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So yeah Was bit of a quiet day but had some fun in the tavern!. FYI never talk bout me when my friends are around! Never works well! P.S. Hmmm guess this a Pre PS if there is such a thing. Pew don’t think this will turn you on as much! though never know! Haha…

This first part I was AFK for

[12:24:26] Z (zarah.habilis) nods, “Tal.”
[12:24:28] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): tal
[12:25:16] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): come in and enjoy the show, im sure the girl here will be happy to serve you as well
[12:25:59] Z (zarah.habilis) smiles dryly, “I’m fine where I am, I was wanting Nicc to serve me, but it looks like she’s daydreaming.”
[12:26:08] Ĝαiα™ ( frowns
[12:26:17] Ĝαiα™ ( “You didn’t just say that.. ” sighs
[12:26:23] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): aye she did
[12:26:29] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): all yours sis
[12:26:35] Z (zarah.habilis) shrugs, “I would have asked nicely.”
[12:26:43] Ĝαiα™ ( “I suggest you start running now..”
[12:26:52] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): aye
[12:26:59] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): nobody insults my wife
[12:27:02] Z (zarah.habilis) sighs, “You di’jan, you never change. Always with the shooting.”
[12:27:13] Ĝαiα™ ( I’m feeling rather lazy….so I’ll give you a head start..’
[12:27:31] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): thats why we are the alpha panther tribe
[12:27:40] Z (zarah.habilis): I tell you what, give me until the count of ten. That should give me a few days to get away.
[12:27:53] Ĝαiα™ ( sheathing her bow, draws her sharp pointy things.
[12:27:53] Ĝαiα™ ( .unleash
[12:27:55] kumi (kumi12) kneels and smiles” Greetings Huntresses”
[12:27:59] kumi (kumi12): tal Kajira
[12:28:01] GM 4.4: Gaia Guardian Has Captured Zarah Habilis!

Oppps! See shouldn’t say things bout me!

[12:28:04] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): tallies girl
[12:28:09] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): meet your new sister cyn
[12:28:13] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): thank you sis
[12:28:25] Ĝαiα™ ( drops the panther on her face, pulls back her arms..and binds them tightly behind her back
[12:28:27] kumi (kumi12): tal sis
[12:28:38] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): feel free to teach her to respect my wifey
[12:28:47] Ĝαiα™ ( moves to Z’s ankles wraps those just as tight and secures with capture knots
[12:29:08] Ĝαiα™ ( finally adds a leash to the binds and tightens all knots once again.
[12:29:24] Z (zarah.habilis) shakes her head to clear it a little, “Was ten asking too much of you?” She growls.
[12:29:46] Ĝαiα™ ( “Indeed it was, you are not going to enjoy what comes next..”
[12:30:10] Ĝαiα™ ( “Kumi, bring me salt please… red if we have it.”
[12:30:19] kumi (kumi12): yes Huntress
[12:30:21] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): oh wow haha
[12:30:23] Z (zarah.habilis) wriggles in her binds, “Cut me loose. Nicc is a friend of mine.”
[12:30:27] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): this gonna be interesting
[12:30:45] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): you know
[12:30:50] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): the last girl that insulted my wife
[12:30:54] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): i broke all her fingers
[12:31:05] Ĝαiα™ ( plants a boot on the panther’s neck, pinning her down. She applies enough pressure to inhibit some air flow, but still keep her conscious.
[12:31:20] kumi (kumi12) looks through all the jars finding a small bit of red, than turned with it in hand to rush to Huntresses side
[12:31:42] Z (zarah.habilis) shakes her head, then feels the pressure on her neck. She gasps a little, her eyes looking up hatefully. Her fingers twitch behind her back.
[12:32:07] kumi (kumi12) kneels and smiles holding up the jar 1/4 filled with red salt to Huntress” the salt Huntress”
[12:32:58] Ĝαiα™ ( “normally I would give another panther once chance to beg forgiveness, but I am not sure you could even if I did, foolish enough to wander into our lands along and insult. A lone panther is nothing more than a slave without a collar.”: *taking the salt from Kumi… gives her a nod* “Thank you.
[12:33:18] Ĝαiα™ ( alone*
[12:33:32] J̌їåήε (jiane.renoir): entered the region.
[12:33:50] kumi (kumi12) watches with a mix of fear and interest in this” Yes Huntress”
[12:33:51] Z (zarah.habilis) twitches her nose as she continues to glare, gargling noises coming from her mouth.
[12:36:34] Ĝαiα™ ( releases the pressure and removes her foot from the panther’s neck. Gaia then slowly slide a small quiva from her boot, and crouched next to her. Small fingers searched out the small bundle of nerves around the back of the knee. She breathed in deeply and then without warning make a small 1/2″ cut next to the nerves. “Do not move, or you wont’ walk again on this leg..”
[12:36:55] Ĝαiα™ ( made*
[12:37:26] Ĝαiα™ ( looked to kumi again.. “bring me rep cloth, long enough to tie around her knee, harta..”
[12:37:55] kumi (kumi12) runs to the kitchen”yes Huntress”
[12:38:52] kumi (kumi12): /grabs one from behind the bar and runs back” cloth Huntress”
[12:39:09] Z (zarah.habilis) gasps for air as you release the boot, she raises her head to look down at you fondling the back of her knee, “What are you doing? She yells hoarsely. She grunts as she feels a sharp pain. “Stop this! I came here to see Nicc.”

