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Or how ever it goes 😀 Blogging takes a ton of work to find material but finally did another Video, found a better way to record higher quality, now if i can only figure out how to keep the quality and make the file size smaller… 1GB for 25 minutes seems too large still but think i can figure it out eventually 😀



Another Vid! getting a hang of making videos I Love my new pc I can record and not lag… Now i just need to work on quality and ensure i dont lag will play around see what happens ^^ Fell again at the end my stupid melee wouldnt draw 😦 oh wells



❤ Niccole


Well I promised a video so this will be a short post, this was kinda fun so i might add more soon! Esp learning how to record better and make better uploads. Anyways this was a rescue done by DiJan Pirates and Allies. We lost so not as epic as win but i pretty much fought 12 alone.. Fight lasted almost 30 minutes! PS better to watch in 1080 HD 😀

Im still here, just trying to find good role players to rp with. Seems to be lacking as of late.. Though I have had a couple good rp’s 1 that wish not tobe uploaded :(.. Other i didnt save!

Also learning more about my new pc i made hehe think imma start doing some more recordings and such hmmm could be interesting!! I may have a good rp lined up too so we will see 😀


Speaking of updates since one ClaudiaSombra  AKA well you know im not outing peeps… copied my old look… Sighs… I changed my appearance cause i couldnt be too assed with bitching plus i needed a good look so enjoy!!!

P.S. I love my new Arch Linux machine runs SL great and everything! Glad to be rid of the Windows hell hole machine!


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Well after months of recluse i decided it was time to head out… What better time to adventure after someone flags our camp! *Grins*

[18:24:12] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): /me plants the flag in a hurried sort of fashion, giggles like a crazy girl and refrains from yelling out this time

So i looked at the flag got the map that was attached to it and well after a bit of scuffle from some mean old outlaws that decided to raid our tribe least we won.. Thankfully… I decided to set trek to find this person that flagged us…

What happend you ask? Well why would i just tell you with letting you read it!!! DUH!!! So yeah i travelled to hrimgar and well you will see what transpired!!! Very good rp too i might add 😀

Enjoy the read!!!

[19:30:49] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) pushes the man onto the waiting bosk cart with a grin ” See that he gets to whatever place he needs to go ”
[19:31:19] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): Cynz….might be a good idea to get to camp
[19:31:45] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): *giggles*
[19:31:49] Cynz Telling waves…”tallies Nicc”
[19:31:54] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): tal
[19:32:00] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) shrugs ” Tal “

Well I arrived on docks witness to this… Then i proceeded to follow Ayana along the path seeing how far i could get.. Acutally made it far before she stopped! Continue ;p

