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Well think we all made it though the New Years… Though still suprised the world hasnt ended like the Maya predicted on 12.21.12. So still enjoying the last drink hopefully for a few more years to come =)

Well I don’t know how long its been since i been here perhaps too long.. I have for now gone back to the ways of the panther though can never tell how long that will last. Times I do miss the pew of the outlaw world times i don’t. What i truly miss is the good ole role play. Definitely has become laxed… You know those City sims you goto on earth SL that have people just standing around bleh bleh. You walk around feeling alone not really belonging.. People around just standing not much interaction? Thats how i feel in gor now a days.. Outlaws are mainly shoot take 1,2,3 maybe 4 caps tops depending on the size of raid.. RP hope for the rescue in 60 minutes… Rinse repeat… Panthers just sit on the hill with a finger up their butt or the other hole ((im me in world if you dont know what i mean ))watching the grass grow…  WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!?!?!?@#$%

I enjoy playing panther ill rp whatever its fine its all role play fun but damn when is gor simply capture chit chat cuddle free.. .This is supposed tobe gorean rp. WHY are we rping safe 😐

Any who my announcement is I made a new group.. Open for any to join… You can join in world from groups but here is a link too ^^. Realism Group. Group is called Realism for Gorean Roleplay secondlife:///app/group/f92ab074-0e47-4a3d-7194-46ebf7f0ef24 I honestly don’t have any goals with this group. Nor do I expect this to be some Major thing it would be cool yes if i have 2 people im happy i succeeded in starting a change to bit more realism in RP.. If i get 100 wonderful.. People can use to find others that enjoy the same rp the same have fun the same…

I myself am planning to play more realistic in my rp… Using huds to limit mini mapping maps etc try to get more involved in my rp.. As for my RP i am going to be even more gorean than what panthers are today.. Damn soft crap has me up the wall.. I will post my rps here or try too again that was fun and im told most enjoy reading sooo I will post..

I might get with Mani and try to get her realism hud going again if theres interest… RLV is nice in some ways.. You can limit some the bad habits of SL.. But That was my BIG annoucement.. Not really that big i know very very lame!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2014 and be looking for RP’s and i might try todo some sim pictures in boredom time as i have a lot lately



Our first raid abiet very small and ghosts were very quiet… but we kidnapped Lara Croft(laylah.roxley) ^^