OK I finally awoke

[12:39:25] Niccole Inglewood wakes up and blinks lookind down “ohhh my Z what are you ever doing here?” she grins
[12:40:11] Z (zarah.habilis) tugs hard on her wrist binds and looks toward Nicc, “I was in the area!”
[12:40:19] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): oh
[12:40:21] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): this is z?
[12:40:27] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): havnt you been wanting her baby?
[12:41:46] Niccole Inglewood laughs hearing selene then gives a bit of a shrug “well think she enjoys ropes shackles bondage but our dear sister has her so she can cherish her for a bit” she grins giving a wink to gaia then looks down to Z even if she face down as she says”isnt that right you just love bondage, Z?” as a soft laugh escapes her lips
[12:41:53] Ĝαiα™ ( lets a small growl escape her lips as feral greens flicker to the face of the female. “You should have simply said that instead of insult..” Opening the small pouch of red salt, she took a pinch of it.. it was red because of the large amount of an iodine type substance and would cause great pain. Gaia then pressed the salt into the open wound – grabbing the rep from kumi, she bound it around Z’s knee, to keep the salt in place…”There now, suffer in silence, and if you utter one threat, or insult I will cut out your tongue next.”
[12:45:55] Z (zarah.habilis) growls, “I don’t like any ….” She howls so loud it fills the room as the salt is poured into place on the back of her knee. As it was pressed in further her body begins to tremble, her face becoming reddened, sweat pouring from her brow. She bites her teeth down hard and glowers, unable to speak at this point in any case. Her hands twist behind her back, finally balling into shaking fists.
[12:47:39] Niccole Inglewood claps her hands a few times looking around the tavern then looks back and forth between her sisters “we should make this a festive day, now which one these girls can we get to serve i could use a drink and food” she says rubbing her hands together as she start to think which lucky girl can serve us. She would raise an eye a moment looking at Gaia “maybe we strip her she might like to serve?” she says in a bit of serious abet joking fashion
[12:51:05] Ĝαiα™ ( lifted her intense gaze to Nicc and immediately it softened and gave a gentle shrug of her shoulders. “Well, if you think she has potential . She once again looked to the panther girl writhing in pain. “I think she might have different ideas other than serving at the moment.” A padded foot nudged Z in the shoulder. “Tel you what – since our En bow seems to know you, if you beg her forgiveness for what you said earlier, I will allow the slave here to cleans the salt from your wound and relieve that horrible pain you are feeling, you like this ideaZ?”
[12:53:04] Niccole Inglewood would give a quick laugh hearing Gaia as i then give her a warm friendly smile before quickly responding “No no sister she is in your hands i was merely offering it as a suggestion” then gives her a wide smile “but of course if you think she has potential in other fashions please you more than welcome to handle her” she grins rubbing her hands together “besides i love watching others deal i know a bit voyeur but hey a girl gotta get her kicks somehow!”
[12:56:18] Z (zarah.habilis) grunts loudly a few times, blowing hard between each. Finally she regains her composure enough to twist her head to look at Nicc, “I beg your forgiveness.” She growls between her still clenched teeth, before shuddering again as another wave of extreme pain shoots from the back of her knee. Her head drops to the boards beneath her and she takes some more deep breaths, her body continuing to tremble as she tries to hold in another scream of pain.
[12:59:03] Ĝαiα™ ( Hearing her words, Gaia drops to one knee and strokes a warm hand down the length of her undamaged leg. “Good girl..” she spoke in a throaty whisper. Turning her head she glanced back to cyn. “slave, bring a pitcher of warm water and another rep clothe, rinse the salt from her wound, then re-bandage her leg. Rising to her feet she looked to Nicc.. “I hope you accept this Nicc..I believe she means it..” chuckling softly.
[13:00:07] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): takes a platter and brings rep cloths on it and a pitcher of warm water from the pot over the fire
[13:00:42] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): lifting up the platter with the cloths and warm water
[13:02:01] Z (zarah.habilis) continues blowing hard, her head pressed to the floor boards. Her nose twitches a little with contempt as she feels Gaia’s hand on her leg, though soon enough it is lost as her whole face wrinkles from another wave of pain.
[13:02:45] Niccole Inglewood grins hearing Z’s words then listening to Gaia as she would give the crown of her nose a scratch for a moment then glances towards Gaia. “Hmmm well yes did sound convincing to me, yes it did feel sincere” as a smile forms on her face “yes yes least we can treat her nice in our ropes long as she remains if you do decide to have her serve maybe let her keep some dignity, but that is Totally! your call” she grins “i do know you like some good breasts to look at and Z’s arent bad if i recall” she laughs
[13:04:29] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): your rep cloths and warm water Mistress
[13:06:05] Ĝαiα™ ( snorts with laughter at Nicc’s words, she gave a shake of her head and hand toyed with her feathers that were laced into her hair. “Nicc, if I remember correctly it is YOU that is obsessed with boobies..” she winks and glances back to Z. “You’ll feel better soon Z, I won’t make you serve as I know that might be painful, but I do think that given a brush, you should brush out any tankles from Cyn’s hair…since she is the one to relieve your pain.” “Cyn, rince the salt from the wounds and rebandage her knee please.”
[13:06:29] Ĝαiα™ ( tangles*
[13:06:38] Niccole Inglewood sees Kumi away as she would give a quick snap and dominating and intimidating voice as she says “amara, i wish a drink something lite like water” she says before deciding to take a seat on the round pillow at my feet to relax a bit
[13:06:40] Ĝαiα™ ( gah… rinse*
[13:07:28] kumi (kumi12) hear’s my name and snaps to it” yes Huntress”
[13:09:13] kumi (kumi12) pulls a mug down off the shelf ensuring it is clean and soft on the rim , and returns to my sister’s side to fill it with the cool water from the pitcher
[13:09:16] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): then taking the pitcher and rinsing the salt from the wound
[13:09:40] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): catching it with a rep cloth
[13:10:02] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): rinsing it again to make sure all of the salt is gone
[13:10:16] Ĝαiα™ ( smiles at cyn, as she completes the task given..
[13:10:19] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): sister do we have any salve
[13:10:37] Ĝαiα™ ( “No salve Cyn… just bandage her now.”
[13:10:40] Niccole Inglewood rests on the pillow letting out a bit of breath then hears my name as i look back to Gaia before giving a bit of a playful laugh “ohhh right that is me!” she grins as she quickly lokos to Z for a reaction then looks back to gaia “well i respect her though so will only look if she freely allows to show me them” she snickers before turning to look towards her love “but none are better than my wifes to look at” she grins
[13:10:43] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): yes Mistress
[13:10:59] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): girl bandages the wound carefully tying it off with a knot
[13:11:13] kumi (kumi12) comes near my sister and waits till she puts down the pitcher, taking it from beside her and filling the mug with water, placing it back down and turning onmy knees to go to Mistress
[13:12:07] Z (zarah.habilis) grinds her teeth between waves of pain, her mind whirling. Holding her tongue made easier since the pain throttles anything but grunts and yells. She shudders again as the cloth is removed, biting down hard as each dab of the damp rag causes her more pain. Finally as the bandage is wound into place she sighs with relief, though still breathing hard.
