Realism Group

What is wrong with Gorean Role-play of 2013 going into 2014? Simple to state It has become way to stale.. Part i blame on the platform, part i blame on the players. Both can be controlled and fixable. To be honest im bored with gorean role-play combat isn’t as much fun players are super hero strength with no kryptonite.

Solution? Sadly there really isnt a good solution as your solution is only as good as your willingness to try. Though By creating a Group where people can come together perhaps we can unite and make a change find people that want to play the same way eventually enough change will be made. This isnt just for one genre of players this is for All role players.

In reality we must eat drink sleep use the bathroom. A pin prick hurts. A face slap stings. Obviously we cannot feels these though the PC screen. But we can rp as such… Perhaps people that know scripters can script tools that can give some ques as well.. Obviously if someone doesnt feed you as a captive you weaken.

But Why? Why should it matter when the average RP time seems less than 120 minutes.. Usually is the ole fur fur release or somebody comes to trade or a rescue of some sorts or people break out.. Theres no danger anymore in SL gor no fear.  When i joined gor in 2007/2008 there was a ton of fear when you roleplayed. Now theres none now its just another sex game..

I also mentioned the platform as a flaw… Im sure this has some to  do with how we role  play. With mini maps radars camming super draw distances unlimited ammo… List keeps going.. How do we fix the platform issues? Same as the roleplay issues unless SL gives sim owners more control its more honor based.. There is RLV and Realism Huds.. There are some limited ammo bows.. Players can choose what todo and how to react.. Both are typically up to the players and if people make a willingness to do this I think gor roleplay will be a better place perhaps ultimate make a change for everybody…

My solution? Right now simply its a Group… Group Called Realism for Gorean Role-Play. Anyone may join and this is based on the honor system. There will be roles too and can be assigned to those that strive for more realistic RP.. Obviously this is based on honor system. But the hopes is to bring people together that want to find others that enjoy role playing with a taste of realism

Roles: Everybody – You play with basic realism you enjoy the idea.. You may have some limits but nothing to drastic – Same goes for combat.. You might use tools for directional sense but not aiding in gaining an advantage

Intermediate – Bit more advanced than normal.. You play without mini maps in combat other reactions should be at a minimum. You still might play day only sky mode. bit more realism being captured too.. Still with some limits

Hardcore- Your good Here.. No limits that wouldnt be gorean. You accept the harsh world of gor we live in.. You should use realism huds here.. If not you should allow Day/Night No maps or radars. You dont necessarily have to use limited ammo

Extreme – Your wild crazy fighting the world on this? People that want tobe here should use RLV with realism hud. Bows with limited Ammo as well.. If your captured how will you escape once searched? You might spend a long long time in a cage ^^ You should have 0 limits as in real life if your here.. Obviously long as it would be gorean.. if someone hacks off a limb that really isnt realistic either

  1. Erin O'ragan says:

    all well and good until (macro) one group gobbles all the skilled fighters up. Then there’s no point in playing anymore.– and to head off the obvious argument, No, everyone canNot ‘get better’ you practice, and reach your level of skill based not only on the time you spend practicing, but on genetics. Eg, some will never have the eye-hand coordination others do. P.s. Pin pricks hurt some people. Others can give blood nearly without feeling it.
    (micro) you’re talking old gor, where after you lose a fight, you’re just screwed. You stay a slave because you’re “playing realistically”. Which, if you just log on because you’re addicted to bathing in weak electromagnetic fields and low level radiation, is alright. But if you log on because you like “seeing your friends” and playing with them, once you’re capped, and “playing realistically” your reason for logging on is over, because you’re “playing realistically” and you’re going to be stuck where you are. Game over.
    Also, anyone who is new, don’t bother buying weapons. They’ll do you no good. And don’t spend any money on anything that won’t make you a better slave, because 5 minutes into your time in SlGor, thats what you’re going to be. And by the way, that what you will always be, because there are people here who can run end to end through a sim, shooting and hit every target they aim for without missing once, and that’s without aimbot help. You will never beat them. You will never be able to defend yourself against them, and if they know who you are, and your purpose in life isn’t to suck their toes, then go find a different game.

    • Perhaps, does suck when people mini map and yes captured once you probably wont fight again as a free.. But there are ways to make it more thrilling.. But if i cut off someones finger they should laugh it off like some super human should least hurt… Will never be 100% realistic but should be better than 10% as it is what it seems to be now

      • Erin says:

        i’ve never played ten percent, but i’ve capped a few who have. My inclination is to drag them to a river, dump them in hogtied and leave them. Then they can tell the water “they just arent doing that” when they start drowning and cant walk out. I think half the problem is people who are so bored they’ll insist on playing along with “i just wont do that”

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