. Well i changed it yesterday i believe O.O. I kind of like the look of it. Has kinda fresh retro steel look to it yet modern and elegant! Ok i might not be the best source when it comes to looks or designs why i stay away from the graphical aspect when i program code and stick to the coding.. But i like it thats whats important!

On another note i was watching though You-tube and remembered about a video i was going to post here.. Actually its in German I honestly have no clue what they are saying, but good music is good music regardless is it not? Im definitely not some expert in the music industry that is looking for the next Brittney or ke$ha but hey i think the rhythm is good even though i dont understand most the words it makes sense rhythmatically and  what not..

Oh and its one of my role play family members kinda cool if you ask me ^^.. She definitely takes after her grandmother Niccole!  esp the purple eyes on the one scene!

Its pop / rap mix type music fair warning but enjoy hope =)

❤ Niccole