[13:13:25] Ĝαiα™ ( waits until Cyn is finished and then helps Z to her bottom. Gaia then loosens the binds at her ankles so she can rest comfortably between her and Nicc. A finger snaps to the cyn and points to the spot between Z’s thighs.. “Kneel here Cyn, and our lovely Z will brush your hair.. such lovely blond hair too.”
[13:13:32] (GM)Bindings: Gaia Guardian loosens Zarah Habilis’s feet allowing them to walk.
[13:14:16] kumi (kumi12) rushes to the Huntress side and holds out the water to her with a sweet smiles” your water Huntress may it please you this day, as girl hopes her serve does ”
[13:15:35] Ĝαiα™ ( then rebinds Z’s hands to the front of her body and places a comb in her right hand. “Do a good job and do not hurt the slave.”
[13:16:07] Z (zarah.habilis) spins round on her butt, wincing again as she moves the leg. Her teeth continue to grind as she presses her foot down on the ground a little harder to see how weight she can withstand on the wound.
[13:17:38] Niccole Inglewood smiles to amara as she takes the water from her and takes a bit of a refreshing sip as a very low audiable Ah escapes her lips after.. Her attention would focus back on her sister Gaia with her captive watching her treat her with respect as she take another sip before responding “well if anyone dare says your unfair to captured people i will refute that as you seemingly treated Z well, sis” she then gives gaia a smile and takes a few more sips of water looking to Z then says “admit it your now free and primping a slave how many other tribes would done something like that with a captive” she grins
[13:17:41] Ĝαiα™ ( grips the leash of Z tightly…
[13:18:50] Ĝαiα™ ( reaches down…and caresses the side of kumi’s cheeks. “thank you kumi, you did well helping me, as did cyn..”
[13:19:37] Z (zarah.habilis) glares up at Nicc with eyes that would wither a flower. She says nothing, but her red face twitches clearly showing her internal rage.
[13:20:21] kumi (kumi12) presses my cheek to her hand and purrs” thank you Huntress”
[13:21:44] kumi (kumi12) looks at the pit and smiles, than looks at the Huntress” Huntress , was girl good today. if so may she ask a favor”
[13:24:57] Ĝαiα™ ( thank you..” smiles.. nudges Z with her boot again. “Remember, I hear one yelp from the slave….” winks over at Nicc.
[13:27:36] Z (zarah.habilis) nose twitches again as she feels the boot in her side. SHe grips the comb so tightly it turns her knuckles white. As the girl takes her place between her thighs, she leans in and growls softly in her ear, “Make one sound and I won’t be the only one to suffer.” She then reaches up and drags the comb down the length of the girls hair, caring little for knots or any other obstruction. Her face remains red, her eyes still glaring at Nicc.
[13:28:24] Niccole Inglewood sees Z’s glare to her as she would shake her head before taking another sip of her drink then out the corner her eye se Gaia wink she would then finally blurt out in a laugh “ohh now could be worse you could be naked on a cross having odin know’s what to ya” she says as she watches Z combing the girls hair now
[13:29:10] Ĝαiα™ ( joins in with the laughter as the proud panther girl suffers in silence.. she then feels oddly sorry for cyn, as this might not end up painless for her.
[13:30:03] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): girl sits quietly thankful for her hair being brushed
[13:32:24] Z (zarah.habilis) rakes the comb through the hair again, her face twisting almost as if she is in pain again as she holds her tongue. Again and again she pulls the comb through the hair, not even watching what she is doing, simply dragging it.
[13:32:50] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): girl feels the comb through her hair
[13:32:53] Z (zarah.habilis) head darts around to the girl, she shoots another glare, lifting her hand and tossing the comb at the girl.
[13:33:33] kumi (kumi12) reels back and holds my eye as the comb hits me dead on” owwwwwwwwww”
[13:34:05] Z (zarah.habilis) snarls as she tries to pull herself to her feet. “Enough of this.” She barks.
[13:34:42] Ĝαiα™ ( laughs and yanks the leash of Z… “Behave remember, your tongue is at stake..”
[13:35:47] Z (zarah.habilis) eyes narrow on Gaia. “This is too much.” She growls. Untie me and and I will be gone. You won’t see me here any more. I have no need of being friends with Nicc any more.”
[13:36:02] kumi (kumi12): in a fit of rage i rush behind her and punch z in her wound hard” there slut”
[13:36:49] Ĝαiα™ ( reaches over and pinches amara’s ass.. “I thought you were kenneling.. go now, harta..”
[13:36:59] Z (zarah.habilis) buckles to the floor howling, Instinctively she slps the knife from her thigh lifting it swiftly to the girls throat as she growls.
[13:37:36] Ĝαiα™ ( springs to action…and pulls Z away from the slaves.. quickly. “That will cost you..”
[13:37:39] Niccole Inglewood lets a long sigh out hearing Z and shakes her head “now thats not nice Z what do you expect from me?” she asks with a bit of a pout then rests her hands on her chin staring into the sand “heard you came asking i serve like me being a slut then you expect me to cut you free?”
[13:39:06] Ĝαiα™ ( pins her bound hands down and removes the dagger, keeping it for herself. “Nicc, she almost slit amara’s throat.. what do you wish done with her now, for if you leave it to me..I will surely end her life here and now.”
[13:40:43] Z (zarah.habilis) tumbles sideways still gripping the knife tightly in her hands. She struggles as you Yank it from her growling furiously, “If I had wanted the girl dead, she would be dead already.”
[13:41:27] Ĝαiα™ ( “Your life lays in Nicc’s next words panther girl, I suggest you keep that in words you speak.”
[13:41:37] Ĝαiα™ ( the next*
[13:41:55] Niccole Inglewood rasises a brow looking over to Gaia then Z then shakes her head “well now im in a pickle, Gaia i mean Z is an old friend so i really dont want to see her life taken but obviously we should protect our tribe” she sighs again then continues “maybe something more scary than death?” she asks back
[13:43:04] Z (zarah.habilis) head spins around to face Nicc, panting hard, her glare remains stone cold. “Cut me free. You will never see me again.”
[13:43:42] Ĝαiα™ ( frowns, understanding Nicc’s loyalty to a friend, hissing angrily she drags the girl back to Nicc’s side and tosses the leash down. “She is yours now..”
[13:44:44] Niccole Inglewood shakes her head looking to Z “but i like you what would you do if i came in to the old Luna Jerag camp shouting i wanted you to serve me drinks and mars captured me then i took a dagger to a luna slave hmm?” she asks
[13:47:50] Z (zarah.habilis) stumbles to Nicc’s side, wincing with every step. “If you liked me you would not have let her do what she did to me.” She nods her head in Gaia’s direction. “I came only to share a drink with an old friend, it is not my fault that your new sisters lack humor.” Her eyes narrow a little, “As for the girl…would you have done any less if she treated you that way?”
[13:50:03] Niccole Inglewood looks as the leash is plopped down onto the ground i would pick it up and hold it up towards Gaia before saying “do what you think is right sister my loyality is to our tribe first ive offered Z a place here in a sister hood again and she denies even if its just a slave she is a dijan” as she turns looking to Z hearing her “i was a sleep, but i am your friend but so is my sister gaia what do you expect me to do i dont take captives away from my sisters even if it hurts me because its a friend i give my sisters the respect im sure you would do the same
[13:50:19] Ĝαiα™ ( twitches, her chin lifts and she smells the air… “Nicc, I smell unfamiliar scents on the wind and the billow of sails.. ”
[13:51:08] Z (zarah.habilis) smiles darkly, “Sounds like trouble is coming. You would do well to cut my binds.”
[13:51:09] Niccole Inglewood: no time
[13:51:10] Niccole Inglewood: fuck

