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IM Back!

Posted: 2013.03.22 in Uncategorized
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Thats right I am returning not sure who all follows but i am going to be doing some adventures soon so Keep in tuned…. 

Small Update Not sure if i said but i have returned to my Old Tribe in Di Jan.. We have moved sims even.. 


We are truely the first tribe to go Direct Only and I think most have enjoyed 

edit: I know of at least 1 other that is direct there might be a couple more small insignificant tribes but hopefully more will switch.. Gor is going that Direction or they will fall behind.. And to add Meter Settings isnt about fighting its about fun and realism


Comeback Tour

Posted: 2012.07.31 in Uncategorized

I’ve been gone most of July… For Many Many reasons.. None worth diving into at this point… Be that as it may.. Im back, after time away i feel ready again to tackle the tough world gor is.. I made a few mistakes for i am only human but after taking a break i hope i will be once again mistake free!

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Haha, wanted to see how this Reblog works.. Sorry Kayla know u wont mind though :p… I would say that Skerry is truely a feared sim. But i think people fear the fact that people play hard and rp harder. Roleplay scene’s story-lines ive seen are quite splendid! Though i will add nobody is judgemental everyone there is here for fun and good times not some elitist pleasuretrip… Sim looks awesome people should come visit and roleplay.. You’ll find that we roleplay first…Though come running with your bow firing duh we shall shoot back!


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Yes those words ring true.. THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!!

Sadly its been a quiet few days in gor but i have a small rant… I need to get some new storys i hate ranting… Anyways

So panther sluts attacked us last night yes sluts they panthers! lol *hides from kitty and
Mahsati* anyways They raided and we live next door to skerry and normally nobody would join in the fight but last night one did.. Technically they could they were within 96meters and truthfully had some legitimate reason to come aid.. But still was this a wise thing todo she wasnt really attacked?

I will always go back and forth on this one thing whatever it happens suck it up panthers.. on the other… if i was in another sim and that happend by someone that didnt live there sadly i cannot say that i wouldn’t bitch and moan that someone else that wasnt attacked wasnt apart the group would come in and start fighting!

So what would you do.. you obviously came to our sim and presumed you read the rules and the rule is clearly there only way one can join a fight is if they are within 96meters and can hear the fighting otherwise they cannot join in.. Its plain as day but i think it might scare groups from coming to fight in fear that some random skerry will run in and ruin their well planned raid because SL has space limitations to deal with two camps would NOT be that close in reality but in SL shit happens!

Anyways done for now.. Will write more later.. Hopefully this weekend will bring some good juicy stuffs 😀

Till Next post… Niccole

Well, Quick update on this.. the GCM RLV should be complete and hopefully released soon.. For those that have an interest in it… I wont state which meter i like better, but just glad to provide some code  and i would to any meter or team looking for code assistance.. I believe in open source coding etc etc

Anyways to the nit and gritty.. the meter works similar to the GM meter.. that it has its own meter… However Mani has givin a few bits of code to make it go a bit further to enhance.. still within the realms of minimal rlv…. Definitely cant spy chat or do any that stuff you need a relay for.. Actually if you wanted to chat spy you dont even need RLV normal lsl scripts can chat spy….

Also she made a voluntary mode added in so you can turn on RLV if you wish to experience it without the sim actually being set to rlv… Note though others can use Mini maps so you will be at a disadvantage on that aspect.. but either way will increase the realism of not having a mini map to guide you etc…

Its pretty cool that i helped with some the code to get it into the meter!

Anyways im off for now.. later i hope to travel about alittle bit :p


Yes so today i too a much needed day off as i figured it was going tobe quiet anyways plus i had a lot of things to accoplish in my personal life that i kept procrastinating about.. Hrmmm funny how that works :/ None the less i will hear admit an addiction to SL. Though sadly beyond admitting i dont think much will come of it i dont foresee myself making any huge changes yet and i enjoy my time here along with my lovely partner kayla.. which you should look at her page she enjoys giving sim reviews and shes good.. 😀 I sure hope she will do perhaps iskanders pass or village of argentum.. Their forts are kinda crappy and i could use a good laugh on their epic failings of building a decent camp…

Speaking of which my current group is/has moved sims from addiction.. Which was a excellent camp/village i would love to see 98% the outlaws/mercs/vikings whatever build camps similar.. nice and OPEN and no bloody fishbowls :p Anyways we are moving to primus it seems im kind of iffy on it but we will see i suppose i will give it a chance at this point… Im not a big fan of skerry i might sahale one of them one day 😐 Soo.. for the ones not of my group should come check us out give us a raid dont worry we wont bite too hard 😉 unless you ask for it 😀 Our new groups name is Insania… I always thought groups with good catchy names get more attention paid to them.. this name is catchy so crosses her fingers 😀


Moving on to the GCM meter.. being that  i took the day off not much ive done for the RLV part which im adding in with the help of Mani *sighs* her sl name i cannot remember something like Manwa Pastrolii or something like that either way it should be added in tomorrow and tested tomorrow and GCM will have similar RLV functions for those that like it compared to the GM meter.. I think it is a fabulous idea i wish more would use it. Though listening to pirate brethren chat the other day seems alot are against it.. Go figure.. Most dont want to lose their Mini maps so they can quickly find their captured commrad or the hiding enemy in the depths of the camp in a corner.. They need it so they can bee-line directly too them 😐 That or they dont understand that RLV DOESNT put you into traps you need a relay for that to work this only disables mini maps and couple other small settings… You can leave when-ever walking on an RLV trap you WONT be captured unless you have a relay on and if you do have a relay on you already know what will happen so its not like wearing the meter you automatically get caught in a trap 😐 AHH well enough ranting on that :p I will sign off for now and tomorrow in hopes of some news regarding the RLV and tomorrow i might go be an adventurer again.. i think i might try ven continent Not sure what exactly but hopefully some roleplay and not any pew pew :p


TGIW… Huh?

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Hehe Ok so normally its TGIF.. Thank god its friday.. but bleh imma say TGIW.. Thank God its the Weekend! Ok not total since but still works for me..

This has been the longest and worst weeks that i can recall..

Anywhos Tomorrow i will be an adventurer i think.. depends how busy camp is… I want to get out some.. And i want to try abit with Camtasia 7.. And yes its the best video recorder ive found really light weight in terms of recording and gives stunning visual and can edit yadda yadda yadda… Its really good :p

here are an old clip for your pleasures haha :p

And this was before i updated my computer so its alot better 😀