[18:35:33] Niccole Inglewood finally reaches a quait little spot as she rolls the woman onto her back to get a better look at her a she says”well don’t need to worry too much, lady im sure your stay here won’t be too long and uncomfortable, but first what is your name… I truly hate formalities and the such” she smiles at her as she sits herself down as well next to her
[18:38:23] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) was really distressed at having been taken from her home and to a place for forest girls. Once rolled to her back she looked around at what appeared to be some sort of a lodge or something. “My name is Lara..” She never gave her true name and the lie slipped easily from her lips. “Why have you taken me? Honestly I have no cause for harm of forest girls but there was no way I could stand back and allow you entry inside…” She knew her words would likely get her no where and she could only hope someone had seen where she’d been taken and somehow track the way.
[18:43:34] Niccole Inglewood nods seeing the distressed look as she lays there. She would give about a friendly of a smile she could give to the woman. Nodding hearing her name she would repeat it very quietly under her breath “Lara” before giving her another smile and then saying “Well what a name.. I knew a Lara not you another but she wasn’t very attractive such as you and well quite moody too if you ask me” she says then quickly continues “Yes im sure your wondering why we took you and why we came well honestly we recently moved here and our supplies are very small so we thought we would collect some. As I sat by the fire I thought to myself ‘Hey back in my days ghosts were always known as vast and large and would have supplies to boot’ so I gatherd the girls up and we went” she chuckles “you were really just an unlucky bistandard could of left us but apparently you felt threated by a couple panthers” she smiles
[18:48:47] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) listened as the woman spoke. “I did feel threatened. The responsibility of the camp fell on me, although I would have much rather preferred that it hadn’t.” It was true she was scared, she had even thought of running and sailing off and just letting them have all they could carry from the camp but the thought of it made her feel like a coward. “I could have traded or even given some goods.” She knew it was too late for that now she could only add, “Ghosts are mostly absent this time of day. It will be hours before they awake and only in the early morning and afternoon are they any kind of force.” She shook her head, regretting that she hadn’t gone visiting friends rather than staying in the camp all alone. “I am sorry I shot at your…sister? Your tribe..Excuse me I do not know how panther girls refer to one another..”
[18:54:14] Niccole Inglewood would look to her and purse her lips and make a ‘sh’ sound as if to comfort her nerves. She would then reach out grabbing the material taking it into her fingers as she looks back to her and says”Well, lara, I must say some ghosts have some wealth this is some fine material for a band of outlaws?” she asks as she lets go placing her hand back into her lap “So you claim the responsibility fell on you but why take the action to fight us off are we that scary to a group as ghosts?” she gives a bit of a laugh before continuing “well im sure my sister will accept your apology in fact I might let you say to her it before you leave after a bit” she smiles then quickly adds “yes we call each other tribal sisters nothing beyond that even if some here are of family blood to others”
[19:00:13] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) tensed as the woman reached for her and suddenly feeling a bit of shame for her fine garment she turned to look at the womans headress. Likely she had crafted it herself, the feathers all perfectly sewn into the strap of leather. A far cry from the type of attire Laylah was used to. “I do have a tendency to go a bit too far..The fashion that many wear though..they may as well be men..” She began to reason with the woman now. “If it is supplies you seek..I can arrange for you to have all you need. I can only guess it is a challenge to acquire certain things but I do have some resources. That is..if you are willing to trade? Goods for my freedom?” She tried to choose her words carefully, keeping her tone calm. “I only wish to go home..”
[19:04:48] Niccole Inglewood looked to her as she spoke, even if Niccole didn’t repect women as much as she did men she would still give the respect of her attention even if she was known to place her attention on other things. After nodding and a bit of a pause she would look back to her and continue on “well that is grateful but you think your freedom is only worth a mere bundle of goods?” she smiles this time reaching out and placing her hand on lara’s face as she says “My dear your a woman in the world we know a value of a woman is worth a lot more than a bundle of supplies” she smiles “Now tell me do you have a mate a special person that cherishs you?” she asks as Niccole has always been an opportunist trying to get the maxium value for the littlest work done
[19:08:39] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) had begun to relax, as much as one could given the circumstances, until the woman reached out to touch her. Knowing little of the customs of the women who roamed the woods she had all kinds of terrifying visions racing through her mind. “I have no companion. I am mostly estranged from my family. I have little to give but if anyone would understand the value of freedom to a woman surely it is you..”
[19:12:41] Niccole Inglewood would being to pout alittle hearing her story, though her mind would keep churning finally she would give a shrug and grin abit again as she responds “well no worries ive learned a lot actually already and I mean you are a woman in binds and im a panther an opportunist.. As it sounds to me nobody will wish to come and get you not only now do I know we have the safety to attack in the evenings and get supplies, but perhaps” she pauses and trails off carrying the ‘s’ as her gaze just focues 100% on the woman
[19:16:43] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) wouldn’t carry the burden of protecting the camp alone ever again. She would travel to visit friends and never remain alone there again. “I have learned my lesson you can be sure. If no one else values the goods or are interested in protecting the camp then why should I?”
[19:23:17] Niccole Inglewood would let out a long sigh hearing her words.. Perhaps saddened slightly at the thought that someone would run and hide versus protecting their home even if it is only one person. Finally she would continue on with “well Lara I give you props for trying to protect your home but your statement saddens me maybe it just prooves that your trying to hide something deep inside that you desire tobe?” she grins “a Slave perhaps?” she chuckles as she would reach behind her back and pull out a small tiny dagger as she looks to her and quickly continues with saying “well if you agree nobody would want your return I see value in the fact that a woman.. on the slave stand… can bring in some good coin perhaps enough to help supply my tribe for a year or more maybe” as she grins widely
[19:28:17] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) was usually a pretty calm and level headed woman and it took quite a bit to get her riled up but with each word that the woman spoke, Lara felt her temper begin to rise. “I am not a slave. Dare to collar me and you can be sure I will find a way to escape. My performance tonight was not exceptional but one thing that I do have, and will always have, is determination. And I will not rest until any treatment you render on me is paid back ten fold..” Her tone was even, each word succinct, but she spoke with conviction. “I have done nothing but try to defend my home. If that is not something which you can respect then perhaps the only thing we have in common is our sex. I won’t make the same mistake again to put my life or my freedom at risk for items that can easily be replaced with a few raids. Now..if you wish to trade, then let us begin. If not, take your next step, but, I will not forget.”
[19:34:06] Niccole Inglewood would shrug hearing her as she reaches out and unfastens the belt on lara’s waist pulling it away from her and toss it aside as she slowly begain to see the value of property rise up carring less about supplies at this point as she looks to her and says”oh I don’t worry what you can do to me perhaps my days in skerry where I was born and raised before I fled to the woods as the threat of man became too great to me” she says looking at her finally getting her belt off “besides this clothing material is nice I can use it too then after you can kneel and apologize to my sister you shot” as she then gives perhaps a small light of hope “then maybe if your words are true to my sister I will let you go home” she says
[19:37:45] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) looked to her now, “Will you kneel to me, naked and stripped, your dignity gone? Would you? I will apologize to your sister, and I would mean it. But I will not d it from my knees. I am not a slave to any man or woman and I never will be.”
[19:40:12] Niccole Inglewood laughs hearing her as she says”you want to go free don’t you this is your choice.. thirdy seconds of misery to the satisfaction that my sister knows your sorry for shooting her” as she finally gets the womans belt off as she starts cutting at the seam of her top to cut it off next
[19:44:43] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) had tried to reason with the panther but it seemed it would not go that way. “You can strip me. You can even force a collar at my neck. I will not go to my knees for you or any other.”
[19:49:38] Niccole Inglewood would smile to her and then give out a bit of a laugh “your that loving of your pride that you would risk not falling to your knees just to say sorry for shooting you?” she grins “sounds like a moral delimma you will run and hide from a couple panthers running in your camp but when it comes too this your decide that you won’t kneel?” she grins pulling away the top then cuts down the side of the seam on her pants pulling them away as well as she grins “well now your stripped by a simple panther girl not the choice of what todo with you” she chuckles
[19:55:57] Niccole Inglewood hears fighting outside as she goes to investigate whats going on at this point
[19:56:01] Lara Croft (laylah.roxley) said nothing. The clothing was cut off her body and her hands formed small fists behind her back. Hatred for the woman pumped through her veins. Everything could be taken, possessions, loved ones, even dignity. Pride was all she had left. It was maybe the only thing that couldn’t be taken from her.
[19:56:16] Kool Door opened by Niccole Inglewood Ⓜ

So yeah Was bit of a quiet day but had some fun in the tavern!. FYI never talk bout me when my friends are around! Never works well! P.S. Hmmm guess this a Pre PS if there is such a thing. Pew don’t think this will turn you on as much! though never know! Haha…

This first part I was AFK for

[12:24:26] Z (zarah.habilis) nods, “Tal.”
[12:24:28] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): tal
[12:25:16] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): come in and enjoy the show, im sure the girl here will be happy to serve you as well
[12:25:59] Z (zarah.habilis) smiles dryly, “I’m fine where I am, I was wanting Nicc to serve me, but it looks like she’s daydreaming.”
[12:26:08] Ĝαiα™ ( frowns
[12:26:17] Ĝαiα™ ( “You didn’t just say that.. ” sighs
[12:26:23] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): aye she did
[12:26:29] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): all yours sis
[12:26:35] Z (zarah.habilis) shrugs, “I would have asked nicely.”
[12:26:43] Ĝαiα™ ( “I suggest you start running now..”
[12:26:52] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): aye
[12:26:59] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): nobody insults my wife
[12:27:02] Z (zarah.habilis) sighs, “You di’jan, you never change. Always with the shooting.”
[12:27:13] Ĝαiα™ ( I’m feeling rather lazy….so I’ll give you a head start..’
[12:27:31] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): thats why we are the alpha panther tribe
[12:27:40] Z (zarah.habilis): I tell you what, give me until the count of ten. That should give me a few days to get away.
[12:27:53] Ĝαiα™ ( sheathing her bow, draws her sharp pointy things.
[12:27:53] Ĝαiα™ ( .unleash
[12:27:55] kumi (kumi12) kneels and smiles” Greetings Huntresses”
[12:27:59] kumi (kumi12): tal Kajira
[12:28:01] GM 4.4: Gaia Guardian Has Captured Zarah Habilis!