[19:33:48] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) laughs ” Ok so obviously this trip isn’t going very far ” she whispers tilting her head some to one side ” Whats on your mind Huntress? ”
[19:34:34] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) grins and whispers “mmmm nothing other than chasing something that looks cute and found something with a little map attached that led to hear.. hmmm among other things but ill leave those in my mind” she smiles
[19:36:09] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) grins back finally poking her tongue out fighting the blushing that was desperate to show itself ” Oh that must have been the new decoration we left you, ive left a few so im not sure which one that would be at ” she offers still grinning ” I could name a few but might just be easier if you mention your camp ”
[19:37:49] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) looks toher and says “well mahina camp where i come from i figured the one that dropped it to be somewhat.. brave though ive seen better” she snickersas she sees a small hint of hue red on her cheeks as she says “im Niccole im sure that name is familiar wish it wasnt if you ask me but seems it is” she sighs
[19:41:00] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles softly ” Yes that was my last stop, so more fun to find a sneaky way into a camp, and lay the flag right under their noses, although, had i known you lived there i might have been a tad bit more cautious but then where is the fun if you only worry about those you know you can beat? ” still attempting to hide the blush as she spoke up ” I am Ayana, and yes i know of you and your reputation. I think most people have little respect for it, but thats their issue not mine. ” she offers now smiling trying to keep her fingers from her own bow
[19:44:11] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) smiles knowing she was in dangerous territory especialyl since she came alone nor nobody knew she came as i look back and says “well yes i suppose you one time i walked up to some random camp and handed them our flag then ran like hell.. now that was the most fun i done.. though i definitely dont recommend it unless you fancy a collar” she grins and winks trying to size her up if she was one normally that enjoys the likes or one that likes the other side of of the ball finally ends with “well met sorry i followed you i figured you didnt appear tobe … the other tribe look nothing like them i despise them and the map led to the lands figured you would least lead me long the path it worked!”
[19:49:32] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) returns the smile starting to bounce around in a circle full of energy, her bright blue hues meeting Niccoles each time she rounds the circle ” Well yes!! Those are the best of times! No risk no reward, and besides flagging an empty hole in the ground so far from the camp is no fun and only proves your not brave enough to tempt it. A collar? That be kind of dangerous, its the passion that i hold within that keeps me from accepting a collar, that passion that burns to keep one free ” inside burned a slave, but one with so much passion that outwardly she was a strong free, and could prove it ” No were new to these lands, and i had a feeling you would follow me, although i was not sure how far ” she whispered looking around realizing caught out here and nobody was home but Cynz this would be a long night if the arrows started flying
[19:54:02] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) raises my eye slightly and grins “interesting and yes no risk no reward why i followed i supopse i didnt think to make it so far” she grins watching her jump around as my eyes locked back to her when she came in full circle. “well i do remember the camp but to another band long long ago it seems.. quiet though normally this quiet or did i get lucky” she says as she lets her head wander abit wondering if eyes where trained on her with bows not in the best location if jumped as she looks back to ayana with a soft gaze and whisper “if your not alone i suppose im really brave would be in trouble in this valley” as her voice goes bit back to normal “but i enjoy the risk ive over come many odds yet lost some weird odds too” she grins
[19:58:47] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) finally laughed coming to a full stop and turning back to face Niccole her hands hanging loosely at her sides for now ” Well normally we wouldn’t just let someone walk into the valley like this, but thought speaking to you first might let me know what was on your mind, but i see this is probably going to only end on way ” she whispered keeping her eyes on Niccoles ” No the sisters normally sleep for a bit longer so lucky in your timing yes as all sleep right now ” she offers figuring it was Niccole, the odds meant nothing but a fun challenge to her she was sure gazing softly back ” The risk is what makes it all worth it, but i suppose now it would be up to you what your next move would be, as i cant let you go further ”
[19:59:45] Cynz Telling grins as she looks down at Nicc tossing pebbles off the cliff at her…”did you bring me candy…cause its like snack time for me you know”
[20:01:55] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) raises my eye hearing her as i respond “end one way what way is that?” she grins as i would look around bit more then focus back to her giving a smile “choice is mine hmmm choices choices well the scenery is certainly better where i stand currently” she grins then peeks up hearing cynz as i shake my head “candy is back on the docks if you wish” she says as her focus was clearly on Ayana at this point

Well she got attacked  so a small break to get soda restroom etc 😉

[20:04:09] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): shouts: Cynz!
[20:04:16] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): shouts: Come get this girl and sail her please
[20:04:35] Cynz Telling waves…”does she have candy?”
[20:04:46] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): shouts: Yes i thinks i saw a small bag of candy
[20:06:43] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) perks a bit herself knowning Cynz was going to go running for that candy at any time now ” Well i doubt you would have come this far to just talk and then leave without taking something back with you ” she offered with a sigh upon returning ” Darts, nasty little buggers those things ” she laughs tilting her head, her attention on Niccole, she had to admit the woman was cute but the question was, who would get who if they were to fight at all
[20:09:27] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) smiles back after the little moment was ruined by the intruter as she looks back and says “brave once again coming up the hill i could of jumped i suppose” she grins but thought would be better to let her regain her breath and awareness should a fight break out niccole was always fair unless the moment proved otherwise as she looks to her with a smile then says “well i made my first move” she grins as she looks to ayana trying to figure her out still she wouldnt mind ended up in the ropes of her she was definitely pleasant to her eyes
[20:13:18] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) reaches forward and taps Niccole on the nose to break the tension a bit, Ayana was goofy, and tried to make light of everything and just enjoy what was out there ” True, but i think you fight with a bit more sense to those you encounter, she began to twirl around just laughing and smiling more energy than she knew what to do with ” I suppose, but now you are getting a bit to close to camp, might be a good idea for you to head back down into the valley ” she says grinning now clutching her bow ready to see what would happen
[20:16:19] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) didnt expect the tap on the nose as she watched the finger her eyes tried to focus then she would shake her head as her eyes couldnt focus and bugged her enough to shake her head till she could refocus on ayana as she look around then says “interesting way into camp im dying to see more though” she sighs and hums “choices choices “though i could bring you back with me i mean…. would meant i kept you for a bit in my collar” she coughs as she spins around her self looking off into the distance trying to figre out if its worth running in or back out she could run out but in the valley she was a sitting duck as well
[20:19:52] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) tilts her head and pokes her tongue out at Niccole watching her closely, she knew that it would be a challenge to win against her but she couldn’t let the woman stand here and make assumptions all day ” I am sure you would love to see it, but maybe if your in my binds you will actually get to see it ” she laughs ” Bring me back with you? In your collar? I am guessing the only way that will happen is if you beat me but i guess now its time to see who goes home with who ” she grins gripping her bow tight ready to see what choice Niccole makes
[20:21:57] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) chuckles for a moment then says “but right now im at the advantage only way for you to go is down the hill” as she turns her back to her again before turning back feeling at a stalemate as she says “whats your best weapon bow or melee?” she asks
[20:23:20] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) nods ” True, but you kind of learn to fight using the land whether at a visible disadvantage or not, its a matter of turning it into your advantage is all ” she offers frowning for a moment ” Probably melee, but im not horrible with a bow either, although its lacking ” she offers laughing
[20:26:06] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) laughs as he looks wondering how this will turn out but she then says “very well lets see what you got” she grins as she takes good hold her bow with an arrow taking aim
[20:26:38] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) sighs stepping back knowing this could be interesting to say the least and takes aim with her bow as well
[20:26:50] GM 4.43 ~ Lissa Windstorm hit you with VF5-<mesh arrow>-(2.61)-10 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct ~
[20:26:51] VFX Blackout_M <arrow>-(2.61)-7: Lissa Windstorm~direct
[20:28:04] GM 4.43 ~ Lissa Windstorm Has Captured Niccole Inglewood! ~

