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Ok soo i dont like to do these gorfails but i have todo this one only because what she said is completely idiotic… None the less she learns my gorean idoit of the week award even if i have one to give…


[2014/01/12 13:31:35]  Trσllinα Ɣαℓєƨҡα (tyrolia.tenk): [13:25:25]  AnJeL Rau (anjel.goodnight): no you should stay away from me … news flash … it is IMMPOSSIBLE for 1 avatar to take down multiple avatars given the physics of the grid … UNLESS they are enhanced

She thinks everyone that beats her is enhanced yet she draws and swings when down in a bubble knowing shes down.. she claims everyone that catches her has a speed enhancement but forgets simple rules for geometry.. All avatars run the same speed 5.13m/s if your running west to east and im south of you and run northeast i will reach you faster than if i ran north then to the east if i angle it right i will get ahead of you or arrive at the same time or icould angle it wrong and you be further off to the east but i still cut my distance down…

As to her quote.. Yeah if anjel was some godly fighter that didnt draw and swing after she was bubbled it might not be possible to take down two avatars but lets say your a good fighter you beat one with 55% in theory if you challenged another not so good fighter 55% is still not 0 you still can fight you may beat another ok fighter… She obviously thinks one hit after your done fighting someone you would go down…



I know its been a few days ive been bad!.. To start this off we shall do alittle RP etiquette… Why oh why do people address themselves in third person in RP talk if you havent even been properly introduced… And Yes i shall give you an example!

[2012/04/20 18:58:34] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): tal naked girl
[2012/04/20 18:58:41] Beamer (patforfun): Tal
[2012/04/20 18:58:42] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): lose some clothing or something
[2012/04/20 18:58:58] Beamer (patforfun): This is whar Beamer always wears
[2012/04/20 18:59:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): whos beamer

OK… So this is what Beamer always wears? Im sorry but this doesnt sound very good in RP… Are you trying to tell me your a slave or maybe really immature?
I dont know who beamer is to begin with i never met her hince my response of “whos Beamer” Anyways below is the rest of the RP

[2012/04/20 18:59:25] Beamer (patforfun): I am Beamer, huntress of Forest Moon
[2012/04/20 18:59:37] Beamer (patforfun): Who are you?
[2012/04/20 19:00:21] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): i am Niccole im sure i am well known….
[2012/04/20 19:00:25] Second Life: ムlika ﮎmilodoл (alika.xaris) is offline.
[2012/04/20 19:00:34] Beamer (patforfun): Well met, Nicole
[2012/04/20 19:00:39] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): likewise
[2012/04/20 19:00:51] Second Life: ムlika ﮎmilodoл (alika.xaris) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:00:51] Beamer (patforfun): Welcome to our land.
[2012/04/20 19:00:54] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): isnt it dangerous to run around completely naked?
[2012/04/20 19:01:00] Beamer (patforfun): May I help you?
[2012/04/20 19:01:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): scouting i mean wandering
[2012/04/20 19:01:11] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is offline.
[2012/04/20 19:01:25] Beamer (patforfun): Why would it be dangerous?
[2012/04/20 19:01:40] Second Life: 丂αмαηтнα イнσяηє entered the region.
[2012/04/20 19:01:42] Second Life: 丂αмαηтнα イнσяηє (lilmarshmello23) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:01:47] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): well for one… youll get collared alot faster.. and two.. everyone sees your ummmm stuffs
[2012/04/20 19:01:49] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:01:54] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is offline.
[2012/04/20 19:02:06] Beamer (patforfun): I no get collared
[2012/04/20 19:02:25] Second Life: Wιкк Bɭȃckƅûrŋ (wikked.crystal) is online.
[2012/04/20 19:02:32] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): why not if i was a slaver youd be on your way to the city by now for being completely naked
[2012/04/20 19:02:47] Beamer (patforfun): Many have tried.
[2012/04/20 19:03:09] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): ahh well.. ill let you be on your way then
[2012/04/20 19:03:25] Beamer (patforfun): Safe paths

Here is a picture of the panther i crossed paths.. firstly why is she completely naked? panthers would never run around naked… And yes i covered up the adult bits i dont know what wordpress’s rules are on that :p

Beamer - Forest Moon Panther

Beamer - Forest Moon Panther

OK to some RP etiquette.. Role-playing is like writing a book… When you roleplay out you must visualize a book without pictures which alot of books are… So… do that.. Visualize yourself writing a book without pictures only words and your rp will flow… Obviously when you write about your character DONT use your name in third person..  to properly re-write what Beamer said i would write.. This is what I always wear…  referring to beamer could be some random slut i dont even know about….  Its ok todo third person if your describing yourself but NOT when talking in a talking context!