Oppps! See shouldn’t say things bout me!

[12:28:04] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): tallies girl
[12:28:09] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): meet your new sister cyn
[12:28:13] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): thank you sis
[12:28:25] Ĝαiα™ ( drops the panther on her face, pulls back her arms..and binds them tightly behind her back
[12:28:27] kumi (kumi12): tal sis
[12:28:38] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): feel free to teach her to respect my wifey
[12:28:47] Ĝαiα™ ( moves to Z’s ankles wraps those just as tight and secures with capture knots
[12:29:08] Ĝαiα™ ( finally adds a leash to the binds and tightens all knots once again.
[12:29:24] Z (zarah.habilis) shakes her head to clear it a little, “Was ten asking too much of you?” She growls.
[12:29:46] Ĝαiα™ ( “Indeed it was, you are not going to enjoy what comes next..”
[12:30:10] Ĝαiα™ ( “Kumi, bring me salt please… red if we have it.”
[12:30:19] kumi (kumi12): yes Huntress
[12:30:21] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): oh wow haha
[12:30:23] Z (zarah.habilis) wriggles in her binds, “Cut me loose. Nicc is a friend of mine.”
[12:30:27] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): this gonna be interesting
[12:30:45] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): you know
[12:30:50] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): the last girl that insulted my wife
[12:30:54] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): i broke all her fingers
[12:31:05] Ĝαiα™ ( plants a boot on the panther’s neck, pinning her down. She applies enough pressure to inhibit some air flow, but still keep her conscious.
[12:31:20] kumi (kumi12) looks through all the jars finding a small bit of red, than turned with it in hand to rush to Huntresses side
[12:31:42] Z (zarah.habilis) shakes her head, then feels the pressure on her neck. She gasps a little, her eyes looking up hatefully. Her fingers twitch behind her back.
[12:32:07] kumi (kumi12) kneels and smiles holding up the jar 1/4 filled with red salt to Huntress” the salt Huntress”
[12:32:58] Ĝαiα™ ( “normally I would give another panther once chance to beg forgiveness, but I am not sure you could even if I did, foolish enough to wander into our lands along and insult. A lone panther is nothing more than a slave without a collar.”: *taking the salt from Kumi… gives her a nod* “Thank you.
[12:33:18] Ĝαiα™ ( alone*
[12:33:32] J̌їåήε (jiane.renoir): entered the region.
[12:33:50] kumi (kumi12) watches with a mix of fear and interest in this” Yes Huntress”
[12:33:51] Z (zarah.habilis) twitches her nose as she continues to glare, gargling noises coming from her mouth.
[12:36:34] Ĝαiα™ ( releases the pressure and removes her foot from the panther’s neck. Gaia then slowly slide a small quiva from her boot, and crouched next to her. Small fingers searched out the small bundle of nerves around the back of the knee. She breathed in deeply and then without warning make a small 1/2″ cut next to the nerves. “Do not move, or you wont’ walk again on this leg..”
[12:36:55] Ĝαiα™ ( made*
[12:37:26] Ĝαiα™ ( looked to kumi again.. “bring me rep cloth, long enough to tie around her knee, harta..”
[12:37:55] kumi (kumi12) runs to the kitchen”yes Huntress”
[12:38:52] kumi (kumi12): /grabs one from behind the bar and runs back” cloth Huntress”
[12:39:09] Z (zarah.habilis) gasps for air as you release the boot, she raises her head to look down at you fondling the back of her knee, “What are you doing? She yells hoarsely. She grunts as she feels a sharp pain. “Stop this! I came here to see Nicc.”