opps i lost Uh oh what will happen to niccole!

[20:28:15] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) puts all her weapons away, offers a wink, a wave and departs
[20:28:59] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) blinks startled having not seen that coming and wondered about that fight as she takes some rope and binds the girls wrist in firm capture knots
[20:29:13] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) the next rope she uses to bind her ankles in firm capture knots grinning even more
[20:29:35] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) the last rope she would bind around the womans chest for a cute leash and ending that with a good ole capture knot
[20:31:04] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) fidgets as i look up “best of three?” blushes feeling the tightness of the ropes as she says “very well done though not sure why you ran down the hill like you didn especialyl if your decent melee you should of fought for the higher ground” she grins
[20:32:06] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) tilts her head still a bit surprised by the fight and loosens the womans ankles enough that she can hobble along behind her ” I learn to fight unpredictably its the best way to win if the person your fighting can predict how your going to fight you will lose ” she offers grinning
[20:33:34] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) laughs “perhaps” she grins looking to ayana feeling her feet loosend as i stretch best as i can “still down hill even in an unpredictable manor isnt the best when lands offer… a wider range of hit perhaps when there isnt so much play when arrows ahve tobe perfect on” she nods least trying to pass some wisdom
[20:34:41] Cynz Telling smiles seeing Nicc on a leash…”ohhhh…congratulations Mistress and thank you for finding me a sister”
[20:35:46] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) nods a bit surprised ” I had not thought about that, i was to busy trying to dodge your arrows hehe but learning something new means the day was not a total waste, and im sure i could learn a lot from you ” she offers grinning at Cynz ” I suppose that is to be seen hehe but i likes her ” nods lots tapping Niccole on the nose, and takes her bow handing it to Cynz ” Oks times to get her in camp hehe
[20:37:51] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): hmmz i thinks i takes her to my cave
[20:38:15] Cynz Telling giggles…”don’t get poked by her spear”
[20:38:54] Cynz Telling pats Nicc on the head…”welcomes home”
[20:39:22] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles at Cynz ” Will try and remember that hehe ”
[20:39:49] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) grumbles “well unexpected but well ummm best of three yes yes we were agreeing to that no?” says not the best tied up but couldnt help but stare at her butt while she walked
[20:42:18] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles finnally get her into the privacy of her own cave and turns to look at Niccole with a warm smile ” Very unexpected i admit, i always thought myself to be pretty terrible with a bow, and maybe you want to come play. I know your a good bow but i also know your a good person ” thats when she grinned at her ” But your cutes and i dun wanna let you go, so no best two out of three hehe “

Another attack happend by some crazy slave whatever anyways another break get comfy naked ready for some sausyness rp 😀