Incoming Raid! Forests Moons… Was boring Really and the end of the RP 😛
More to come!

PS the Fight LOL!

[13:52:18] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured lisett Elton!
[13:52:22] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured sharon1970 Bade!
[13:52:32] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured LaurenLabelle Resident!
[13:52:51] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured smurf1234 Resident!
[13:52:56] GM 4.4: Gaia Guardian Has Captured AbraAdar Resident!
[13:53:07] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured SapphireSphinx Resident!

The one hit I hit Gaia with! Sorry Sister!

[13:53:18] Primus Diabolus Sword 3.27 (sm): You hit Gaia Guardian
[13:53:18] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured Gaia Guardian!

Sorry Sis! ok the rest!

[13:53:37] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured MoonStar Mahogany!
[13:57:22] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured lisett Elton!
[13:57:33] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured sharon1970 Bade!

They really not good LOL

Group Chat of it

[13:50:34] Ĝαiα™ ( incomming
[13:51:23] Niccole Inglewood: oh snap
[13:53:59] Ĝαiα™ ( you killed them all
[13:54:25] Ĝαiα™ ( LMAO Nicc


IM Back!

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Thats right I am returning not sure who all follows but i am going to be doing some adventures soon so Keep in tuned…. 

Small Update Not sure if i said but i have returned to my Old Tribe in Di Jan.. We have moved sims even.. 


We are truely the first tribe to go Direct Only and I think most have enjoyed 

edit: I know of at least 1 other that is direct there might be a couple more small insignificant tribes but hopefully more will switch.. Gor is going that Direction or they will fall behind.. And to add Meter Settings isnt about fighting its about fun and realism

Well Hello again.. been awhile but would check in with a Roleplay… So Enjoy…

I will try to post more RPs up too think i can get some good ones and juicy ones too eventually :p