OK I finally awoke

[12:39:25] Niccole Inglewood wakes up and blinks lookind down “ohhh my Z what are you ever doing here?” she grins
[12:40:11] Z (zarah.habilis) tugs hard on her wrist binds and looks toward Nicc, “I was in the area!”
[12:40:19] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): oh
[12:40:21] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): this is z?
[12:40:27] ﮎℰℓℰNℰ ιиgℓєωσσđ (haley.ah): havnt you been wanting her baby?
[12:41:46] Niccole Inglewood laughs hearing selene then gives a bit of a shrug “well think she enjoys ropes shackles bondage but our dear sister has her so she can cherish her for a bit” she grins giving a wink to gaia then looks down to Z even if she face down as she says”isnt that right you just love bondage, Z?” as a soft laugh escapes her lips
[12:41:53] Ĝαiα™ ( lets a small growl escape her lips as feral greens flicker to the face of the female. “You should have simply said that instead of insult..” Opening the small pouch of red salt, she took a pinch of it.. it was red because of the large amount of an iodine type substance and would cause great pain. Gaia then pressed the salt into the open wound – grabbing the rep from kumi, she bound it around Z’s knee, to keep the salt in place…”There now, suffer in silence, and if you utter one threat, or insult I will cut out your tongue next.”
[12:45:55] Z (zarah.habilis) growls, “I don’t like any ….” She howls so loud it fills the room as the salt is poured into place on the back of her knee. As it was pressed in further her body begins to tremble, her face becoming reddened, sweat pouring from her brow. She bites her teeth down hard and glowers, unable to speak at this point in any case. Her hands twist behind her back, finally balling into shaking fists.
[12:47:39] Niccole Inglewood claps her hands a few times looking around the tavern then looks back and forth between her sisters “we should make this a festive day, now which one these girls can we get to serve i could use a drink and food” she says rubbing her hands together as she start to think which lucky girl can serve us. She would raise an eye a moment looking at Gaia “maybe we strip her she might like to serve?” she says in a bit of serious abet joking fashion
[12:51:05] Ĝαiα™ ( lifted her intense gaze to Nicc and immediately it softened and gave a gentle shrug of her shoulders. “Well, if you think she has potential . She once again looked to the panther girl writhing in pain. “I think she might have different ideas other than serving at the moment.” A padded foot nudged Z in the shoulder. “Tel you what – since our En bow seems to know you, if you beg her forgiveness for what you said earlier, I will allow the slave here to cleans the salt from your wound and relieve that horrible pain you are feeling, you like this ideaZ?”
[12:53:04] Niccole Inglewood would give a quick laugh hearing Gaia as i then give her a warm friendly smile before quickly responding “No no sister she is in your hands i was merely offering it as a suggestion” then gives her a wide smile “but of course if you think she has potential in other fashions please you more than welcome to handle her” she grins rubbing her hands together “besides i love watching others deal i know a bit voyeur but hey a girl gotta get her kicks somehow!”
[12:56:18] Z (zarah.habilis) grunts loudly a few times, blowing hard between each. Finally she regains her composure enough to twist her head to look at Nicc, “I beg your forgiveness.” She growls between her still clenched teeth, before shuddering again as another wave of extreme pain shoots from the back of her knee. Her head drops to the boards beneath her and she takes some more deep breaths, her body continuing to tremble as she tries to hold in another scream of pain.
[12:59:03] Ĝαiα™ ( Hearing her words, Gaia drops to one knee and strokes a warm hand down the length of her undamaged leg. “Good girl..” she spoke in a throaty whisper. Turning her head she glanced back to cyn. “slave, bring a pitcher of warm water and another rep clothe, rinse the salt from her wound, then re-bandage her leg. Rising to her feet she looked to Nicc.. “I hope you accept this Nicc..I believe she means it..” chuckling softly.
[13:00:07] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): takes a platter and brings rep cloths on it and a pitcher of warm water from the pot over the fire
[13:00:42] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): lifting up the platter with the cloths and warm water
[13:02:01] Z (zarah.habilis) continues blowing hard, her head pressed to the floor boards. Her nose twitches a little with contempt as she feels Gaia’s hand on her leg, though soon enough it is lost as her whole face wrinkles from another wave of pain.
[13:02:45] Niccole Inglewood grins hearing Z’s words then listening to Gaia as she would give the crown of her nose a scratch for a moment then glances towards Gaia. “Hmmm well yes did sound convincing to me, yes it did feel sincere” as a smile forms on her face “yes yes least we can treat her nice in our ropes long as she remains if you do decide to have her serve maybe let her keep some dignity, but that is Totally! your call” she grins “i do know you like some good breasts to look at and Z’s arent bad if i recall” she laughs
[13:04:29] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): your rep cloths and warm water Mistress
[13:06:05] Ĝαiα™ ( snorts with laughter at Nicc’s words, she gave a shake of her head and hand toyed with her feathers that were laced into her hair. “Nicc, if I remember correctly it is YOU that is obsessed with boobies..” she winks and glances back to Z. “You’ll feel better soon Z, I won’t make you serve as I know that might be painful, but I do think that given a brush, you should brush out any tankles from Cyn’s hair…since she is the one to relieve your pain.” “Cyn, rince the salt from the wounds and rebandage her knee please.”
[13:06:29] Ĝαiα™ ( tangles*
[13:06:38] Niccole Inglewood sees Kumi away as she would give a quick snap and dominating and intimidating voice as she says “amara, i wish a drink something lite like water” she says before deciding to take a seat on the round pillow at my feet to relax a bit
[13:06:40] Ĝαiα™ ( gah… rinse*
[13:07:28] kumi (kumi12) hear’s my name and snaps to it” yes Huntress”
[13:09:13] kumi (kumi12) pulls a mug down off the shelf ensuring it is clean and soft on the rim , and returns to my sister’s side to fill it with the cool water from the pitcher
[13:09:16] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): then taking the pitcher and rinsing the salt from the wound
[13:09:40] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): catching it with a rep cloth
[13:10:02] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): rinsing it again to make sure all of the salt is gone
[13:10:16] Ĝαiα™ ( smiles at cyn, as she completes the task given..
[13:10:19] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): sister do we have any salve
[13:10:37] Ĝαiα™ ( “No salve Cyn… just bandage her now.”
[13:10:40] Niccole Inglewood rests on the pillow letting out a bit of breath then hears my name as i look back to Gaia before giving a bit of a playful laugh “ohhh right that is me!” she grins as she quickly lokos to Z for a reaction then looks back to gaia “well i respect her though so will only look if she freely allows to show me them” she snickers before turning to look towards her love “but none are better than my wifes to look at” she grins
[13:10:43] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): yes Mistress
[13:10:59] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): girl bandages the wound carefully tying it off with a knot
[13:11:13] kumi (kumi12) comes near my sister and waits till she puts down the pitcher, taking it from beside her and filling the mug with water, placing it back down and turning onmy knees to go to Mistress
[13:12:07] Z (zarah.habilis) grinds her teeth between waves of pain, her mind whirling. Holding her tongue made easier since the pain throttles anything but grunts and yells. She shudders again as the cloth is removed, biting down hard as each dab of the damp rag causes her more pain. Finally as the bandage is wound into place she sighs with relief, though still breathing hard.