[20:50:52] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) eyes ayana as she was quite attracive she wasnt really upset she lost her attractiveness perhaps made her weak this bout as she responds “dont want to let me go? awwe you can let me goo i will umm be nice i promises you that i wont run or try anything crazy!”
[20:53:14] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) smiles pulling her out of the cage and tilts her head to one side drawing her fingers along Niccoles soft skin to grip what she thinks were axes and set them on top of the cage ” You are cute, and dangerous i doubt you would stay put ” she grinned moving her over to the small fur bed and the big post that was attached to it
[20:55:02] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) blushes red haering her “well dont know bout cute but dangerous indeed” she grins as she fidgets in the binds abit as i feel myself dragged near the furs and the tall pole i look at both trying to figure out what she has in store as i whsiper “or could trust me and free these ropes if you take my weapons i doubt my running will only make so far with your bow” she says
[21:00:19] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles removing the log speary thing on Niccoles back tossing that off behind her then turns back to face the woman with a big smile watching her try to wiggle around in the binds ” Well yea i could of course do that but i wont not yet ” she offers carefully easy Niccole back against the pole and taking the leash and looping it through the holes at the top and tugging firmly so she was sort hanging from it ” But we will get to that soon enough ”
[21:02:52] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) felt my back against the pole as her eyes widen and shift around as she says “ummmm nooo this is not the tour i anticipated” she says quickly nerviously even if she was enjoying it slightly for a change as wasnt often she had the roles reversed on her as i look back to ayana and says as she suddenly felt her feet leave the foor “we can talk this out no?”
[21:08:52] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) moves forward slowly moving her fingers down along Niccoles tummy carefully removing her panties and tossing them to the side, letting her other hand remove the remaining binds from her as she would need them anymore ” Well no is a good answer. I am not sure how this will go, but i do like you ” she offered poking her tongue out at you, leaning down something, letting her soft moist lips move along the wonderfully soft skin that hinted of fruit and fresh picked flowers ” Although i would never collar someone with your skill and knowledge i would rather spend time learning from you and more ” she nods drawing her lips away to let her fingers work over your sides ” But i suppose that all depends on what happens here ”
[21:11:53] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) felt her panties come off she would instincively cross her legs best she could though little futile at this point as she blushed deep red had been awhile since someone saw that much of her naked she didnt mind being topless though she still was at this point as she raises her haed up and looks back “ummm what happens here?” she bites her lip nerviously but then says “well can teach you alot sure not sure why a collar would look good on me i dont think so im sure would be hidious!” she says enthusatically
[21:16:33] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles softly dragging her fingers up along your skin to grip your top and tosses that to away letting it fall to the ground behind her then seeing she was nude, weaponless and virtually of no danger to her she would smile ” Just wanted to make sure you had nothing hidden, you are quiet beautiful you know ” the words whispered moving closer letting her body lean lightly against Niccoles, a finger twitchy ever so lightly over Niccoles right nipple ” No a collar would look terrible upon your neck. I wouldn’t do that to you althought i wouldn’t mind keeping you im sure that wouldn’t go over to well with your sisters ” nods a bit looking into her eyes ” But i would love to have you as my mentor ”
[21:24:05] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) felt herself finalyl naked as i wiggled on the pole blushing bright red she was quite verenable at this point as i then suddenly felt the finger on my body on my nipple feeling them starting to harden under the soft gentle touch from a gorgeous woman as i resopnd “ummm this some kind of reverse physicology?” she asks as she was pretty sure many would want her collared and would look good on her but she wouldnt even agree to that as she hears mentoring as i respond “yes yes that cut me down least give me something to cover and why would i hide anything im not one them mercs that hides a house up their bits” she says fidgiting in air helpless
[21:30:26] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles flipping her tongue lightly over the wakening nipples teasing them under her touch ” No not at all, if i was to have a bond it would be one that would want and enjoy the position, I don’t think that is you is it? ” she ask looking at her for a few moments ” But then again lets see how strong you are first ” she nodded moving her free hand back down your soft skin to cup your heat, easing the tip of her thumb back and forth over your wet folds ” I might collar you though if you begged for it, but if you are strong you will only beg for something more ” with that said she started to suckle lightly on her right nipple bring it to its full attention, she was unsure of Niccole or what she might do only knew a bit by reputation and some fighting in the old Di’Jan days but didn’t think she would be remembered
[21:33:40] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) listend to her knowing only real way to keep me was by bondage which she enjyoed none the less it was her ultimate weakness cuffs collars the whole bit as i looked to her feeling her hand slip down lower and lower to her heat cupping it she would wiggle causing ti worse.. her mind would try to focus now to be stronger knowing she would be in for a rough time at this rate knowing she could feel the moistness already as i says back “im not much for begging” as she rolled her head trying to take her mind off of other things
[21:41:33] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) could sense something different in Niccole but she was not sure yet what that was, she would finally let her thumb slip between her folds teasing just inside letting her feel what she could have soon if she wanted it ” No i didn’t think you were ” she whispered suckling a bit harder on her nipple, adding a second finger slowly into her heat moving in a slow pumping action, finally she drew her lips up to your ear blowing softly against your earlobe ” How long has it been? ” she breathed softly wondering how much the teasing would really get to her
[21:45:32] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) felt the sudden slip of her thumb between my folds teasing just the inner rim as i bit my lip hard then the suckling of her nipple tormenting her mind more she would grit her teeth as her last bit of hope was left tobe faught it had been so long.. feeling the finger slowly push in a slight whimper then a bust out of “oh odins noooo” she cries knowing had been so long for her any bit of tormenting would get her easily as her legs became bit looser and looser with each motion
