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One has to be truly bored when they question realism… Perhaps its me being an old gorean.. Or maybe its that the new players of today just think this is a new x-box game where you get the see peoples naked bits then run around a shoot more people! Maybe im just losing interest in SL?

Ok, probably not the last that would be absurd! Anyways, not to wander too far from the topic where does realism lie in SL Gor.. With the design of the viewer you have Mini-map that shows the location of all players.. You can disable alphas and run around without worries… Now there are a few options that can improve this like the GM RLV meter or GCM RLV which isnt out yet.. And there is a realism hud also in SL.. But this will only enhance your realism not for everyone else… they are all still by choice not forced….With that, if you wear those products by choice you are automatically at a dis-advantage… You dont have mini map and forced daylight settings… The ones that always fight will have a huge advantage now.. Add that with Team-speak and Ventrillo you are just a sitting duck now… Thank fully there are ways to force RLV but 95% the sims wont or will risk traffic.. Plus the thought that “RLV” means someone can do bad to you…

RLV probably will never take a strong footing in SL gor with 95% the pew pewers… But let me clear some air about RLV.. RLV is actually short for Restrained Love Viewer.. Life is banned by SL this is a viewer function that responds to a list of simple commands sent to it.. all the commands are sent via an Owner statement llOwnerSay…

Now.. what this means is ANY object that is NOT attached to your avatar AND NOT owned by YOU… Cannot nor will ever be able to communicate with your viewer UNLESS… You wear a relay… Without this relay any trap or other object will never control your viewer… If your so concerned about this then fear not as unless you actually get a relay then no worries to you and you will know when you get a relay cause you physically have to buy one they are free but still you have to click and buy….

Some collars such as Open Collar have a built in relay.. You can Disable them.. AND you can remove them all together.. You dont even need to get OpenCollar there are other on the market Open collar IMO is too scripted for Gorean Roleplay…

Ok my rant is over for today i feel better already πŸ˜€ But i think people need to spread the word to try to get a bit of realism back into SL gor.. I know this is just a game yes it is you can push the off button at any moment.. But its also a roleplay game and we try to put ourselves into the character.. wouldnt it be nice Β to be alittle bit more realistic in fighting? I would love no mini maps Alphas on Day and Night forced


Done with Ranting for now…

Till next time




Posted: 2012.03.22 in Sim Adventuring
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So yeah! Finally set out to adventure last night went to Ven Continent last night and Visited the

… Hope i got that right… Anyways visited an old friend from my days in the forests Kat or kittie as she is now called it seems πŸ˜€ Well I said i would set out to capture her hrm well didn’t work out that way though perhaps it was a good scouting trip πŸ˜‰ you know get a feel for the area on how i can strike when the iron is hot! Or whatever the analogy is :p

Was funny she im’d me later and said that after my visit I would post them here, though i mentioned Kat in an earlier post before i even went. Though i decided i will feature them here and now!

Tol Acharn camp

Well its a nice small camp i dont know how many are active in the tribe though that bridge there is a nice kill zone… If i were defending i would shoot the bridge as they run across its narrow you will score alot of direct and splash.. After they cross it opens into what looks like a wide area pretty flat so not too much cover for your feet… But the walls are really short you could almost jump up to the wall so height advantage is minimal for them :p

One gate to breach to get into camp and looks as if they had another gate to an underground area… But i didnt dare venture too close.. Niccole likes her neck free and clothing on her body… Sim is pretty nice though and i would say the camp itself is good too.. Gives defenders a small advantage but hey since when inhistory even in the real world would a camp not have some form of defense or advantage?! Especially when you got outlaws coming with 100 billion allies friends and what not :/ Not sure who normally raids them guessing mostly tribes but perhaps the occasional smaller outlaw groups too :p

I liked it it was a good panther camp! And yes i will try to get a pet kitte erm capture Kat one day muahahah :p

Coming up a good roleplay :p