[13:13:25] Ĝαiα™ ( waits until Cyn is finished and then helps Z to her bottom. Gaia then loosens the binds at her ankles so she can rest comfortably between her and Nicc. A finger snaps to the cyn and points to the spot between Z’s thighs.. “Kneel here Cyn, and our lovely Z will brush your hair.. such lovely blond hair too.”
[13:13:32] (GM)Bindings: Gaia Guardian loosens Zarah Habilis’s feet allowing them to walk.
[13:14:16] kumi (kumi12) rushes to the Huntress side and holds out the water to her with a sweet smiles” your water Huntress may it please you this day, as girl hopes her serve does ”
[13:15:35] Ĝαiα™ ( then rebinds Z’s hands to the front of her body and places a comb in her right hand. “Do a good job and do not hurt the slave.”
[13:16:07] Z (zarah.habilis) spins round on her butt, wincing again as she moves the leg. Her teeth continue to grind as she presses her foot down on the ground a little harder to see how weight she can withstand on the wound.
[13:17:38] Niccole Inglewood smiles to amara as she takes the water from her and takes a bit of a refreshing sip as a very low audiable Ah escapes her lips after.. Her attention would focus back on her sister Gaia with her captive watching her treat her with respect as she take another sip before responding “well if anyone dare says your unfair to captured people i will refute that as you seemingly treated Z well, sis” she then gives gaia a smile and takes a few more sips of water looking to Z then says “admit it your now free and primping a slave how many other tribes would done something like that with a captive” she grins
[13:17:41] Ĝαiα™ ( grips the leash of Z tightly…
[13:18:50] Ĝαiα™ ( reaches down…and caresses the side of kumi’s cheeks. “thank you kumi, you did well helping me, as did cyn..”
[13:19:37] Z (zarah.habilis) glares up at Nicc with eyes that would wither a flower. She says nothing, but her red face twitches clearly showing her internal rage.
[13:20:21] kumi (kumi12) presses my cheek to her hand and purrs” thank you Huntress”
[13:21:44] kumi (kumi12) looks at the pit and smiles, than looks at the Huntress” Huntress , was girl good today. if so may she ask a favor”
[13:24:57] Ĝαiα™ ( thank you..” smiles.. nudges Z with her boot again. “Remember, I hear one yelp from the slave….” winks over at Nicc.
[13:27:36] Z (zarah.habilis) nose twitches again as she feels the boot in her side. SHe grips the comb so tightly it turns her knuckles white. As the girl takes her place between her thighs, she leans in and growls softly in her ear, “Make one sound and I won’t be the only one to suffer.” She then reaches up and drags the comb down the length of the girls hair, caring little for knots or any other obstruction. Her face remains red, her eyes still glaring at Nicc.
[13:28:24] Niccole Inglewood sees Z’s glare to her as she would shake her head before taking another sip of her drink then out the corner her eye se Gaia wink she would then finally blurt out in a laugh “ohh now could be worse you could be naked on a cross having odin know’s what to ya” she says as she watches Z combing the girls hair now
[13:29:10] Ĝαiα™ ( joins in with the laughter as the proud panther girl suffers in silence.. she then feels oddly sorry for cyn, as this might not end up painless for her.
[13:30:03] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): girl sits quietly thankful for her hair being brushed
[13:32:24] Z (zarah.habilis) rakes the comb through the hair again, her face twisting almost as if she is in pain again as she holds her tongue. Again and again she pulls the comb through the hair, not even watching what she is doing, simply dragging it.
[13:32:50] Çýη ŠђàđøωÇℓåω (cynthiaq): girl feels the comb through her hair
[13:32:53] Z (zarah.habilis) head darts around to the girl, she shoots another glare, lifting her hand and tossing the comb at the girl.
[13:33:33] kumi (kumi12) reels back and holds my eye as the comb hits me dead on” owwwwwwwwww”
[13:34:05] Z (zarah.habilis) snarls as she tries to pull herself to her feet. “Enough of this.” She barks.
[13:34:42] Ĝαiα™ ( laughs and yanks the leash of Z… “Behave remember, your tongue is at stake..”
[13:35:47] Z (zarah.habilis) eyes narrow on Gaia. “This is too much.” She growls. Untie me and and I will be gone. You won’t see me here any more. I have no need of being friends with Nicc any more.”
[13:36:02] kumi (kumi12): in a fit of rage i rush behind her and punch z in her wound hard” there slut”
[13:36:49] Ĝαiα™ ( reaches over and pinches amara’s ass.. “I thought you were kenneling.. go now, harta..”
[13:36:59] Z (zarah.habilis) buckles to the floor howling, Instinctively she slps the knife from her thigh lifting it swiftly to the girls throat as she growls.
[13:37:36] Ĝαiα™ ( springs to action…and pulls Z away from the slaves.. quickly. “That will cost you..”
[13:37:39] Niccole Inglewood lets a long sigh out hearing Z and shakes her head “now thats not nice Z what do you expect from me?” she asks with a bit of a pout then rests her hands on her chin staring into the sand “heard you came asking i serve like me being a slut then you expect me to cut you free?”
[13:39:06] Ĝαiα™ ( pins her bound hands down and removes the dagger, keeping it for herself. “Nicc, she almost slit amara’s throat.. what do you wish done with her now, for if you leave it to me..I will surely end her life here and now.”
[13:40:43] Z (zarah.habilis) tumbles sideways still gripping the knife tightly in her hands. She struggles as you Yank it from her growling furiously, “If I had wanted the girl dead, she would be dead already.”
[13:41:27] Ĝαiα™ ( “Your life lays in Nicc’s next words panther girl, I suggest you keep that in words you speak.”
[13:41:37] Ĝαiα™ ( the next*
[13:41:55] Niccole Inglewood rasises a brow looking over to Gaia then Z then shakes her head “well now im in a pickle, Gaia i mean Z is an old friend so i really dont want to see her life taken but obviously we should protect our tribe” she sighs again then continues “maybe something more scary than death?” she asks back
[13:43:04] Z (zarah.habilis) head spins around to face Nicc, panting hard, her glare remains stone cold. “Cut me free. You will never see me again.”
[13:43:42] Ĝαiα™ ( frowns, understanding Nicc’s loyalty to a friend, hissing angrily she drags the girl back to Nicc’s side and tosses the leash down. “She is yours now..”
[13:44:44] Niccole Inglewood shakes her head looking to Z “but i like you what would you do if i came in to the old Luna Jerag camp shouting i wanted you to serve me drinks and mars captured me then i took a dagger to a luna slave hmm?” she asks
[13:47:50] Z (zarah.habilis) stumbles to Nicc’s side, wincing with every step. “If you liked me you would not have let her do what she did to me.” She nods her head in Gaia’s direction. “I came only to share a drink with an old friend, it is not my fault that your new sisters lack humor.” Her eyes narrow a little, “As for the girl…would you have done any less if she treated you that way?”
[13:50:03] Niccole Inglewood looks as the leash is plopped down onto the ground i would pick it up and hold it up towards Gaia before saying “do what you think is right sister my loyality is to our tribe first ive offered Z a place here in a sister hood again and she denies even if its just a slave she is a dijan” as she turns looking to Z hearing her “i was a sleep, but i am your friend but so is my sister gaia what do you expect me to do i dont take captives away from my sisters even if it hurts me because its a friend i give my sisters the respect im sure you would do the same
[13:50:19] Ĝαiα™ ( twitches, her chin lifts and she smells the air… “Nicc, I smell unfamiliar scents on the wind and the billow of sails.. ”
[13:51:08] Z (zarah.habilis) smiles darkly, “Sounds like trouble is coming. You would do well to cut my binds.”
[13:51:09] Niccole Inglewood: no time
[13:51:10] Niccole Inglewood: fuck