[21:52:12] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) felt he vibrations from you body and realized it might have been a long time for Niccole, suddenly she pushed just a single finger up to tease your G-Spot rubbing along it gently, letting her teeth finally nibble a bit on your nipple, she wanted Nicc to enjoy this but she also wanted to see if she would be one to wear a collar for long, drawing her free hand up she began to rub about the back of Nicc’s neck almost masaging it to relax her a bit more so that the sensations coarsing through her body would be just that much stronger ” Oh yes ” she whispered, moving her finger a bit faster against your G-Spot ” I want you to be mine i think ” she nods a few times grinning brightly
[21:55:51] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) cries out feeling her tease my gspot as my legs dangle apart now her body felt the pleasre within had been awhile since she felt the feeling of pleasure in her bones feeling her rub agaisnt my neck with her and her teeth nibbling my nipples her hands teasing ym heat as i cry out “dont stop feels goood wow” she blushes as it escaped her lips as she tries to fight out “let me goo” trying to regain any strength her body had left as she dangled naked on the post
[22:01:55] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) offers a wink at Niccole and moves her fingers ever faster pumping them a bit at the same time she was waiting for that feeling and when she felt it Ayana just suddenly stopped, her lips moved away, she withdrew her fingers from Niccole and smiled, watching the Huntress a dripping wet mess who she could tell was on the verge of an orgasm that was just taken from her clutches ” I will finish….maybe, now that all depends on you ” she whispered softly, blowing a soft warm breath over the womans earlobe whispering ” All just depends on you ” then slowly, she draws back and smiles ever so warmly at Nicc
[22:03:55] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) moans out loudly as she felt the fast thrusts in and out pushing her harder and ahrder as she got closer to her peak then suddently the stop as i gasp and dangle there my body tense wanton needing as i cry out “but but but… let me cum i need to cum i need to feel it” she says not sure what to say as i dangle there in the air trying but failing at pushing myself over
[22:08:28] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) smiles now hearing the moan she took a certain joy at hearing it coming from Niccole for some reason, she would step closer giving a bit of a serious look drawing her lips just enough over Niccoles nipples to keep her at the very edge of release she knew the girl must be going wild in her mind, her body screaming for something it could not have yet ” Then it will be so easy, just say that you submit to me and call me your Mistress ” was thinking Niccole wouldn’t do it but never knew, she would even settle for Mistress right now, and if that came she knew the rest would eventually ” Just those few words and i will give you the release i know your craving ”
[22:10:28] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) groans knowing she couldnt submit just like that but she fought hard again even as she was kept on the teetering edge of orgasm as she cries out “please let me cum please i need to cum” she moans trying to sway her body in hopes it was enough to push her over the ledge but wasnt remotely close
[22:14:25] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) taps her chin a few times, knowing that would be the response she would get but she was keeping the girl either way ” For now i will settle for you calling me and my sisters Mistress while you are here and you will serve us until you are rescued, or somehow get away, or of course you finally submit to me, i am not all that bad ya know ” she giggles softly kissing your nipple to hold you on that very edge of need not nearly long enough to topple you over ” You do that, and ill give you what your craving ” she says with a warm caring smile ” That and i wont even leave you locked in a cage ” she nods lots hoping that would sway her, if it did she knew that rest would come eventually
[22:17:04] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) cries out as being kept on the edge for so long had become painful her body was taunt for a huge release now but knew i could be kept at this for awhile as she closes her eyes and whispers out “please let me cum mistress” she says feeling a small tear streak her cheek both from the pent up feeling without ability to release as well as the slight give in but figures being out of a cage was a good compromise
[22:21:12] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) smiles and it was a warm smile and her free hand reached up to rub lightly at Niccoles cheek she could see the struggle with that word going on within her but she kept her promise, and moved her lips down the girls tummy to cup her warm mouth suddenly over her head and letting her tongue dance inside lapping lightly at the sweet little pearl gliding around lightly suckling harder on it as she did wishing to give the girl what she was wanting and obviously really needing ” Good girl ” she whispered forcing a finger past her lips into Niccs heat to work it to her G-Spot, reaching to her belt she withdrew a collar and moved it up very slowly so that it could be seen and slipped it around Niccoles neck, and as the two halves came together the solid click of the lock could be heard
[22:24:35] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) whimpers out as i felt her finalyl push me again feeling her fingers slip in tease and work my spot her body only able to hold on for so long finally she couldnt contain anymore as she finalyl felt her orgasm over come her as her body spasmed in an orgasmic state as she felt her body shudder till she finally came back to her.. Soon after she looked down hearing the sudden click she would whimper out “awwe noo” she says as she lets her head hang abit realising she was collared not sure what todo as she dangled there hoping she would be least able to be on her feet again she was sore and worn out from the torments to her body
[22:29:09] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) smiled softly she felt the girls body give into the release that it had she could feel craved for far longer than just the moment in this cave with her, reaching to her belt she removed a leash and clipped it to the girls collar and reached up cutting the ropes that held her to the post letting one hand keep her from falling as best she could and ease her down to her feet, she could see the sweat dripping from Nicc and knew that despite the collar the woman was relieved to have been given the release, she would lift her chin and kiss her on the cheek ” Come lets get you out of the cave and down to my Sisters ” she smiled sweetly
[22:30:48] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) felt finally hitting the ground as she looks to her and nods before responding “yes mistress” she blushes as she stood there flush red that she was in this position as she stood quietly behind her ready to follow the lead of the leash
[22:33:16] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Spots Ayana out of hte corner of her eye and smirks…” Well well”
[22:33:16] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) grins holding the leash as they approach the fire ” Tal Sisters! “