OK Enough ranting Now on to some fun stuff

So I am with skerry now.. And seems we get alot of action from ghosts… Sadly.. A group i despise publicly… I dont like doing fails such as Hemloc’s blog But prefer to show the good things… As many fails as i have seen in ghosts i will say what i saw over the past weekend just redicilous… So my Friend Alissa had joined them… and Gorfail posted on this too so if you read on that you know.. Anyways… She backstabbed ghosts because she is closer to einar than Ghosts… But why oh why do people have to go completely OOC on something like this done in IC.. a Raid.. Yes it sucks but grow some balls or tits and RP it out it could turn into some good RP vs going berserk and rage quitting…

I shall wrap this up for now until i get some more juicy news or fails in people trying to Role-play… Till then Keep having fun!


OK its been really quiet but i have been busy and alot of changes happened in gor and as i said i would do something big for my next milestone, however with the recent changes i will do something for the one after… But for now simple tits for tats… Anyways first off.. Sad to say… Insane outlaws closed… Dan did a good job leading things but its really hard to start a new group and bring in traffic when you got 1 gazillion groups out there already and RP already stretched thin… So well it split and as of now i am a lone outlaw roaming the woods to steal  whatever i can get my fingers on be it people or goods :p I am looking at a few places to join but none the less we will see how it goes.. On the bright side as much mockery as me and others have given ghosts… i will say i found a couple decent roleplayers in the mix and figured they worth RPing….

In other news an old long time friend came back and im quite happy to see leading into my first fail in awhile… Some friends asked me to help so i did like a good friend.. Had to raid tainted outlaws… Their sim is silly by the way one huge ass fishbowl… Anyways most the panthers i raided with chickend out cause they didnt want to lose and all sailed so was just me and 2 others… tainted thought they could rush and me and my friend owned them like 13 vs 3… But of course in loosing tainted fasion they bitched and cried and called cheats when they lost… I swear i just want to bitch-slap the people that cry i mean seriously if you DONT Fking run or run in long straight lines anyone can good fighter can walk over you!

After some failed attempts too at RP i hope to get a good RP again partly why it failed was mis-communication and as well as part of our group falling though the cracks…

Anyways more to come and FYI the GCM ((Gorean Combat Meter)) finally released the RLV 😀 Not that i support the meter or endorse it i prefer the GM hands down.. but its nice knowing i contributed scripting code

More to come i have some targets i want to GET!


Random Rants

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Quiet day(s) lol.. Well we did have ghost raid ugh… This is one group i absolutely hate other than skerry… both groups bitch more than a female dog and cheat just as bad… And yes i included a snapshot… NOW i dont mean cheating by hacked meters or hacked bows there are other forms of cheat than that.. Take a look at this dude.. FYI If you look closely and i highlighted it.. you can see the blackend text for the actual real GM meter.. This isnt a lag where the meter shows green but they got bubbled.. AND its NOT a double meter.. If you wear 2 meters they BOTH go down the same wearing 2 meters DOESNT give you any advantage you will be bubbled just as fast.. The arrow sends a message that both meters listen too and give the appropriate damage one meter wont filter out another… Kayla shot him and there was no moaning sound you could hear the hit sound but no meter sound

Ghost Fail

Ghost Fail with a hover text fake meter

OK Lets break this down… with viewers today you can actually hot bind a key to attach inventory to an avatar.. look at this picture as you can see he has a hover text object floating around that looks like a normal gorean meter.. wear that dont wear normal meter volia can run around at a distance getting good cheap shots on someone quickly attach a real meter 1/2 way thought the fight or if you know its going south… NOW I AM NOT CLAIMING HE DID THAT.. But put candy in front of a child and see if they eat it and leave it alone most likely you wont have any candy left that you left out…

Anyways we won the Raid hooray!

I want to make another video and will soon i had fun making the last one… If there is someplace you want video’d let me know :p

Another rant i have… earlier we also raided a place called bitterblue… Now sadly we went near the sim ratio which i think was 3:1 it was like 4 vs 12 or something i could of swore overkill… Sadly… we almost lost how fucked up is that!” Well that will be on my agenda as one sim to show as a fail and to describe it you enter alright… run up pew pew etc enter into a fishbowl bleh i ever say how MUCH i hate those… least no gate yet yay then run up a slope which is steep enough to slow you down! Finally on another plain which is virtually a fishbowl to some extent they can hit you from the sides and front really no cover 😦 Now i would be fine with a fishbowl if they DIDNT HAVE GATES! or provide a little cover for gates at least come on.. YES a fort should have some advantage i mean its a fort but places that give 0 cover yeah alright i will give that its realistic but until we all go to limited ammo and 0 splash fuck realism and making impossible forts!!!!