[07:23:06] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): what are they doing sister
[07:23:21] blueberry (erin1bechauf): looks like they are boating
[07:23:27] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): brave haha
[07:24:19] blueberry (erin1bechauf): or stupid
[07:24:29] blueberry (erin1bechauf): blue say stupid
[07:24:43] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes skylar too
[07:24:58] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): though seems the Mistress’s are still bit sleepy they might be ok for now
[07:25:21] blueberry (erin1bechauf): all they have to do is worry about us
[07:25:31] blueberry (erin1bechauf): they scared
[07:26:02] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) nods
[07:28:31] blueberry (erin1bechauf): welcome home
[07:28:48] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): thanks glad to see you home too! place was aweful
[07:31:49] blueberry (erin1bechauf): yes it was
[07:32:34] blueberry (erin1bechauf): just glad we are out
[07:34:32] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes me too especially after thaier slave girl used me *shivers*
[07:34:50] blueberry (erin1bechauf): she used you how did she use you
[07:35:27] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): her fingers but better her than those beasts
[07:35:47] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “was it pleasurable ”
[07:36:48] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): im bred pleasure slave if i orgasm then to me i did my job if i dont then feels like i failed
[07:36:49] Woods (pantherwoods): greetings there girls
[07:37:05] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): greetings Mistress
[07:37:10] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): *narrows her eyes*
[07:37:27] Ani (danie.wiskee) shouts: Tal there huntress, can we help you?
[07:37:51] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): seems mistress’s are awke you cant get our paga today!
[07:38:02] Woods (pantherwoods) shouts: tal there
[07:38:43] Woods (pantherwoods): laughs maybe hunting something besides paga today
[07:39:04] Ani (danie.wiskee) shouts: anything i can help you with?
[07:39:16] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) gulps for a moment then look to her and says”well hopefully they are ugly creatures you hunt”
[07:39:22] blueberry (erin1bechauf): greetigs Mistress
[07:39:45] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “huntig here is bad Mistress, try gimli ”
[07:40:08] Woods (pantherwoods) shouts: no just out enjoy the night air
[07:40:37] Ani (danie.wiskee): tal ….. this is easier, no need to shout
[07:40:41] Woods (pantherwoods): laughs gimli now why would i want to hunt there girls
[07:41:02] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) frowns
[07:41:10] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): not nice to hunt girls, Mistress
[07:41:27] Woods (pantherwoods): o wait you two the girls with the Kur from there
[07:41:42] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “no Mistress, that wasnt us ”
[07:41:44] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) bites her lip hearing her
[07:41:53] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes think you have us Mistaken
[07:42:09] Ani (danie.wiskee) frowns “if that is the reason for you to be here, I think you better leave, these two are under our protection huntress
[07:42:41] Woods (pantherwoods): umm now now girls not good to lie to one who went out of her way for a friend to try and help you two last night
[07:43:18] Ani (danie.wiskee): what happened last night? *looks down to blue*
[07:43:18] Kristin Kastielle (dvath) shouts: everything ok, sis
[07:43:34] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “we are not lying Mistress”
[07:43:42] Ani (danie.wiskee) shouts: So far ….. yes
[07:43:49] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): skylar would never lie
[07:44:07] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “we have never seen this huntress or made the aquaintence of a kur”
[07:44:21] Woods (pantherwoods): well i was in gimli using my contacts with Kur for other girls then
[07:44:29] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): i seen this uhuntress in our camp stealing our paga
[07:44:37] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): but not outside our camp
[07:44:42] Woods (pantherwoods): so i guess the HUntress is out to?
[07:45:15] Ani (danie.wiskee): Ooh ….. *looks to the stranger* ….. you like our paga?
[07:45:40] Woods (pantherwoods): was not bad i gave the dark haired one candy for some
[07:45:45] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): i just woke up, mistress and im just a slave information of lost Mistreass’s are not a slaves concern
[07:46:29] Ani (danie.wiskee): well, we have something in comon then ……. maybe, next time you pass by, we should have a bowl together *smiles*
[07:47:24] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): she stole Mistress!” then looks down after her outburst
[07:47:26] Woods (pantherwoods): nods sure always in for some paga smiles
[07:48:01] Woods (pantherwoods): now now girl is not stealing when i give you candy for it
[07:48:04] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “thieves get their ears notched”, she mutters
[07:48:32] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): candy is no value compared to paga
[07:48:47] Woods (pantherwoods): shrugs you took it girl
[07:49:00] Woods (pantherwoods): laughs so must been valueable enouhg
[07:49:01] Ani (danie.wiskee) turns her head and looks to sky over her shoulder “Now, you two ……. shush!” then to blue “it’s not eye for eye blue”
[07:49:04] Woods (pantherwoods): enough*
[07:49:34] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) nods “yes Mistress”
[07:49:57] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “just saying Mistress you steal yout get notched , you steal agai you get notched”
[07:50:23] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): sister shhh before we get put in stockades
[07:50:59] Ani (danie.wiskee) turns back to the huntress “Naturally, if I would catch you stealing, i would have to fight you, but that’s what i’m saying ……. better get invited
[07:51:09] Woods (pantherwoods): mouthy slaves i believe i trade them back to the Kur
[07:51:34] Ani (danie.wiskee): well, you would have to walk over me first
[07:51:49] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “that wha t happens, look at my ears”
[07:51:53] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) nautrall defenders herself and says”Mistress Skylar shot rocks at herwhen she left” then bites her tonge and looks down s”sory to speak Msitress”
[07:52:42] Woods (pantherwoods): laughs they don’t listen well at all such lack of obey in them
[07:53:07] Ani (danie.wiskee) turns back “If i hear another word, I will have to let your owners know ….. is that clear enough?”
[07:53:43] Ani (danie.wiskee): Now ….. both of you …… to camp *points with her finger to the camp bridge* Off you go
[07:53:53] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes Mistress but skylar was defending home against the theif here
[07:54:09] blueberry (erin1bechauf) grabs a chunk of sky’s butt and pinces
[07:54:17] Ani (danie.wiskee) grrrrr
[07:54:44] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) yelps out and turns and looks to blue “sister that hurts!”
[07:55:11] Ani (danie.wiskee) turns back to the huntress “So ….. you don’t wana join …. by any chance?” trying desperatly to change subject
[07:55:22] blueberry (erin1bechauf) giggles then rub it
[07:56:02] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) smiles feeling it rubbed as she hears and decide best not correct the Msitress even though other was a theif
[07:56:17] Woods (pantherwoods): well points behind all slaves like these two chcuckles
[07:56:18] blueberry (erin1bechauf) whispers in sky ear “she steals slaves, we not safe if she joins”
[07:57:14] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) whisper back “yes i new there was a reason she was in camp taking paga teseting how easy was to steal girls”
[07:57:18] Ani (danie.wiskee): 7me shakes her head “Naa …… these two are …. *coughs* eehm …. they are good girls in general”
[07:57:26] Woods (pantherwoods): laughs girl slaves are just dead weight to a Huntress if nothing of value close in hand
[07:58:01] Woods (pantherwoods): if i wanted you girl i took you yesterday laughs
[07:59:23] Ani (danie.wiskee): now huntress, please ….. if you are here for trouble, we should clear it right away, if not, well then …… I can bring you to the boat if you like
[07:59:36] Ani (danie.wiskee): ((i will have to go rl soon))
[07:59:48] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “one with holes Mistress”
[08:00:49] Woods (pantherwoods): here for no trouble was only seeing if was any need to continue working my contacts for your lost girls location