Incoming Raid! Forests Moons… Was boring Really and the end of the RP 😛
More to come!

PS the Fight LOL!

[13:52:18] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured lisett Elton!
[13:52:22] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured sharon1970 Bade!
[13:52:32] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured LaurenLabelle Resident!
[13:52:51] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured smurf1234 Resident!
[13:52:56] GM 4.4: Gaia Guardian Has Captured AbraAdar Resident!
[13:53:07] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured SapphireSphinx Resident!

The one hit I hit Gaia with! Sorry Sister!

[13:53:18] Primus Diabolus Sword 3.27 (sm): You hit Gaia Guardian
[13:53:18] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured Gaia Guardian!

Sorry Sis! ok the rest!

[13:53:37] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured MoonStar Mahogany!
[13:57:22] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured lisett Elton!
[13:57:33] GM 4.4: Niccole Inglewood Has Captured sharon1970 Bade!

They really not good LOL

Group Chat of it

[13:50:34] Ĝαiα™ ( incomming
[13:51:23] Niccole Inglewood: oh snap
[13:53:59] Ĝαiα™ ( you killed them all
[13:54:25] Ĝαiα™ ( LMAO Nicc

Yes, I know tis been awhile since i posted.. I have been unable to finish what i started i am a bit.. saddened… So to catch up quickly.. I went and RPd in a BTB sim… well to say the least it didnt turn out too well my next visit… The sim was rather… Quiet and the traffic ranking dropped alot since as well. Well i visited another sim and it was rather quiet too.. Are people running from good rp to GE? Or is Gor really evolving past what it once was…

I remember 4 years ago when i fisrt joined there was really no btb/ge lines… It was simply Gorean RP.. nobody cared or got pissy it was good RP… Now you have to hunt to find it and when you do they dont RP you they go off the lines…

Ok so i visited a sim recently.. when i was there i immediately Got an IM and told.. You shouldnt be here without an escort.. I was like WTF im coming here to rp if i wanted to bring an escort i would of if i wanted to come and be risky thats what i am going todo i dont need tobe told.. So i got light RP then left and went to another torvie sim.. After arriving and wondering into camp.. alone.. the head of the village comes up to me and rps me for a short bit then goes into that i was welcome to come and tried to get me to join… If i wanted to join i wouldnt go into a camp freely like that unescorted i would done it though other means… So i played it off and returned to the other sim i was threatened before figure i return and did least i got rpd some.. Captured though Whaaaaa.. But hey imma girl i need the feel of being dominated from time to time! Poor guy though had a bad hand so feel his rp was abit lacking but none the less it as decent!

Long story short.. What has happend to good Torvaldsland sims.. Has people decided tobe southerns again? After seeing some northern rp id say the south way of living is… boring

Anyways here is my RP… ill have to see where it goes later i dont like to rp one thing too much i get too bored with it :p