OK i got that out of me 😀 and one last thing YAY for my milestone in posts :p

Till Next time

Okies so I woke up this morning, and why does that bring back the sopranos theme song O0 woke up without a gun or something.. Anyways logging in arrived at my perch in camp and saw a flag. It just brought a big LOL to my day. I mean when you go flag someone do you really think it will bring you a raid? Do you think someone will just see the flag and be like motherfucker gotta go beat the shit out the idoits that flagged us? think NOT!

Delka Outlaws Flagging - Gor

LOL really 2 Flags?

OK lets be frank… Flagging in SL gor is like some moron calling your phone and leaving a message on your answering machine… It doesn’t do shit! I will attest that ive flagged places yet NOOO bloody raid came from it. I bet most would agree they go out and flag and flag and flag but not too much comes from it.. This is because people dont see it as anything but littering and then toss out the trash.. Also, people flag when the sim is empty where is the guts in doing that? If your going to flag, at least flag when people are on sim that can fight back and them in IC mode AFK does not count…Also, whatever happend to fires and burning villages down etc? You can rezz fires that are simple touch die and have 0 lag effect on the sim.. Or hell since we are in GE 2012 and goreans had paints and die go around and graffatii shit.. WE are bloody outlaws not some snooty high class villagers… Something like this i could see done perhaps in an empty camp as it takes a bit more time than flagging

So summary if you want to bring a raid.. DONT flag.. and if you do flag.. DO IT WITH SOMEONE IN THE VILLAGE/CAMP! NOT when the sim is empty and you know you wont be shot :p

Later i will update my progress on the GCM RLV.. I know your thinking RLV noooo dont worry its not mandatory 😉

OK I just love a good Ghost story… Makes me shiver in my boots and wet my bed at night… Ok not really but i get a good laugh…

Well first of all i wasnt here but guessing it was quite a scene i only recieved 3rd party details…

One from my group when there and i saw an oddity… Though call it a norm considering its ghosts and sahale involved…So i Imd him and asked what was up and got a response

[19:11] Niccole Inglewood: 19:10:32 PDT Daniel8391 Silvercloud captured Sahale Ishmene in Ghost Isle
19:10:09 PDT Sahale Ishmene captured Daniel8391 Silvercloud in Ghost Isle
[19:12] Niccole Inglewood: how did you manage that? :p
[19:12] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): lol
[19:12] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): well
[19:12] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): I can down him with enough luck
[19:13] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): and
[19:13] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): sahale said no rules
[19:13] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): since there was no rules at the docks
[19:13] Niccole Inglewood: wtf
[19:13] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): yep
[19:13] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): sahale lost it
[19:13] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): lol
[19:14] Dan Svenson (daniel8391.silvercloud): [18:39:13] Sahale Ishmene: as we have no rules at the docks we make our own

Ok wait a minute back the train up lets read that last line again

[18:39:13] Sahale Ishmene: as we have no rules at the docks we make our own

Holy shit i think Sahale lost his mind.. No rules nooo rules your kidding me right??? So later i checked the GM site and saw an oddity 15 kills during one hour and Ghosts brite red on the raid meter so i looked at their sim stats and guess what *facepalsm*

2012-02-10 at 19:17:51 Sahale Ishmene
2012-02-10 at 19:17:11 lvar Resident
2012-02-10 at 19:11:46 CadrianX Resident
2012-02-10 at 19:11:03 CadrianX Resident
2012-02-10 at 19:08:24 Aiden Python
2012-02-10 at 19:08:11 Drea Ragu
2012-02-10 at 19:07:54 CadrianX Resident
2012-02-10 at 19:07:15 Mirranda Resident
2012-02-10 at 19:06:58 Aether Warwillow
2012-02-10 at 19:06:16 Aether Warwillow

So remember kiddies… If you wish to be bubbled killed and live in the lands without laws where sahale can do as he desires.. Head on over to ghosts Isle.. For your free bubble kill in a lawless land *sighs*

I was wrong….

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Ok so i was wrong about ghosts camp being retarded… Just rescued at VNO and i heard from my friend that their camp is “open” no gates… So you would Think.. “woot maybe a good fort”… WRONG.. This place is as open as a virgins heat i mean its a fishbowl to start… And when you run in yes there is no gate but a GOD DAMNED DOOR? OK so we picked the door and you come into a room and think good cover think ill be ok.. NOT.. Its a somewhat small room with 2 more doors one leading into a tunnel another into an open area both 2 minute timers… Go to pick them they start opening the doors and  closeing trying to get you to come out and before you know it 4 or 5 jumped down from behind from the fishbowl ledge and come in and attack you from behind

These Pictures Do NOT do any justice by any means

area to enter below fishbow

Inside the area