[08:01:04] Woods (pantherwoods): so if there home is nothing to trade for so i be on my way
[08:01:51] Ani (danie.wiskee) turns looking over her shoulder “you two still here?” back to the huntress “Na… as you can see they are sound and safe here”
[08:02:01] Woods (pantherwoods): but i do hate i risked contact with a kur for such mouthy girls laughs
[08:02:12] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes Mistress
[08:02:33] Woods (pantherwoods): be well Huntress
[08:03:10] Ani (danie.wiskee) shouts: be well
[08:03:34] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “better to say good riddes to a thief Mistress now she will come back”
[08:04:03] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): me nods”yes she will return i think to take more paga as she say was easy”
[08:04:17] Ani (danie.wiskee) looks at the two girls and taps her foot “this …… will have consequences girls”
[08:05:20] Ani (danie.wiskee) crosses her arms “have you got any idea of what my bow skills are?”
[08:05:34] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “yes Mistress next time that Huntress comes back to steal paga , we cage her”
[08:05:42] Ani (danie.wiskee): comon …. answer me
[08:05:43] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) frowns “but was just trying to defend, Mistress.. no mistress girl does not”
[08:05:47] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “no MIstress , not really ”
[08:06:04] Ani (danie.wiskee): the are ….. hhmmm lets say …. none existant
[08:06:20] Ani (danie.wiskee): so …….
[08:06:40] Ani (danie.wiskee): when i’m trying to save YOUR asses as well as mine by …..
[08:07:16] Ani (danie.wiskee): TALKING me out of …..a mess …… I would appreciate that you help me instead of …….. sabotaging me
[08:07:59] Ani (danie.wiskee): am i making myself clear?
[08:08:18] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “yes Mistress”
[08:08:24] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) nods”yes Mistress we are sorry im sure my sister would enjoy punishment for her actions” she says being a devious girl at times
[08:08:28] Ani (danie.wiskee): ((Uuuh I really have to go girls))
[08:08:39] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ((ok))
[08:09:14] blueberry (erin1bechauf) pinches your bottom again “no”
[08:09:20] Ani (danie.wiskee): basicly *looks to sky* punishment would have to be shared
[08:09:22] blueberry (erin1bechauf): ((by))
[08:09:41] Ani (danie.wiskee): i’ll think about it ….. now ……
[08:09:46] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “yes Mistress, more for sky then for blue ”
[08:09:47] Ani (danie.wiskee) shouts: GET INTO CAMP
[08:09:47] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) squeals and swings her hand towards yours feeling the pinch “hey im not a pin cushion!”
[08:10:11] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) gasps hearing her shout “yes Mistress”
[08:10:24] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “smiles you will be mine …giggles”
[08:10:37] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) turns and pinches blues nipple then runs into camp
[08:10:38] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “Yes Mistress, we go to camp ”
[08:10:51] Ani (danie.wiskee): ((bye bye and thanks for rp))
[08:10:57] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “playfully smacks sky’s breast
[08:11:00] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ty too__
[08:11:01] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ))
[08:11:30] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): hmm maybe she wont know we went into camp *giggles*
[08:11:32] blueberry (erin1bechauf): we can guard the bridge
[08:11:59] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes brige is camp guardign is good and we are in camp technically
[08:12:16] blueberry (erin1bechauf): thats how blue sees it
[08:13:36] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) nods “yes and without candy no passage to others!” *laughs*
[08:23:40] blueberry (erin1bechauf): blue agrees no candy no entrance
[08:24:27] blueberry (erin1bechauf): but we maybe waitingg for a while
[08:24:30] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) giggles then pnches Blues butt then quickly puls my hand away and hums
[08:24:52] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ohh yes but will be worth it *Nods* im sure we can get alot of candy from the right person
[08:25:47] blueberry (erin1bechauf): brb
[08:30:34] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ok 🙂
[08:32:43] blueberry (erin1bechauf): no one is coming
[08:33:03] blueberry (erin1bechauf): maybe we should go to a different place and ask for candy
[08:33:14] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): hmmm good idea where you suggest?
[08:33:56] blueberry (erin1bechauf): i would say gimli but far away from the kur
[08:34:11] blueberry (erin1bechauf): unless you have a nicer spot pick out
[08:34:20] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): hmm
[08:34:44] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): i really dont know of any place suppose can be opposite the kurii maybe they wont notice
[08:35:12] blueberry (erin1bechauf): there are alot of places we can go
[08:35:23] blueberry (erin1bechauf): but maybe we stay away from the kur
[08:35:31] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): sounds good
[08:35:35] blueberry (erin1bechauf): larilus post has a in
[08:35:38] blueberry (erin1bechauf): *inn
[08:35:41] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): mmm maybe i should dress
[08:35:46] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ohhh in
[08:35:46] blueberry (erin1bechauf): me to
[08:36:13] blueberry (erin1bechauf): ((i just noticed i have a dr’s appt in 30 minutes
[08:36:30] blueberry (erin1bechauf): I should log ))
[08:39:15] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): awwe oke we can go later 🙂 ))
[08:41:09] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) looks to her sister saying “i will wait for you to awaken from your nap then we can go on candy bridge duty!”
[08:44:20] blueberry (erin1bechauf): ” stay strong sister , no oe passes ”
[08:45:10] blueberry (erin1bechauf): *one
[08:45:14] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes sister
[08:45:25] Fiona Collar: erin1bechauf would like give you a hug. Click [Yes] to accept.
[08:45:32] Fiona Collar: If you would like to stop the animation early, say /99stop to stop.
[08:45:32] erin1bechauf gives SkylarrDark a big hug.
[09:11:15] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): one candy to pass Mistress
[09:11:21] Lil Trouble (christina.males): talliez girl
[09:11:42] Lil Trouble (christina.males): what? i live here
[09:11:48] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): greetings Mistress
[09:12:09] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) frowns “im not sweet enough for a piece of candy?”
[09:13:04] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) looks up “ohhh naked well sighs suppose my sister be upset but you can pass seeing you have no clothing, Mistress”
[09:13:04] Lil Trouble (christina.males): yours sweet enough but look where would i have candy .. best i can do now is a sweet soft kiss
[09:13:14] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ohh deal!
[09:13:43] Hug & Kiss 2.02 Deluxe: Christina Males invited you to a couple animation, choose ‘yes’ to accept
[09:13:51] Hug & Kiss 2.02 Deluxe: say /50stop to stop the animation prematurely
[09:14:04] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) kisses the Mistress
[09:14:34] Lil Trouble (christina.males): pulls her up gives her a long soft kiss tasting her sweet lips
[09:14:38] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) steps aside “thank you lovely Mistress i wish you a good day”
[09:15:01] Lil Trouble (christina.males): gigglez .. thank you sweety
[09:18:29] Cally (cally.seetan): greetings girl
[09:18:32] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): one piece of candy for passage Mistress
[09:18:32] Cally (cally.seetan): all ok ?
[09:18:49] Cally (cally.seetan): smiles and cuffs your ears…” cheeky minx !”
[09:19:18] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) frowns need toll to pass
[09:24:43] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): one candy to pass mistress
[09:24:53] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): excuse me?
[09:25:08] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) nods”yes one candy toll for bridge” giggles
[09:25:28] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): and if I refuse?
[09:26:09] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) scratches her head “umm ummm dont know mistress i just collecting” looks down
[09:26:52] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): sounds to me like you were giving a free panther a command.