[11:18:17] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) lifts her up by her forarms and trips her into the bondscircle….”Easy enough,” he shrugs
[11:19:17] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) cries and struggles as im tossed into the circle i cry out “Nooo”
[11:22:45] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) ignores her plea and simply yanks her back out of the circle.
[11:23:15] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) pulls her to the forge by her ankles
[11:24:02] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) winces as im dragged along struggling abit but knows its useless now as im dragged into the blacksmith shop
[11:24:11] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): Ye either extremely dumb, or extremely brave, though the two go hand in hand sometimes and I would say , for you…its both.
[11:25:20] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) eyes look up and over to the tall man and hears him i feel abit honored yet abit ashamed too then looks around the area before letting a long long sigh out as she mutters “im quite a brave person”
[11:27:34] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) takes out his knife again and commences to her slices away the fabric on her body, tearing the skirt from her flesh, cutting down the seams of her leggings and puling off whatever boots she was wearing , tossing them in the fire. He finally responds…”Aye, I can tell it when I see it,” he says standing up and leaving her bare and tied at his feet….”But bravery will get you killed here. You will learn fear or you will meet your maker. Bravery without wisdom is a death sentance.”
[11:29:07] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) gulps as i feel the dagger against my skin and cuts away the clothing stripping me naked as i lay there trying to cover up what little dignity i had left then hears him and nods abit.. Seeing the dagger she dares not to say much as she rather live at this point though a soft “understood” finally escapes her lips
[11:32:10] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) “I am going to cut your ankle bindings and allow you a bit of movement. You should know, that I have killed two this week who have tested me here, and lost nae an ihns sleep over it. This is where your wisdom should kick in, brave bond.”
[11:34:07] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) hears him as she nods abit and then looks around for a brief moment. she then lets a soft sigh out and responds ” i wont run” she says hearing the word bond on the end she shutters not used to the word one bit associated with her
[11:34:53] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) noticved the shield bracer on his left forarm…he growled at even seeing it on a female and recalled his days when the Codes and Gor as he was told when his ancestors were first here, were dumped in the shit pot by fools and children. He unclapsed the buckles holding it on and slid it off, tossing it to the hearth to melt.
[11:35:03] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): *her left forearm
[11:36:44] (GM)Bindings: Tabir Resident loosens Niccole Inglewood’s feet allowing them to walk.
[11:37:23] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) lets a sigh out as she feel the splint on her arm she had used for when she injured it being pulled away then bites my lip softly as i lower my head and look away in shame. her eyes looking over to the circle she was dragged in perhaps changing her life forever
[11:39:16] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) cuts the bindings on her feet and pulls her up. He walks her to the anvil. He then bens her over and draws the rope around her neck, pinning her to it, her hands still lashed behindher back.
[11:40:33] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) feels him pull and pin my neck down as my eyes look around frantically seeing all the sharp tools as idare not to run knowing i wouldnt make it far with bound wrists and naked
[11:42:03] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) takes an iron ring from his pouch and puts it around her neck, lining up the rivots and sliding the cone shaped peg till it stopped halfway through…
[11:43:37] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) gulps feeling a collar around my neck as a tear streaks down my eye… holding real steady as i dont want him to miss and hit my head with the hammer that would make my day turn from bad to terrible
[11:43:50] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) raised his hammer and took aim….. he pounded down hard on the peg a few times until it hit the anvile and mushroomed out on the bottom locking the rivots shut
[11:45:03] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) whimpers out as the steel is on her neck but laying there still pinned down nothing she can do about it at this time
[11:49:00] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) releases the rope holding her neck down…no words spoke…this was the business of Northmen to claim a bond for service. He took her to the log and leaned her back, pressing his knee to her gut to hold her and gather her ankle to one side, tieing it to the log and then doing the same to the other, he then pulled her up sitting by her hair and unlashed her wrists, pulling her limbs extended and cuffing them to the ring
[11:51:03] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) feels tears stream down her cheek as she collar weighs on her neck as i feel being tossed over to the log and strapped down thinking about struggling but dont as she lets him handle her knowing no way i can fight out of this
[11:51:52] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) began to stir the coals….he had set the fire early in the morning and it was burning hot…”tis a shame no one knows yer here, bond,” was all he said. He finally spotted the one he wanted, burried deep at the bottom of the colas. he pulled it out slowly, having to turn his head away from the heat and tapped it on the edge of the hearth, Hot molten ash dripped off to reveal a bright yellow Torv brand….The BElly under the Sword.”
[11:52:33] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “Tal, Stryker.”
[11:52:37] Stryker Chrome looks to Magnus and the slut tied to the log, “tal Magnus, busy with rain and all I see, I’ll be around a bit if you need some assistance”
[11:53:19] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) nods. “My thanks.”
[11:53:38] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) eyes widen as i hear him i shout out “please no no brand ill be knows as a slave forever” she pleads as i trie to pull away but the ropes holding me down too strong.. i decide to hold still and turn my head looking away figuring better not to mess it up and have to go though again
[11:54:29] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “you know what the Torv brand means, bond?”
[11:54:41] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “The Belly under the Sword?”
[11:55:23] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) shakes her head no having never dealt with slaves or that always let the men of her village deal with that as she quietly whispers “No”
[11:56:57] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “no Jarl,” you mean,,,but we will deal woth that part later….What it means is your belly under the Jarl sword. At nights, after you have been taken in the furs. You are tethered to the end of his couch… his weapons hang on the wall above him…and so you are under his sword both in yourservice and most importantly your life. Do you understand?”
[11:58:19] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) whimpers out , “yes Jarl” she says not wanting to get further pain that she is probably going to endure soon
[12:03:56] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) nods and lifts his left lef up to plant his rough boot sole just above her left knee to hold her still….He spits in the end of the brand to light it up with a sizzle and takes aim with his one good eye…”Brace yerself, brave bond, yer passing is at hand.” With that, he plunges the iron deep into the flesh of her upper left thigh and holds it for 7 ihn…2 ihn longer than a southern slave and pushes in deeper than a silkie to ensure it could not be cut out……the skins seers instantly “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.”
[12:05:06] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) douses the iron in the ewater bucket.
[12:06:04] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) feels the pressure into my leg as the pain is instant. She cries out loudly as she the grits her teeth and tries to stay still as possible until its removed. Tears streaknig down her cheek as sheis now forever makred as a bond.. she remains quiet other than soft gasps and yelps of pain until her skin cools enough to be bearable again
[12:09:50] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) uncuffs her wrists from the ring, then unties her ankles at the log…oblivious to her screams…his ears grown deaf to them many years past. He yanks her by a handful of hair and drags her bheind him
[12:12:33] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) flips her about facing the post . He extends her hands over her head and crosses both wrists, holding them in one hand. He pulls the chain down to cuf her again and then grabs the chain pulling it through the ring and hooking it to the far wall leaving her suspended
[12:13:11] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) whimpers as she is pulled along then feels him take me and suspend me up against the post as tears streak down my cheek but doesnt say anything as the pain is still flowing though my body from the brand
[12:14:24] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) pulls the massive Bosk whip from his belt. He unravles the slack, letting it hit the ground with a stiff thud.
[12:15:13] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “dis be the part where we start to learn behavior….”
[12:15:14] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) hears something his the ground and knows she will be whipped as she cries out “please no whip jarl” as she shivers on the post unsure why she will get the whip now
[12:16:26] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “I see ye have shown great wisdom in addressing me proper. I don’t expect that to stop….”
[12:17:36] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “What I am curious of in your case is whether or not you will attempt escape or even injure a citizen here trying.”
[12:18:20] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) shivers hearing him as i whimper out “i wont try jarl i dont wish more pain than ive already endured”
[12:20:10] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “So I may bring ye close to death so that you know that know it would be a fruitless effort to try and that even the thought of you doing so makes me want to end your life. But do not worry I am skilled. I will not kill you, unless you beg for it,”
[12:21:28] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) shakes her head hearing him. the thought of death terrified her more than anything then she lets out another soft “yes jarl” as she looks forward at the wood infront of me awaiting for anything that may or may not come
[12:22:04] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) grips the whip, churning the leather to crack and squeek behind you..”Are you going to embrace the reality of your place….serve with all your mind and body, and obey all free of the Axe, especially your owner…the Chieftain?”
[12:26:04] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) hears the crash of the whip as i shiver and cry out “yes jarl i will” she says with a snappy tone hating the sound of the whip and doesnt want it to break my skin anymore
[12:27:34] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) “Although your word means little as a slave, I will still hear you promise never to run, or cause the Holt any trouble on purpose.”
[12:29:29] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) yelps as i hear a few more cracks of the whip as i try to wiggle away myself closer to the pole as i then cry out “i promise i wont run jarl” she says shivering slightly now
[12:31:01] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood): [12:29:29] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) yelps as i hear a few more cracks of the whip as i try to wiggle away myself closer to the pole as i then cry out “i promise i wont run jarl” she says shivering slightly now
[12:31:55] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) crack the whip agasint her flesh again…this time aiming for her upper thighs and ass, to give a full sting that will she will feel for many moons when she kneel…….
[12:32:02] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) pulls the massive Bosk whip from his belt. He unravles the slack, letting it hit the ground with a stiff thud.
[12:32:47] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): What DO you promise to do then, bond?
[12:33:06] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) cries out as i feel the whip against my upper thighs and ass the pain travels fast though my body as tears stream my cheeks then she responds “i promise not to run, jarl i promise!”
[12:33:57] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): BAH! I wont run enother but im not a slave either….what ELSE do you promise to do….talk me out of bringing your to the edge of the after life…..quickly.
[12:35:48] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) shivers not knowing what to say as she then responds “i promise to serve the fort here, jarl” as she looks around frantically
[12:36:31] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) sighs a bit….postulating whether or not to continue…..
[12:38:12] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) nods
[12:38:13] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) rolls the whip back up and ties it to his belt.
[12:39:18] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) shivers abit hanging there as she can only lookd to the ground as the pain all over her body is immense hoping this will all end before too long
[12:40:13] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “Very well, I am going to do something I don’t do much and give you the chance to prove it before I am tempted further and I’ll tell you why…..”
[12:41:49] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) listens closely as my arms get restless and strainged from hanging by them and only them. she then looks around abit more then responds ‘yes jarl?” unsure what hell ask to proove
[12:42:44] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “Bravery is a sign of strength….though sometimes foolishm always selfless. Selflessness is a good trait for a bond to have and for usually needs to be taught. Not in your case I don’t think. Am I right. or shall I continue?”
[12:44:22] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) listens to him and thinks for a moment not sure where this is going… but after a brief pause she says “yes your right, Jarl” she says looking around slightly trying to familiarize herself with the place
[12:46:05] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) ..”You better hope I am…becasue I was crushing bravery in slaves before your great grandfather was sucking his mums tit.” He unlatches her from the ring and lets her fall to the ground.
[12:47:12] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) falls down to the ground as she collapses for a few ihn until she catches her strength back enough to keep herself steady and upright then nods and responds with a simple “yes Jarl”
[12:51:17] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) leans down and pulls her chain through the lower ring. he then runs it up the wall, yanking her down to the stone and hokks it high above her head on the wall
[12:52:39] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) lets a bit of a sigh out as shes chained to the wall wincing abit as she lands on her butt the pain from the whipmarks go quick thoughout her body
[12:58:07] Sidona (surayyah): looks to the Jarl and the girl on the wall
[12:58:24] Sidona (surayyah): Jarl do you need anything that this beast may bring you
[12:59:07] Sidona (surayyah): smiles to the new bond
[12:59:10] Magnus Balbozar (tabir) “I need the Longhall Mistress to know this slave is ready to be tended to …her wounds…and put to work, but I dont know where she is.”
[12:59:27] Magnus Balbozar (tabir): “You can fetch her if you know , if not, perhaps reminder if you see her
[12:59:56] Sidona (surayyah): I will watch for her and remind her Jarl would you care for me to tend to her wounds??
[12:59:57] Nιccσℓє ιиgℓєωσσđ (niccole.inglewood) looks over to the other bond and acknowledge her for a moment then looks back down letting out a soft sigh