Well that was fun hmmmm? and to wrap it up thankfully i get to be traded home PHEWWWWW!!!!

[22:33:36] Tina (Christina Francis): “By the PKs!….NIcc!”
[22:33:56] Tina (Christina Francis) looks at Ayana in near panic, then back to Nicc
[22:34:05] Tina (Christina Francis): “Niss, are you…….OK?”
[22:34:06] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) grumbles very quietly but says “greetings……. mistress’s”as she eyed the chain between me and Ayana but figured she would keep cool for now
[22:34:30] Tina (Christina Francis): “Ayana, do you know who you have there?”
[22:34:38] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Lets her eyes wander over Nicc…” Tal sis!” she then points to Nicc and leans over whispering to her..” See I knew you were pretty, even better with a collar?!”
[22:34:38] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): mmhhmm i do yes
[22:35:07] Tina (Christina Francis) squirms uncomfortably
[22:35:10] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): But im fairly certain her Sisters have no idea she is here.
[22:35:18] Tina (Christina Francis): “Nicc, are you still Mahina?”
[22:35:33] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) blushes hearing Ame knowing will make her time here worse knowing she wanted me collared as well as i peek over to tina and says “ummm yes, mistress”
[22:36:04] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Eyes widen..” Oh my…and she learns fast apparently.”
[22:36:08] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): i thought you were with dia, umm mistress” grumbles not liking the word but knows might be worseif she said other things
[22:36:33] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) grins and nods ” Yes well, she wanted something really bad but i was keeping her from it, so we came to a little agreement ”
[22:36:47] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Holds her arms out as if displaying the camp..” I was with Dia but everyone is happy here” she smiles
[22:37:30] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) mutters “dia isnt here…. is she?” she asks hoping it was a no
[22:38:10] Tina (Christina Francis): “This make me nervous…..Nicc has powerful friends”
[22:38:14] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Lifts a brow at the question…” Well she has been here, yes. But she is not here now… I am sure we can get her here if that makes you feel better?”
[22:38:23] Tina (Christina Francis): “And she’s no slouch herself”
[22:38:34] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) shakes my head fast “no no please no is fine”
[22:39:10] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Nods softly with a smirk and glances back to Ayana…” Are you keeping her sis?”
[22:39:47] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) starts to giggle rather curious as to why Nicc was concerned about Dia then turns ” What would you suggest then Sis, at this point if she leaves im fairly certain she won’t forget this day….. ” frowns ” I would like to keep her actually i think she would make a great slave hehe, but i to wonder how much candies i could get for her as well ”
[22:40:38] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) blushes and says “alot of candies im sure… alot!” she says as i look among the three women her hands trail up to her collar not used to the weigth on her neck
[22:41:53] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): ” I hope you showed her a good time on a cross sis? Last time Nicc and I met I was explaining to her about ‘other’ things that can happen” smirks slyly fixing her eyes on NIcc…” Perhaps she learned what I meant”
[22:41:57] Ariana Scarlet (Onomatopoesie Resident) approaches the group, yawning slightly, “Tal sisters.” With a smirk, the blonde’s eyes gaze over the naked woman, stopping a bit longer at the collar of her. “I see we have another ‘guest’?” she says cheeky.
[22:42:30] Tina (Christina Francis): “Tal Ari”
[22:43:26] Tina (Christina Francis): “OK, Ayana…..she is your captive and for you to decide. I am sure you will keep the bands best interests at heart in deciding her fate”
[22:43:38] Tina (Christina Francis): “Just dont kill or torture her”
[22:43:42] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Lifts a hand and wiggles her fingers in a wave…” Tal Ariana”
[22:44:24] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles softly tapping her on the nose ” I suppose maybe i should go trade her back home, im sure i can gets us lots and lots of candies and i know until she were to submit she would drive us all crazy, but just remember i know she wont forget this day ”
[22:45:26] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): ” Maybe you should ask for candies and something else. Lets see what they are willing to trade for their sister. I am curious of her worth”
[22:45:28] Tina (Christina Francis): “I you ask too much for her, you may anger her Sisters… careful”
[22:45:49] Ariana Scarlet (Onomatopoesie Resident) tilts her head, “Won’t forget it in a good, or bad sense?”
[22:45:52] Tina (Christina Francis): “Mahina are VERY dangerous”
[22:46:10] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): I will be careful as i to am very curious of what they will see as her worth. Yes i know ill be careful Sisters, wish me luck!
[22:46:58] Äмє (AmeliaMichelle Resident): Grins at Nicc and offers her a wink…” Good luck sis. I will expect you back soon if not we will come looking”