[09:27:32] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) binks “ummm nooo more a request for a sweet girl” smiles then looks back down
[09:30:07] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): I see. there are those who would not look kindly to a girl doing that, but I see you as an enterprising type of girl, trying to stimulate the Di’Jan economy. Therefore, if any asks by whose authority you collect, tell them Kristin the Slaver has done so. I will, of course, expect you to give me half of all candies you collect.
[09:31:49] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes Mistress was my sisters idea too though she wants to find busier paths” *giggles* “yes 1/2 of our profits think will do” she smiles sweetly to the Mistress slaver wondering how she will know what 1/2 is if me and my sister dont say
[09:33:00] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): very well. now tell me, girl. who is your owner?
[09:34:19] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) bites her lip not able to speak a frees name as she says”Slaver Misterss with erm dark har” sighs “theres two it appears now mistress that fit that description and girl cant speak a frees name”
[09:34:58] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): sounds like Devi to me. Is that right, girl?
[09:35:13] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) nods and smiles “yes mistress she is my Mistress”
[09:35:16] Jay (jaycinda): Tal Sister…greetings girl.
[09:35:52] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): tal sis. and I hear congrats are in order
[09:35:56] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): i need to afk for 10-15 minutes Mistress’s sorry this is good fun rp 🙂 ))
[09:35:59] Jay (jaycinda): smiles..Yes.
[09:36:26] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): excellent
[09:36:41] Jay (jaycinda): Going to try My hardest to past the three tests…
[09:37:15] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): they are not that tough. well, except for the mission. that depends on who you get to assign it.
[09:37:34] Jay (jaycinda): mission?
[09:37:42] Jay (jaycinda): gulps
[09:38:30] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): smiles….yes. that’s the third test. first is Gor knowledge. second is camp defense. third is a mission. have you thought about which speciality you might wish to pursue?
[09:38:54] Jay (jaycinda): I’m just tryin to get thru the day without screwing up lol
[09:39:33] Jay (jaycinda): thought about being a slaver….
[09:39:39] Jay (jaycinda): or somthing else.
[09:39:43] Jay (jaycinda): havent decided yet.
[09:39:47] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): lol…..ok. it’s not hard. just some exercises to weed out those not really interested.
[09:40:00] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): and can be a lot of fun too
[09:40:28] Jay (jaycinda): how so?
[09:40:37] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): how so what?
[09:41:13] Jay (jaycinda): how can it be alot of fun?
[09:41:46] Jay (jaycinda): I have never gotten to see a slaver in action. I was going to train to be on but the person that was suppose to train Me left.
[09:42:07] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): well, for camp defense, you get to shoot sisters (of course, get shot at also)
[09:42:33] Jay (jaycinda): yay! shooting!
[09:43:09] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): and the mission, it just depends. for a Slaver, the mission is typically rp’ing with a captive
[09:43:29] Jay (jaycinda): Oh ok.
[09:43:55] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): for scouting, going to another sim and bringing back some specific type of information (with or without being caught)
[09:44:17] Jay (jaycinda): nods
[09:44:50] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): or maybe trading for something or rp’ing with someone at another sim or….there are many possibilities
[09:46:51] Jay (jaycinda): Ah ok.
[09:47:48] Jay (jaycinda): well slaver doesent sound so hard.
[09:48:44] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): shrugs….perhaps too easy. I became a Slaver because at the time, we only had one and that was the need. It’s kind of boring at times.
[09:48:53] Jay (jaycinda): But it takes patience and dedication to the craft in order to udnerstand it.
[09:48:56] Jay (jaycinda): Or so I was told
[09:48:59] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): well, if it isn’t trouble
[09:49:05] Lil Trouble (christina.males): talliez
[09:49:05] Jay (jaycinda): Tal trouble.
[09:49:17] Jay (jaycinda): remeber seeing her naked and blushes biting back a smile.
[09:49:38] Kristin Kastielle (dvath) shouts: SHORTY!!!!!
[09:49:53] Leyla Gavilan shouts: AIEEEE!!
[09:50:00] Lil Trouble (christina.males): i owe somebody arrows
[09:50:13] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): yep. got Shorty’s mark on it
[09:51:20] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): the fun part about being a Slaver is playing with, I mean, training our slaves
[09:51:27] Jay (jaycinda): laughs
[09:51:41] Jay (jaycinda): I was gone for a month so I am a bit rusty
[09:51:59] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): rust isn’t a problem. they’ve all had their shots
[09:52:23] Lil Trouble left the region.
[09:52:31] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): oh, that’s the other mission. healing and curing diseases
[09:52:32] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): back ))
[09:52:44] Jay (jaycinda): lol!
[09:52:48] Jay (jaycinda): wb))
[09:52:50] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): ohhh greetings Mistress
[09:53:09] Jay (jaycinda): Now what is all this I hear about a certain slave having the Sisters pay a toll in candy?
[09:53:14] Jay (jaycinda): folds My arms and raises an eyebrow
[09:54:29] Jay (jaycinda): pulls a piece of shiny candy out of My pouch and pops it in My mouth
[09:54:38] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): never got that traning *giggles* having heard in her sleep then looks to the other “ummm there was no having Mistress more a less a tokin of having a lovely slaves guard your bridge” nods thinking her and her sister have to come up with better terminology
[09:55:10] Jay (jaycinda): Nods and pops another piece in My mouth.
[09:55:19] Jay (jaycinda): Sorry they are jellly beans….really good.
[09:55:32] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): guard? and just how do you intend to stop someone from crossing the bridge, girl?
[09:55:44] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) hears her and looks up lowering her eyes seeing the candy
[09:55:48] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): mmmm
[09:55:55] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): my dashing looks mistress?
[09:56:18] Jay (jaycinda): almost chokes on the candy and starts to laugh
[09:56:20] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): and blues too *pokes her sleeping sister blue*
[09:57:16] Jay (jaycinda): so does that mean We can cross the bridge wihtout givng candy to the bridge guard or do we still ahve to hadn it over?
[09:57:27] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): dashing? and what is to prevent you from ‘dashing’ off at the first sign of danger?
[09:57:34] Jay (jaycinda): pops another jelly bean in My mouth and chews
[09:57:37] Jay (jaycinda): snorts.
[09:58:20] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) whimpers seeing jay the look back to kristin and says “girl is strong willed Mistress she faced kurii” she nods fast
[09:59:58] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): frowns and looks thoughtful…..hmmmm..I don’t know. perhaps I should chain you to these posts. that way you’d also serve as an obstacle and be safe from any who might want to pilfer you. otherwise, we would have to stand guard over you.
[10:00:40] Jay (jaycinda): giggles.
[10:00:53] Jay (jaycinda): actually that is true Sister
[10:01:06] Jay (jaycinda): this lil girl here faced down a kuri twie her size
[10:01:06] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) looks up, “but mistress then the enterprise wont be as successful and you wont get as much candy”
[10:01:37] Jay (jaycinda): leans over and places a jellybean on the girls thigh…its strawberry…careful they are very addicting.
[10:02:06] Jay (jaycinda): hears footsteps and turn
[10:02:06] Leyla Gavilan: Tal sisters.. and Sky.. SKy
[10:02:14] Jay (jaycinda): Tal.
[10:02:26] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): tal sis. got any candy?
[10:02:27] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) discreetly covers the candy with her hand then sees the other and says”greetings Mistress.. one candy to cross”
[10:02:57] Leyla Gavilan: Candy.. you know so well i am candy queen.. Kristin… *chuckles*