Well niccole is now a btb bond fuck hahaha well tis good to know how others rp characters.. I always struggle rping someone as slave.. But i must admit.. RP is better in the BTB world than GE though perhaps i just dont meet the right people


Till my next little story/RP

Niccole outs!

PS if you have some place you want to rp but too scared let me know ill find a way in and RP it for ya hahahah

OK its been really quiet but i have been busy and alot of changes happened in gor and as i said i would do something big for my next milestone, however with the recent changes i will do something for the one after… But for now simple tits for tats… Anyways first off.. Sad to say… Insane outlaws closed… Dan did a good job leading things but its really hard to start a new group and bring in traffic when you got 1 gazillion groups out there already and RP already stretched thin… So well it split and as of now i am a lone outlaw roaming the woods to steal  whatever i can get my fingers on be it people or goods :p I am looking at a few places to join but none the less we will see how it goes.. On the bright side as much mockery as me and others have given ghosts… i will say i found a couple decent roleplayers in the mix and figured they worth RPing….

In other news an old long time friend came back and im quite happy to see leading into my first fail in awhile… Some friends asked me to help so i did like a good friend.. Had to raid tainted outlaws… Their sim is silly by the way one huge ass fishbowl… Anyways most the panthers i raided with chickend out cause they didnt want to lose and all sailed so was just me and 2 others… tainted thought they could rush and me and my friend owned them like 13 vs 3… But of course in loosing tainted fasion they bitched and cried and called cheats when they lost… I swear i just want to bitch-slap the people that cry i mean seriously if you DONT Fking run or run in long straight lines anyone can good fighter can walk over you!

After some failed attempts too at RP i hope to get a good RP again partly why it failed was mis-communication and as well as part of our group falling though the cracks…

Anyways more to come and FYI the GCM ((Gorean Combat Meter)) finally released the RLV 😀 Not that i support the meter or endorse it i prefer the GM hands down.. but its nice knowing i contributed scripting code

More to come i have some targets i want to GET!