[22:47:13] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): Thank you Sis!
[22:47:44] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood) blushes knowing ame will be chasing her as well after seeing me naked
[22:51:07] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm) giggles pulling Niccole along with her as they slip into the forest heading for the nearest docks where they would climb into a canoe and head for Mahina
[22:52:42] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): giggles helping Niccole out of the canoe and plants a kiss on her cheek ” Well your home again, but im bettering this wont be the last time i see you ” she says and heads off toward the camp
[22:54:28] Mahina Jerag Trade Bell: shouts: The trade bell rings long and loud… someone is here to trade, don’t shoot them!!
[22:55:04] Cathy Vyper (Cathrin Alter): hollers into camp: “Momma… spomeone has your Wifey all nude at the tradepost.”
[22:55:37] ღGєℳɪɪє νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđღ (Lumaraa Resident): yawns a little as that bll woke her up she run to the dock and growls “WHAT?!?”
[22:55:58] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): tilts her head and smiles almost laughing even ” Well Tal to you to ”
[22:56:06] Cathy Vyper (Cathrin Alter): comes up behind Niccole and happily gropes and fondles the naked woman.
[22:56:29] ღGєℳɪɪє νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđღ (Lumaraa Resident): shrugs a littlesince she never has something for manners “Soagain, WHAT?!?”
[22:57:22] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): shrugs ” I come to trade this cute one backs to you. She said she lived here so now i bring her back, in relatively good shape ”
[22:59:23] ღGєℳɪɪє νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđღ (Lumaraa Resident): sighs, “Mhm”. Butthen she take a look at Niccand arches her brow since it is almostimpossibleto capture Nicc,so she slaps her own forhead, just to get sure that shes awake and not in some weird daydream.”Uhm of course..”she then mumbles still in disbelieve….”So uhm… we have not that much cause we arejust poor panther just asyou i guess..”
[22:59:24] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): grumbles about relatively guessing she only meant physically good shape she would then soon giggle and then blush coughing as she sayhs “greetings sisters”
[23:03:05] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): smirks she had heard it all before, poor, doesn’t have much but she knew a panther tribe always had plenty of the one thing she wanted ” Candies! Oooo and choclates to! ” nods lots getting all giddy and excited, even bouncing around a bit ” But i wants them in a barrels or crates and untouched of course, none of that fancy goofy stuff we panthers loves to do to food, so if it even looks slightly opened i wonts accept it ” she offers with a nod ” So umms, lets see, its Nicc were talking about, i think 2 barrels of candies, unopened and 2 small bags of chocolate oh oh oh!!! and the chocolate has to be the ooey gooey kinds!
[23:05:51] ღGєℳɪɪє νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđღ (Lumaraa Resident): could just shake her head “Now then again, we are kind of poor right now.” she then unbucklesher beloved backpack and shows a package of arrow heads from her own private storage. She holds the pack up” Thats honestly all we can offer right now..”
[23:06:59] Aria (Arilana Resident): widens her eyes on that demand “two barels of candies??? you can get 4 full tribes of panthers for that… insane!!”
[23:08:03] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): quirks a brow staring at the woman as if she had grown a second head or something ” Well that might account for lets see, 1 bag of the chocolates so its a good start ” nods lots ignoring the one below she ask for lots cause of who it was and well that and start low and she walk away with almost nothing ” So comes on wants candies and i know your sisters have some stashed in there somewheres! ”
[23:10:28] Níccöℓє ιɲɡℓєωơơđ (Niccole Inglewood): grumbled since she was tried and says “someone can give her my candy i want to rest in my furs soon” she says as a slight yawn escaped her lips
[23:10:58] ღGєℳɪɪє νуρєя-ιɲɡℓєωơơđღ (Lumaraa Resident): just sighs once again, obv she doesnt want her super mega awesome arroheads so she put them back into the pack. Then she frowns “Now seriously girl, we have no candies right now! And i do not have the magical powers to summon those candies. But wait let me send prayers to Odin, perhaps he will make it rain candies…”
[23:12:43] Cathy Vyper (Cathrin Alter): secretly pulls out a small bag of rockhard old candy, and then throws them high in the air above Gem and Nicc and the stranger, her actions hidden behind Nicc’s back.
[23:12:57] Aуαηα Ɯιηɗѕтσям (Lissa Windstorm): grins getting an idea ” Ok so obviously were not getting anywhere like this, and i would rather not grow old on your trade docks waiting for candies that you say you dont have. So, i take your arrowheads, the bows of two of your backs and you ” nodding at Gem ” strip of your clothes nude and we have a deal ”
[23:12:58] Aria (Arilana Resident): “al right al right .. ” she reaches back to her pouch and fetches a hard rock ramberry candy .. “Ill sacrifice this sucker for Nicc.. but it all i have ” she shrugs with innocent look looking at her treasure sighing