[10:03:55] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) looks to the Candy queen and think she need to rethink her prices but wouldnt dare being her Mistress’s and home
[10:04:44] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): Leyla, give the girl four candies so we can all cross the bridge
[10:04:49] Jay (jaycinda): sees the other isster and gives a wave
[10:04:54] Jay (jaycinda): I already gave her My candy
[10:04:55] Jay (jaycinda): here
[10:05:02] Tig Gavilan (tigger8): smiles and waves back
[10:05:04] Jay (jaycinda): pulls out diffrent color jellybeans and hand sthem to sky
[10:05:12] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): pokes her sis in the ribs…..ssshhhh
[10:05:23] Jay (jaycinda): ya’ll are all set that should kep her busy for a while
[10:05:27] Leyla Gavilan: what?.. my candies? Leyla dont share her candies… *sulking*
[10:05:53] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) frowns “Mistress Candy Queen.. if not for the toll but for my dashing looks?” flutters her eyes
[10:05:55] Tig Gavilan (tigger8): shakes her head…” Ley is tight as you can get over candies !”
[10:06:31] Jay (jaycinda): pops another bean and listens to the conversation
[10:06:41] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) sees jays hand as she takes the four she woudl slip them into her puch and says”ohh thank you Mistress girl wishes you a great day and good hunts!”
[10:06:44] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): not even to help one of your best friends in Di’Jan?
[10:07:08] Jay (jaycinda): smiles and winks at sky
[10:07:13] Leyla Gavilan: hmmm.. narow eyes on Sky… and put hand into quiver, where is more candies than arrows….”I give you some lil, but…. dont use on it…”
[10:07:45] Tig Gavilan (tigger8): gasps and looks genuinely shocked
[10:08:30] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): looks innocent as she notes where one of Leyla’s candy stashes is located
[10:08:34] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) wiggles and takes and thinks sister blue will be jealous when she awakens wondering if i should tell her the thinks deviously as devious as a slave can think then says”thank you mistress i wish you a great day and strong hunts!”
[10:09:22] Leyla Gavilan: Here….”drop hand full of small and different coloured candies into Sky´s lap
[10:09:49] Jay (jaycinda): shes gonna need a green if she eats all that candy
[10:09:50] Jay (jaycinda): laughs
[10:10:01] Jay (jaycinda): then again she might turn green…lol
[10:10:29] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): noo Mistress.. candy like coin to a girl can use for lots of things”
[10:10:31] Tig Gavilan (tigger8): laughs….or we could wedge her onto the bridge then no one can cross
[10:10:39] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): Martina has a lot of syringes, right Leyla?
[10:11:20] Leyla Gavilan: ehm… yes.. my mom testing all of them on me… *whisper*
[10:11:46] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) shivers hearing needles and shakes her head “girl wont eat all at once as she has to keep ready for her Mistress’s
[10:15:00] Jay (jaycinda): I am ging to make My way back to camp keep up the good work.
[10:15:14] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): well wishes Mistress
[10:15:22] Leyla Gavilan shouts: be safe sis!!
[10:15:32] Jay (jaycinda): gives a smile and a wave and walks away
[10:16:08] Leyla Gavilan: Hey, Long Legs… you shput something on me? *grins and looks on Kristin*
[10:16:14] Leyla Gavilan: shout/
[10:16:25] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): who? me?
[10:16:29] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): hugs her sister
[10:16:31] Leyla Gavilan: yes.. you
[10:16:57] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): scratches her head…’t think so
[10:17:20] Leyla Gavilan: hmm… maybe some halucinations
[10:17:26] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “tal sis , are you staying strong ”
[10:18:15] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) smiles”yes sister” she whispers “got candy from our lovely mistress’s” she says showing her the small pouch full
[10:19:31] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): though the Mistress’s have yet to pass maybe can get some more with your charming looks *giggles whispering into her ear so only she hears*
[10:19:38] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): girl, are you in league with your sister here? extorting candy?
[10:19:58] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): turns back to Leyla….why do you ask dear sister?
[10:20:03] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) gasps
[10:20:43] Leyla Gavilan: hmm… i just want know, who deserve my atention… *giggles*
[10:21:08] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): smiles…that depends on what kind of attentions you wish to provide
[10:21:24] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “its our plan to block the bridge , blue means protect the camp and get candy in the process. but it can’t be the cheap hard candy has to be chocolate”
[10:21:44] blueberry (erin1bechauf) whispers: “isn’t that right sis ”
[10:21:58] Kristin Kastielle: (( if you get off the bridge, the vulos will be quiet ))
[10:22:02] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): yes protection indeed!
[10:22:29] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): looks at sky…..but you didn’t collect any chocolate. just jelly beans
[10:22:47] Tig Gavilan (tigger8): smiles quietly to herself and considers wether one switch will do or if she should cut another…..
[10:23:34] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) scratches my hed and looks “well seemed like a good compromise and jelly beans are better than hard rock candy, Mistress”
[10:23:55] Leyla Gavilan: i think.. nobody want my atention… *grins*… last man which have it, was downed ten times, when he try ran out of camp…
[10:24:21] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “so let the grand search continue ”
[10:24:46] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): gasps……you gave attention to a man, sis?
[10:25:07] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): maybe we should expand our enterprise sister and try a new bridge” she whispers to blue
[10:25:31] Leyla Gavilan: ah… blue… i have good mood so.. i give you some candy too… wait…. *again put hand into quiver and find some candies for next girl…*
[10:25:34] blueberry (erin1bechauf) whispers: Mistress if blue stares at you to long she will go blind and the only cure for that is a good furrin and CANDY !!!!!
[10:25:46] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): NO. if you’re going to be at a bridge, this is the one.
[10:40:10] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) reaches over and pinches blue’s butt then quickly retakes her position
[10:44:07] blueberry (erin1bechauf) whispers: yelps and jumps then reachs over and swats you nipple “ow”
[10:45:20] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) squirms feeling her nipple swatted at as cries “ahhhh” then playfully slaps your thigh
[10:46:50] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “sky says we can sit her all day Mistress”
[10:47:07] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “this little sit in was her idea”….*winks
[10:47:39] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark): i did not now! *she says looking to blue giving her a little nudge*
[10:48:07] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): there are two posts. you could each be chained to one of them.
[10:49:09] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “Posts are over rated Mistress, sky needs to be caged”
[10:49:42] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) gasps “nooo i think blue need tobe caged with her legs spread wide open!”
[10:51:34] blueberry (erin1bechauf): “if you cage sky blue will make you a ramberry pie”
[10:52:47] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) drops her jaw “if you cage blue and put a strong chasity belt on her, sky will give you 75% the profits and pleasure mistress!”
[10:56:17] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): says evenly….actually, as you are both slaves and I am a Slaver, I could have both offers and cage you both as well.
[10:59:59] blueberry (erin1bechauf): ‘blue will make you 4 ramberry pies and a larma pie with cinnimon and sky was pleasures by kur slave are yo u sure you want that”
[11:00:36] Jay (jaycinda) shouts: Hello down there!
[11:01:20] Kristin Kastielle (dvath): looks at blue…..I could have you CLEAN her first
[11:01:44] ﮎкⓨℓαя (skylarrdark) growls “blue says your butt was fat and you wouldnt get her to cage her think she would look better on the aframe *nods*

*sighs* Blue logged or crashed and never came back but perhaps will see some more come from it!