Well I must say Ayana was a good roleplayer it has been awhile since ive had a nice roleplay so thanks to her…



Hope you enjoyed and i didnt bore you to death… I want more stories though story lines I will admit at times I just want to lose to get rp…. Im definitely a submissive personality hard for me to be lead and dominate.. Though Part two will come and i turn the tables so keep an eye out soon!

Well think we all made it though the New Years… Though still suprised the world hasnt ended like the Maya predicted on 12.21.12. So still enjoying the last drink hopefully for a few more years to come =)

Well I don’t know how long its been since i been here perhaps too long.. I have for now gone back to the ways of the panther though can never tell how long that will last. Times I do miss the pew of the outlaw world times i don’t. What i truly miss is the good ole role play. Definitely has become laxed… You know those City sims you goto on earth SL that have people just standing around bleh bleh. You walk around feeling alone not really belonging.. People around just standing not much interaction? Thats how i feel in gor now a days.. Outlaws are mainly shoot take 1,2,3 maybe 4 caps tops depending on the size of raid.. RP hope for the rescue in 60 minutes… Rinse repeat… Panthers just sit on the hill with a finger up their butt or the other hole ((im me in world if you dont know what i mean ))watching the grass grow…  WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!?!?!?@#$%

I enjoy playing panther ill rp whatever its fine its all role play fun but damn when is gor simply capture chit chat cuddle free.. .This is supposed tobe gorean rp. WHY are we rping safe 😐

Any who my announcement is I made a new group.. Open for any to join… You can join in world from groups but here is a link too ^^. Realism Group. Group is called Realism for Gorean Roleplay secondlife:///app/group/f92ab074-0e47-4a3d-7194-46ebf7f0ef24 I honestly don’t have any goals with this group. Nor do I expect this to be some Major thing it would be cool yes if i have 2 people im happy i succeeded in starting a change to bit more realism in RP.. If i get 100 wonderful.. People can use to find others that enjoy the same rp the same have fun the same…

I myself am planning to play more realistic in my rp… Using huds to limit mini mapping maps etc try to get more involved in my rp.. As for my RP i am going to be even more gorean than what panthers are today.. Damn soft crap has me up the wall.. I will post my rps here or try too again that was fun and im told most enjoy reading sooo I will post..

I might get with Mani and try to get her realism hud going again if theres interest… RLV is nice in some ways.. You can limit some the bad habits of SL.. But That was my BIG annoucement.. Not really that big i know very very lame!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2014 and be looking for RP’s and i might try todo some sim pictures in boredom time as i have a lot lately